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Liberal Studies in the Humanities and Arts

by: Brian Kiehn

Liberal Studies in the Humanities and Arts LBST 303

Marketplace > California State University - Fullerton > Liberal Studies > LBST 303 > Liberal Studies in the Humanities and Arts
Brian Kiehn
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brian Kiehn on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LBST 303 at California State University - Fullerton taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see /class/217048/lbst-303-california-state-university-fullerton in Liberal Studies at California State University - Fullerton.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
contacts Dean s 0f fice quot211 M Dr Tom Klam mer Aloudh Donn for Adm elation Dr Claire Palmerino WM We Angela Della Volpe Assistant Dean for W David McKenzie dmckenziefullerlon edu 114 2182969 I m Jeni Bradley Sarall Etlleridge Reza Yeganellsllakih mm QM quot112 1142182594 llsseven advis ingfullerlonedu M Sarall Etlleridge an Jeni Bradley December 2007 College of Humanities and Social Sciences International Student Week a Success The College of HampSS hosted International Student Lectures in the Student Access Center Lectures were given by students and food and beverages were pro vided by the Office of International Education and Exchange On Tuesday Nov 13th students pre sented on their experi ences on their recent travels to Brazil This was a collaboration be tween the college of HampSS and Natural Sci Students with Dean Murray Dean of NSM ences and Mathemat ics The students spent six weeks in an inten sive Portuguese lan guage program and then one semester studying biology with all of their classes con ducted in Portuguese Afterthe presentation everyone enjoyed deli cious flan for dessert On Wednesday Nov i i 14th Lindsay Larivier presented information on France including its history art literature and her experiences studying abroad in Paris Attendees munched on French food including an as sortment of cheeses baguettes ham and French chocolate cook ies On Thursday Nov 15th the Persian Stu dent Association pre sented information on Persian culture A large buffet of traditional Per sian food including ka bobs salad and chicken was provided forthose who attended We hope this lecture series gave students an opportunity to present information on places they have found inter esting and insightful while educating others about the value of dif ferent cultures We look forward to holding this series again next year and hope to see you there College of Humanities and Social Sciences WHAT DOES 120 MEAN TO 39YOU Have you been seeing 120 around campus What does it mean 120 is the minimum unit total stu dents need to graduate from CSUF Find out how many units you have by logging onto Titan Online Even if you have all your major u nits complete you many still not have enough units tograduatell So EVERY STUDENT MUST HAVE 120 UNTIS TO GRADUATE Come to the Academic advising cen ter in UH 123 if you have questions or concerns regarding your number of units Or contact AAG at 714 2782606 wwwacadvisefullertonedu I Ten Tips to Survive Finals Week Don t panic it39sonly one component of your grade Don39t be too relaxed though still try yOur best Make time for renewing activities exercise and take short study breaks Use an effective study method like repetition to increase retention Get enough sleep don39t pull all night ers or cram Page 2 Resist the urge to party on off days try to get a head start on your next test Arrive on time for the exam remember to set your alarm Follow the rules of good examtaking especially focus on preparation Don39t worry if others finish before you Take the time YOU need When the exam is over let it go Move to the next test or enjoy your break cullege of Humanities and Social Sciences PSA Makes Enrichment For Santa Ana Zoo The Primatology Student Association an anthropol cheap and fun The only ogy departmental club used the Student Access Center this month for a r J Enrichment Party in the Student Access Center worthwhile party PSA holds Enrichment Par tiesquot in which members make enrichment for pri mates at the Santa Ana Zoo Primates in captivity need extra stimulation to ensure their physical and emotional health so PSA members paper mach boxes tubes and balls that are then used as feeders or toys for the captive monkeys and apes at the zoo Page 3 This project is easy thing we39ve madequot says current president Janice Boston It makes it all worthwhilequot cost is the flour used to make the paper mach mixture since all other items newspaper boxes and empty paper towel tubes are recycled prod ucts This project Anyone is invited to at tend an enrichment party or enrichment distribution at the zoo If you are inter ested in this project or any other project with the Pri matology Student Associa tion please contact Janice at psacsufgmailcom or ask the anthropology de mates but for the environment as well since we take trash and use it for a good pur posequot says Sarah Etheridge a member and former president of PSA PSA members then take the enrichment to the zoo where they newspaper and straw Matt Bridges Sarah Etheridge Katie Harantand and the distribute it Janice Boston makingenrichmentin the SAC really rewarding to see the mation primates getting so much help to fill it with food to the primates It is partment for more infor enjoyment out of some College of Humanities and Social Sciences 10 Questions With Jason Jacobsen 1 What is your major I m a Liberal Studies major on the Interdisciplinary Thematic Plan with a focus in Philosophy and Popular Culturequot 2 What year are you I m a senior graduating in the Spring of 08 3 Which campus clubs or organizations are you a member of I m President of the Liberal Studies Student Association 4 What is your favorite thing about CSUF Its Lib eral Studies program find it exciting to take an interdisciplinary approach to the arts humanities and sciences 5 What is your favorite class My favorite would have to be LBST 303 Liberal Studies in the Arts and Humanitiesquot which taught me the relevance of all that bizarre stuff we call modern art 6 Who is your favorite professor and why Prof GonzalesPattersonBonneySydow This Uberprof has expertise in many fields is a great cook throws parties and even brews its own beer 7 What are your career goals I m looking into gradschool programs in political science and inter national relations and I might possibly go into inter national law I plan to eventually teach at the col lege level but only after I have engaged with the world that exists beyond academia 8 Would you like to study abroad and if so where I would love to study in France Spain or Italy 9 What is one thing you would change about this campus Its abuse of adjunct faculty 10 If you could meet any living person living or dead who would it be and why Thomas Paine be cause I need to be re minded that we have it in our power to begin the world over again And Kurt Vonnegut be cause I need to be re minded why we should Goodbye Sarah The Student Access Center is sad to Isearch with chimpanzees in Uganda say goodbye to one of our own Sarah Etheridge Sarah will be graduating with her Mas ter s degree in Anthro pology this fall and will leave on December 8th for four months of re Sarah is dedicated to the conservation of primates and will be working with local villages to help find sustainable alternates ing bushmeat Good luck Sarah Page 4 me n Humzmnsznd Snazlsclmcs Holldaly am Ihat Help Needy Oillldlon w m s s thls yeav curlsl39dev the One Lapmp Pev newmks and vequl ve llttle energytu vurl Chl39ldquot m r m n N1 t nu of Technology Tnls pmgvam allows a pevr develuplng mu rllvl39es wlth out easy ame emp ll llnn n 39 m v m fnllrm t n n PM nn tn rm nh t stan The mlal cost for both lapmps ls please Contact laptupmg Falwell to Fill Sumner Happy Frnals Week everyenel lt39s HampSS dunngthe Sprrng Semester been a long 16 wee butwe39ve ma e Please rtthreugh and only gone slrghtly crazy vrsrt the The staff efthe StudentAccess Center u a mg flnals ask for specral vents 5 ma sages all nlghtstudylams free food free dunks and free hewlrng Gate H I I hlr n ml IUI levents and przzas wrth the Dean and nals week schedule Have a great Jan 7 Imere pregrammrng for the College of ary We 5


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