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Environment And Culture

by: Joey Harber MD

Environment And Culture ENVS 3600

Joey Harber MD
GPA 3.55

Sarah Hill

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About this Document

Sarah Hill
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joey Harber MD on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENVS 3600 at Western Michigan University taught by Sarah Hill in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/216914/envs-3600-western-michigan-university in Environmental Studies at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Ryan Franchi Lecture Notes 102907 The Kalamazoo River basin is the 63911 largest watershed in the lower peninsula of Michigan and until recently the Kalamazoo River was one of the most heavily polluted rivers in the nation Many nearby communities have relied heavily on the Kalamazoo River for industrial purposes since local industrial activity peaked during World War 1 although the city of Kalamazoo relies much less on the river than others Bil Gilbert a local resident and naturalist was the first to write about the Kalamazoo river and it s state of pollution date unknown 1950s 7 Peak of pollution deposition 350000 pounds of pollutants dumped into river per year 1980s 7 After passing of CERCLA legislation river runs cleaner than before and has more life but still a toxic waste dump 2 solutions to problem removal of sedimentsreplacement with clean substrate or remediation of site via biological processes Kzoo river must have sediment removed Currently l300 national priority sites in the USA parts of Kzoo river Superfund site have this designation Other Superfund sites in Kalamazoo include the Cork St land ll contaminated with toluene benzene DDT and xylene and the KL St landfill contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds There are 3 operable units repairable Superfund sites in Kalamazoo The Allied Paper site the Willow Blvd landfill site and the King Highway landfill Current priority is to prevent PCBs from Allied site from entering river and migrating downstream Plans to place sediment waste from Plainwell site on Allied paper property as a temporary solution to finding a home for the waste was met with heavy resistance from citizens of Kalamazoo A wellorchestrated education and prevention campaign by these citizens as well as local officials led to wastes being shipped elsewhere at a higher cost Currently there are tentative plans to extend the Portage Bikeway thru the Allied site more cleanup must happen for this to become a reality Concerns about toxins from site leeching into groundwater must also be addressed before the land is used for recreational purposes CLASS NOTES 101007 By Courtney McNaughton Thomas Malthus Essay on Population 1798 Preface Chapter 1 Chapter 2 QUIZ 1 two postulates food is necessary to the existence of man passion between the sexes is necessary and will remain nearly in its present state 2 Population cannot increase without the means of subsistence invariable increase or be checked with out misery or vice postulates true 7 Earth does not produce enough food 3 Food subsistence grows arithmetically 4 Population grows geometrically 5 The poor get poorer the rich get richer I INDUCTIVEDEDUCTIVE REASONING Relevant to environmental problems a BOTH govern daytoday life DIFFERENT LOGICAL PROCESSES inductive 7 faulty comes up with something that is not necessarily true deductive 7 based on collective premises b Malthus InductiveDeductive Logic language archaic superficial stuff look at nature of his reasoning Postulate posing idea or hypothesis that draws conclusions Deductive hypothesis 9 food passion 9 conclusion claim Inductive xed law of nature POPULATION geometric growth FOOD arithmetic growth II PHILOSOPHY and BELIEFS Malthus For personal choices Observed these poor laws Godwin Human institutions create misery Locke Man and state of nature are essentially equal Darwin Variation Struggle for Survival competition food to spare Survival of the Fittest ALL QUESTIONED THE NATURE OF HUMAN 7 GOOD OR BAD III TIME PERIOD 1690 9 people give authority property 9 Kings who claim divine right 9 rich farmers take money from peasants 9 God gave rights of freedom a Democracy Appearing b CHANGES with potential New Technologies Industrialization PIECES OF WRITING Premise Preamble t0 Declaration and John Locke s Second Treatus of Government almost exact in content Democracy happens organically in nature WHYREAD THISESSAY 39239 Population is an environmental problem overpopulation Overcrowaling Earth at an unsustainable rate 39239 Observation 7 in uenced by presumption of too many people


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