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Geol Natl Pks

by: Else Barrows

Geol Natl Pks GEOS 3120

Else Barrows
GPA 3.78

Dane Alexander

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About this Document

Dane Alexander
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Else Barrows on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOS 3120 at Western Michigan University taught by Dane Alexander in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/216972/geos-3120-western-michigan-university in Geoscience at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Judie Mpamira Geos 3120 Feb 19 h 2012 Power Point Lecture Notes Unit 1 Lecture Intro The Earth is 46 billions years old 40000km large circumference Yellow stone is the rst national park and largest it is 22 million acres Yellow stone was established March 151 1872 National parks are scarce and we need to protect them Characteristics Volcanoes Behavior Chart Andesite Intermediate through out the course All magma has silica in them Basaltic rocks dark Rhyolite Lighter in color Low silica content higher melting temperature Viscosity resistance to ow lowr ows easier higher ows like honey Magmas have dissolve gases in them Pyroclastics tendency to blow up Magma determines the type of eruption Mt St Helens Located Southwestern Washington State Cascade Province Characteristics of Volcanoes Right hand side focus on Andesite and Rhyolite more explosive May 18m 1980 Day ofits eruption A 52 earthquake occurred huge explosion with lots of ash clouds Lahars volcanic mud ows caused by ice melting and mixing with volcanic ash Lateral blastSummit destroyed Spirit Lake shore has craterswhreatic eruption craters where hot ash meets water Hawaii Volcanoes Hawaii began to form 70 million years ago Fissures reminders that the island of Hawaii is made of volcanoes Active volcanoes Mauna Lao amp Kilauea Composite eruption Sometimes lava runs into old craters Basalt lava is most common Pillow lava when lava continues to erupt and expand under water Water lava Steam driven eruption In 1790 most violent eruption occurred at Kilauea Halemaumau Crater site of active lava lake Its thin crust helps explain the geological setting of the Hawaiian Islands Most volcanoes are along the divergent convergent lines Kohala is the oldest volcano on the Island Part A Craters 0f the Moon Located in Idaho Columbia intermontane located in part of the Great Rift Monument established 1924 by Pres Calvin Coolidge Has blue dragon pahoehoe Lava ows here as young as 2000 years Spatter cones and cinder cones Inferno cone Lava tube Indian tunnel Boy Scout cave Snake River Plain Devil s Orchard Trail Bread Crust Bomb Part B Newberg Slideshow Largest shieldshaped composite volcano Largest volcano in Oregon Covers an area of 500 square miles with over 400 cider cones Composed of Basalt to rhyolite Age ranges from 500000 years to 1300 years Contains East and Paulina Lake Contains Lava butte It s a composition of hundreds of smaller volcanoes that erupted in the same general area for millions of years Volcanic bomb Small cinder cones small rises in the land symbolizing smaller eruption sites Batchelor Butte 10000 years old youngest to erupt Accretion Lava balls Caves products of lava tubes Large Oobsidian ow approx 1300 years old making it the youngest lava inthe monument A Glass menagerie Cyrstals glass can form from molten lava A a in hardened form on the shore bed Paulina Lake and East Lake with divergent obsidian ow Top of Newberry


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