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Organizational Behavior

by: Antonietta Pacocha

Organizational Behavior MGMT 2500

Antonietta Pacocha
GPA 3.99

Paula Eckert

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About this Document

Paula Eckert
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Antonietta Pacocha on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 2500 at Western Michigan University taught by Paula Eckert in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 86 views. For similar materials see /class/216977/mgmt-2500-western-michigan-university in Business, management at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
MGMT 2500 Chapter 7 Decision Making 0 Some Key Management Decision Choosing candidates to interview Hiring new employees Evaluating employees job performance RaisesBonuses Promotions Disciplinary actions Firing Layoffs 0 Decision Making 0 Rational I Economic o No Emotion and No Error 0 Logical 0 Information is available meaning best solutions 0 Rational Choice Process I Identify Problems I Decide on the process to take I List ofpossible solutions I Choose best solution I Implement I Evaluate o The Rational Model is not possible to use in ial business cases I It can be hard to identify the problem I We do not have perfect information o The human brain can t process that much information I Emotions can in uence us 0 Identifying Problems I Stakeholder Framing 0 We tend to see things through our own view 0 Customers want lower prices Employees want higher wages o Perceptual Defense 0 quotDon t tell me the bad news 0 Mental Models 0 Outside of the box thinking 0 Bounded Rationality I The real way that humans decide I Goals 0 Problems and goals aren t always clear 0 We don t always agree I Information 0 Limited amount OOOOOOO O 0 We are slow processors I Implicit Favorites 0 Biased opinions that affect other decisions I Satisfying 0 quotGood enough solution Emotions In uence our Decisions I Form an early preference I Change our evaluations I Become part of the information Intuition I Subconscious decisions I Prior Expertise I Should be paired with logic Post Decisional Iustification I Tending to support your decision by increasing the positives and decreasing the negatives I Maintains positive selfconcept and protect ego Escalation of Commitment I Tend to repeat a bad decision or we tend to put more resources into a bad idea in order to make it good 0 The selfidentity that s at stake causes this 0 Perceptual Blinders 0 We don t like to get bad news 0 Closing Costs Involving Employees in Decisions I quotParticipative Management I Employees have better information I Faster problem solving since they see things faster Creative Process Model I The more creative you are the better decisions will be made I 4steps 0 Preparation Research 0 Incubate 0 Insight 0 Verify I Characteristics of Creative People 0 What to look for when hiring 0 Open to new experience Low need for affiliation High self direction Confident Above average IQ Persistent 0 Experience in their field 0 How to encourage Creativity OOOOO OOOOO It s okay to fail Keep learning quotPlayquot Cross Pollinate Musical chairs work areas I Change offices openoffices etc


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