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Global Nav & Intl Flights

by: Mr. Alize Bode

Global Nav & Intl Flights AVS 3220

Mr. Alize Bode
GPA 3.86

William Rantz

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About this Document

William Rantz
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Alize Bode on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AVS 3220 at Western Michigan University taught by William Rantz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see /class/216906/avs-3220-western-michigan-university in Aviation Sciences at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF A VIA TION GLOBAL NAVIGATION AND INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS AVS 3220 CRN 1184711849 SPRING SEMESTER 2011 Dr William G Rantz 3 CREDITS Email williamrantzwmichedu CLASS T amp Th 08000915 Kohrman 2211 or Office 3870354 TampTH 11001215 Kohrman 2211 Office Location Kohrman Hall 2224 Office Hours T amp Th 09151100 W 10301100 URL httph0mepageswmichedurantz TEXT DeRemer Dale amp McLean DW 1993 Global Navigation for Pilots Casper WY IAP Inc From the WMU Catalog Advanced navigation systems and equipment including area navigation pictorial displays ight directors and airborne radar INS GLOSNASS SATCOM ADSB and GPS Principles of worldwide navigation including time zones spherical distance and course and electronic calculations for decisionmaking will be examined Long range ight planning including air transport performance Prerequisites AVS 2220 This course is designed to introduce the student to advanced navigation principles systems and procedures used in modern global navigation and international ight planning The course includes current navigation issues and those being discussed for the 21st century Students will learn principles of worldwide navigation systems that make global navigation possible and navigation procedures including computer ight planning and electronic calculations for decision making Upon completion ofAVS 3220 students will be able to Explain advanced navigation systems VORDME RNAV ADSB VLF INS IRS SATNAVGPS etc Explain the basic principles of worldwide navigation Demonstrate understanding of the communications systems used in domestic and international ight operations Describe the operation of global navigation systems Describe the operation and role of data systems in ight planning Explain the principles of radar and interpret radar data Explain the system and operational procedures for international ight planning including 9 8094 communications ight following etc 8 Demonstrate understanding of the concepts of and systems for automated ight management Besides classroom instruction mastery of the material will be accomplished by concentrated study in the textbook assignments are included in the skynotes In addition students will research aviation publications and journals for current information on navigation systems and report their ndings in a research paper Evaluation of performance will be by quizzes homework notebook two scheduled exams and a nal exam PAPER Students are assigned to do a research paper on a navigation system of their choice The purpose of the paper is to learn how to do research in the library and to locate current information on systems that augment or update your textbook material Any navigation system in the course outline can be researched A student may substitute another topic only with prior consent from the professor The paper should be THREE pages of body typed doublespaced A specific reference article or brochure other than assigned texts should be discussed A copy of the reference a1ticles should be attached to the report Dates for submission of papers are in the course outline Grading 0f the research paper will encompass two areas lBasic Composition spelling sentence construction punctuation and writing quality Since writing is an essential skill of all educated persons development of writing skills is an important aspect of the aviation curriculum 2 Summa of your reference discussion of the importance of the system innovation and relating research information to classroom material and text assignments A bibliography should be included In aviation reliability and punctuality are essential and now is the best time to leam how to make these traits part of your lifestyle Attendance may be taken at the beginning of each class in the form of a 10 minute quiz from the previous day39s lesson or from the reading assignment for the day LATE Any assignment not turned in on the day it is due will receive point deductions If you are unable to turn in an assignment due to circumstances beyond your control please send an Email message to me with a short explanation defining the cause Only with timely communication will points be restored In this class you will collect information on multiple aspects of aviation navigation What goes into the 3ring notebook is up to you the minimum requirements for notebook content anal organization are outlined in the notebook criteria handout anal on the class 2 web page It could have rewrites of your best research papers articles on a special area of interest in navigation systems a discussion of an article in a newspaper textbook or journal the written responses to an assignment some research downloaded information or graphics from the World Wide Web or anything that you consider worthy of inclusion GRADING 10 QUIZZES 200 A 930 1000 BA 880 929 1 RESEARCH PAPER 100 B 820 879 CB 760 819 1 NOTE BOOK 100 C 700 759 DC 640 699 EXAM ONE 175 D 580 639 E 0 579 EXAM TWO l75 EXAM THREE 250 TOTAL 1000 Students must demonstrate through quizzes written tests homework a notebook and library research that they understand global navigation and international ight planning AVS 3220 COURSE OUTLINE TOPIC Introduction Syllabus Web Access Pilotage amp Dead Reckoning Basic Navigation Techniques Bring E 63 plotter calculator Pilotage amp Dead Reckoning Basic Navigation Techniques Advanced Navigation Techniques Bring E63 plotter calculator Earth Reference Systems Maps and Charts Time Elements of Navigation Basic Navigation InstrumentsCompass VOR Navigation System DME Navigation System GroundFlightBased Radar amp Interpretation RNAV Navigation System ADF Navigation System Instrument Landing Systems Cat 1 H IIUTLS Inclass Flight Simulation Microsoft Flight Sim V50 Exam 1 bring E63 plotter calculator Airborne Radar Stormscope TDWR W DeRemer Ch5 DeRemer Ch5 DeRemer Ch2 Questions 1 4 DeRemer Ch3 Questions 1 7 DeRemer Ch15 DeRemer Ch4 Questions 1 7 HandoutsVideo Handouts HandoutsVideo Handouts Handouts Study Study Study Inertial Navigation System INS Handouts DeRemer Ch 11 LORANC Navigation System History DeRemer Ch 10 Handouts CFIT GPWS TCAS I II HandoutsVideo ADSB Next Generation Video NAVSTAR GPS DeRemer Ch 13 Handouts NAVSTAR GPS Handouts GLONASS Galileo EGNOS Handouts The Future of Air Navigation DeRemer Ch 18 DGPSWAAS LAAS Handouts Flight Management Systems PFD MFD DeRemer Ch 14 Flight Info Systems EHSI EADI amp EFIS Handouts Introduction to the MCDU FMS Exam 2 bring calculator FMS Route Planning FMS 7 Enroute NAT Polar Routes Handout Intemational Planning amp Preparation DeRemer Ch 6 ICAO Flight Plans ETOPS ETP PNR DeRemer Ch7 p152 ET P DeRemer Ch8 Handout Paper Due Notebook Due FINAL EXAM TBA bring E63 plotter calculator STUDENT EXPECTATIONS Read each chapter during the week prior to the class Scan the chapter once and then read it again thoroughly 1 Come to class prepared for making lecture notes and quizzes 2 Be prepared to participate in the class discussion of the lecture subject and to ask questions on reading assignments or previous lectures 3 Come to every class If you miss a class you will be missing valuable material presented during the lecture that you could be tested on 4 You are responsible for your own notes made during lectures Sit up and pay attention in class No sleeping eating or drinking in the classroom Be respectful of others in the class If you need to have a conversation with your friends wait until class is over If there are any disturbances during class the disturbing students will be asked to leave Any student who is dismissed will meet with the professor during office hours prior to the next class 7 If you are absent make up tests will only be approved with consent of instructor You must make arrangement within 24 hours with a valid excuse A valid excuse is illness with note from doctor s office or death in the family requires proof military duty requires proof WlVlU team sport schedule requires written documentation Unexcused absences include any vacation plans during the semester and sleeping through your alarm In the case of unexcused absences if you miss a test you will not be able to make itup If you know you are going to be gone make arrangements for assignments and tests in advance with the professor Note the schedule of classes prior to making travel plans 95quot ACADEMIC INTEGRITY You are responsible for making yourself aware of and understanding the policies and procedures in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs that pertain to Academic Honesty These policies include cheating fabrication falsification and forgery multiple submission plagiarism complicity and computer misuse The policies can be found at httpcatalogwmichedu under Academic Policies Student Rights and Responsibilities If there is reason to believe you have been involved in academic dishonesty you will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct You will be given the opportunity to review the charges If you believe you are not responsible you will have the opportunity for a hearing You should consult with your instructor if you are uncertain about an issue of academic honesty prior to the submission of an assignment or test WEB SITES FOR OTHER STUDENT CONCERNS httposcwmichedu and wwwwmicheduregistrar to access the Code of Honor and general academic policies on such issues as diversity religious observance student disabilities etc USE OF LAPTOP COMPUTERS IN CLASS Use of laptops during class is encouraged for educational purposes such as taking notes or conducting searches appropriate to the subjects being discussed Use of laptops during class for personal business such as email chat games videos or homework for other classes etc is forbidden These activities can be distracting not only for the student but also for other students who are within viewing range of any laptop screen In addition cell phones or any other electronic communication device should be turned off While it is not feasible to monitor use of laptops throughout the class if it is discovered that a students use of laptop is not class related then laptop privileges may be revoked by the instructor Depending on the extent of the problem sanctions may apply to the individual or entire class for one class period or even the remainder of semester Students who are distracted by use of other s laptops are encouraged to report the problem to the instructor


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