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Interpersonal Comm I

by: Mrs. Shania Schoen

Interpersonal Comm I COM 1700

Mrs. Shania Schoen
GPA 3.8

Leigh Ford

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About this Document

Leigh Ford
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Shania Schoen on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 1700 at Western Michigan University taught by Leigh Ford in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/216986/com-1700-western-michigan-university in Communication, School Of at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
COM 1700 Interpersonal Communication Lecture 12 Friends amp Romantic Relationships Characteristics of friendship A Voluntary Unique interpersonal relationships because no rules laws or institutional structures create them B Friendship Expectations 1 Investment of time energy thoughts and feelings 2 Development of intimacy physical intellectual and emotional 3 Acceptance of positive and negative 4 Level of trust and sense of confidence in the othersupport 5 Friendships vary across the life span Adult friendships are the least studied C CHILDHOOD Self focused and often superficial N ADOLESCENCE peers influenced social behavior on ELDERLY shrinking networks life span friendships A ADULTS Characteristics of friendship cont d D Evolution of the relationship E Stage Models of relational development and dissolution Specific communication behaviors and activities signal each stage Rules theory Shimanoff 1980 In every relationship there is an established set of followable guidelines that exemplifies what behavior is obligated preferred andor prohibited 1 Generalized Rules 2 Unique Rules Third Culture in friendship Interethnicinterracial friendships a third culture develops with rules different than either culture Characteristics of committed romantic relationships CRR A Voluntary Shaped by culture values primary and permanent in our culture B Three dimensionsqualitites 1 Passion intensely positive feelings and desires for the other person 2 Commitment intention to remain in the relationship 3ntimacy Feelings of closeness connection and tenderness C Develop in Stages D Public Statement Cohabitation Live together Commitment Ceremony Marriage E Challenges 1 Changing nature of home and work life 2 Sexual Activity Increase in HIVSTDs talk about and practice of safe sex 3 Increase in inter relationships 4 Power and equality concerns from issues of equity to issues of violence and abuse Gender discourse friendship talk Femaletofemale friendship talk 1 Discuss 0 wide range of topics work movies sex and emphasize family health issues relationships personal and domestic subjects men and other woman 2 Woman gossip about close relations 3 Women see conversation as key to their relationships 0 need if fulfills a social need 4 In conversation women use expressions of support and move toward equality in the conversation identification statements The same thin happened to me ask questions to include others Maletomale friendship talk 1 Discuss a wide range of topics emphasize music sports current events business and other men 2 Men gossip about sports figures and media personalities 3 Men emphasize making conversation fun joking and teasing 4 Men use conversation to accomplish goals more competitive less disclosure and empathy instead they offer advice Cross sex friendship Cross Sex Friendships 1 AskTell woman ask questions 2 Communication accommodation 3 Satisfying to both participants 4 Questions of romance


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