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Statistics And Data Analysis

by: Alia Gerhold

Statistics And Data Analysis STAT 1600

Marketplace > Western Michigan University > Statistics > STAT 1600 > Statistics And Data Analysis
Alia Gerhold
GPA 3.54


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alia Gerhold on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 1600 at Western Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/216960/stat-1600-western-michigan-university in Statistics at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Stat 160 Midterm Review Chapter 1 7 Descriptive Statistics I Shapes of Distributions o Symmetric asymmetric right skewed left skewed etc I Five Number Summary 0 MinQlMedQ3MaX o Boxplots 0 Identifying outliers LIF and UIF I Other Statistics 0 Measures of Center I Sample Median Q2 I Sample Mean f I HL Estimate 0 Measures of Scale I Range 39 IQRquot Q3 7 Q1 I Sample Variance Standard Deviaiton 7 szs I Linear Relationships 0 Prediction Equation If 51 bye 0 Meaning of the intercept and the slope o Residuals Y If 0 Correlation Coefficient 7 r o Coefficient of Determination 7 R2 0 Determination of a good model I Robust Statistics 0 Which of the statistics given above are robust Chapter 2 Probability I Tree Diagrams I Sampling with replacement OR without replacement Relative Frequency 15 A Independence o PBlA PB ie event B does NOT depend on event A Useful Formulas o In general PA and B PBlAPA PAlBPB o If A and B are independent PA and B PAPB o Complement 7 PAc 7 1 7 PA Chapter 3 7 Resampling Simulation I Experiment 0 Trials of the experiment are independent and taken under identical conditions o 15A f7 AEvent of Interest and N 7 Number of Trials 0 Error 21 M N 0 Setting up the correct model GA7 I Number of Trials Min Value MaX Value Number Drawn with replacement or without replacement Chapter 4 7 Probability Models for Discrete Distributions I Probability Model 0 Mean u SumX PX for all values in the Range ofX o Variance 0392 SumX u2 PX for all values in the Range ofX I Binomial Distribution 0 X is the of Successes out ofn trials with PS p o X is Binnp Range ofX is 012 n 0 Mean u np o Variance 0392 npl p o PX S k pbinomknp Pof at most k successes o PX k dbinomknp Pexactly k successes I Poisson Distribution 0 X is a count over some time interval The average occurrence over that interval is A o If 2 intervals do NOT overlap then the occurrence of events in these intervals are independent 0 Xis POIUt Range ofX0l2 o PX S k ppoisknp Pof at most k 0 PX k dpoisknp Pexactly k Chapter 5 7 Probability Models for Continuous Distributions I Uniform Distribution I Normal Distribution 0 Symmetric bellshaped curve ie median mean 0 X is Nu0392 7 Mean u Variance 039 o PXltk pnormku039 Note 3rd input is standard deviation NOT variance PXgtk l pnormku039 PaltXltb pnormb up39 pnorma u 039 00 Chapter 6 7 Central Limit Thoerem I If X is a random variable from some distribution with mean u and variance 02 then the sample mean 7c ofa random sample of size n is NC 72 I Apply Chapter 5 to solve probability problems based on the normality of Tc


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