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Intro To Org Communication

by: Mrs. Shania Schoen

Intro To Org Communication COM 2800

Mrs. Shania Schoen
GPA 3.8

Julie Apker

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About this Document

Julie Apker
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Shania Schoen on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 2800 at Western Michigan University taught by Julie Apker in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/216979/com-2800-western-michigan-university in Communication, School Of at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Austin Zenere WWTT1 92510 Have you ever walked into a room filled with different minorities and truly asked yourself what are you doing here quotRace is the belief in and practice of the domination of one social group it is a sociopolitical construction that categorizes people into four primary groups Orbe amp Harris 2001 p25 Over the next few pages I will be sharing experiences and reactions I ve established from reading the chapters and An Autoethnographical Exploration of Racial quotIquotdentity I will be answering the question ofwhy would Tammy make me read this I will discuss what my race is along with my racial background By using experiences ofbeing the only non African American on my 16yearold baseball team I will relate to the text and share my stories Reading these articles really intrigued me to start thinking about my racial identity Who am I What Do I stand For or simply What are you This question was asked in the first sentence ofAn Autoethnographical Exploration of Racial quotIquotdentity by Tammy Iefferies and really stuck out to me so I started thinking and here is what I came up with I am a 20 year old 6 foot 2 inch White Male Caucasian I am often stereotyped has a hippy because of my long hair and am really nothing of that nature I have been on many different teams which has allowed me to gain experience with other racial identities and there knowledge I am out going and try not to see or point out any differences that people may have I have a large understanding for people opinions and Views and try to be respectful in all situations I have experienced many changes in my racial identity and at age 20 am just starting to get a base for what I truly am After reading the first page in An Autoethnographical Exploration of Racial quotIquotdentity by Tammy Ieffries the last few sentences talk about the best way to gain an understanding of another persons culture is to hear it from there words alone Reading more into the story I also did not realize there is over 63 possible race categories in the US These two facts really stuck out to me because at the age of 17 I played on an all African American baseball team I will never forget the knowledge understanding and respect I gained throughout the season I still remain friends with many of the boys on the team we shared nicknames and I was truly able to grasp the difference between societies We discussed our different styles of music along with stories of growing up in two totally different neighborhoods However no matter the hardships and the differences we faced our friendships remained strong along with our respect and understanding for one another I really gained an understanding of their race and ethnical backgrounds by hearing their stories Racial Identity is developed as a result ofinteractions with others Hechtet Al 1993 This was discussed on page fortyone of the packet and really stuck out to me because it makes perfect sense If it had not been for being on that team with those friends I feel I would not have a good understanding for my racial identity I feel it is ok to understand the differences among people that is what allows you to you re your racial Identity develop Finding the differences among the team was not important the importance was to find an understanding and knowledge for each other Another example I would like to discuss would be dealing with Identity on page 47 ofAn Autoethnographical Exploration of Racial quotIquotdentity by Tammy Ieffries On this page Tammy talks about how she would introduce herself as a Black however in order to make them feel comfortable she would state a new label of quotmixedquot or she would all them to label her Being on This baseball team I was clearly the outcast of my fellow teammates because of my racial identity However it was until I accepted my racial identity did I start to feel comfortable with my race as discussed on page fortytwo Reading this Story by Tammy Ieffries really opened my eyes to how people interact with their racial identity everyday Wither its walking around campus or simply thinking about my past reading this story has really opened up my eyes to the experience I have dealing with racial identity Over the past few paragraphs I have discussed my racial identity along with getting a better understanding from what racial identity really is I have answered the question ofwhat was Tammy thinking and have shared an experience I will never forget at the age of seventeen Everyone has their own racial identity however it is the knowledge you have the acceptance you hold and the experience you received that allows you to have a better understanding ofyour racial identity


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