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Organizational Behavior

by: Antonietta Pacocha

Organizational Behavior MGMT 2500

Antonietta Pacocha
GPA 3.99

Paula Eckert

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About this Document

Paula Eckert
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Antonietta Pacocha on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 2500 at Western Michigan University taught by Paula Eckert in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/216977/mgmt-2500-western-michigan-university in Business, management at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
11151091 Chapter 2 Individual Behavior and Personality MARS model gt B ehavi or Performan ce 0 M Motivation Internal force that gives you direction Shows how persistent a person will be and varies in intensity 0 A Ability Natural skills and learned skills 0 R Role Perception How well a person understands what they re supposed to do 0 S Situational Factors 0 Being sick not a lot of sleep other factors that effect performance Individual characteristics play into the MARS model which is values personality perceptions emotions attitudes and stress 0 Personality o What is it A stable pattern of emotions behaviors and thoughts 0 Nature vs Nurture o 5 facto 0 000000 DNA on nature Nurtured up to age 30 r Big 5 Conscientiousness How dependable and reliable you are Agreeable Positive easy going Neurotic Anxious insecure hostile Open to experience Creative and open to new ideas EXtroversion Outgoing social talkative Multiple Intelligences NEW Linguistic Logic Math Musical Body Kinesthetic Spatial Interpersonal Naturalist 0 Personality MyersBriggs Type Indicator 0 Based on how we perceive and judge information o Helps us understand ourselves and those we work with 0 NOT used for hiring I Good for teambuilding and selfawareness 0 Your paper topic 0 Our selfconcept Who Am I o Locus of Control I Internal 0 A person thinks they are in charge of their own destiny Better worker I External 0 People feel their life is based on fate or luck Out of their control 0 Self Efficacy I quotCan Do attitude I Difference in attitude based on a situation Positive or Pessimism 0 Social Identity Theory I Helps explain our selfconcept I Based on our membership in social groups 0 Things that help identify who you are Gender Major I Contrast that with those NOT in our group 12010 MyersBriggs Type Indicator 0 EXtroversionintroversion Sensing intuition Thinking feeling Iudging perceiving Based on perception and judgment Based on Iung s Theory Personality Inventory Based on preferences NOT a quottestquot like blood type 0 Do NOT use for hiring decisions Extraverts vs Introverts 0 Where do you prefer to focus your attention 0 How do you gain energy I Extraverts focus OUT I Introverts focus IN Introverts 0 Enjoy time alone 0 Feel drained after activities even if they were fun 0 Good listener o Appear calm and self controlled 0 Have a few very close friends EXtroverts 0 Like to be in the middle of activities 0 Love variety 0 Love to chat even with strangers o Fell stoked after activities 0 Know lots ofpeople Misunderstandings about Introverts 0 Party poopers 0 Not friendly 00000000 0 N erds 0 Lack social skills 0 Don t talk 0 Withdrawn o Loners o Shy o Hermits 0 Don t like people Introverts have advantages 0 Work well one on one O O O O O O 0 Maintain long term friendships Independent Concentrate well Self re ective Responsible Analytical Studious 0 Dealing with the world I or P 0 Judging Like Closure Planned control To Do Lists Work first play later Prefers to live in a planned and orderly matter Feels tensions until a decision is made Clear opinions o Perceiving Flexible Spontaneous Like options Procrastination Lives spontaneously and exibly Feels tension when has to make decisions Wants to answer a question with a question Makes a lists but never looks at it o Holland s Occupational Choice Theory Career success depends on fit between the person and work environment 6 Themes that represent work environment and personality Most people related to 2 or more themes Realistic Shy practical hands on Engineering Investigative Analytical reserved precise Biologist Artistic Creative emotional Iournalist Advertising Social Outgoing helping others Teaching Enterprising Confident assertive Sales Stockbroker Conventional Dependable efficient Accountant 12210 Values in the workplace are stable beliefs that guide us They don t really change from day to day 0 Personal Your Own 0 Shared TeamCompany Society 0 Espoused quotSayquot 0 Enacted quotDoquot Value Alignment 0 We often want to work at a place where our values are the same as theirs Values vary by culture 0 Individualism US Italy Do it yourself 0 Power Distance Highrespect authority 0 Ethnocentrism Belief that your culture is the BEST Ethical Values 0 Utilitarianism Greatest good for the greatest number 0 Individual Rights Fair trial and freedom of speech 0 Distributive Iustice quotBalance Scales and everything to be fair Basic Ethical Questions 0 Is it legal 0 Does it produce value to the organizationshareholders o Is it quotethicalquot 0 Would you do it ifyour mother were watching Improving OnTheIon Ethics 0 Behave ethically yourself 0 Screen potential employees 0 Develop a Meaningful Code of Ethics I What constitutes a meaningful code of ethics


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