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Introduction to American Popular Culture

by: Tom Wiza

Introduction to American Popular Culture AMST 300

Marketplace > California State University - Fullerton > American Studies > AMST 300 > Introduction to American Popular Culture
Tom Wiza
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 3.71

Adam Golub

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About this Document

Adam Golub
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tom Wiza on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMST 300 at California State University - Fullerton taught by Adam Golub in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/217057/amst-300-california-state-university-fullerton in American Studies at California State University - Fullerton.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
AMST 300 Prof Golub Paper 2 Fandom and Popular Culture Directions Write a 5767page paper in which you describe and analyze the fan behavior of at least three individuals The individuals must all be fans of the same popular culture phenomenon eg a band a film or film series a television show a book or book series a sports team a celebrity etc Your goal is to understand the meaning offandom for these individuals by using both a questionnaire modeled on Appendix A in Tramps Like Ux i a followup live interview conducted either by phone or in person Your paper must 1 include an introduction 2 summarize Cavicchi s argument AND describe his methodology 3 describe your paper s object of fandom give us a sense ofits origins history popularity etc 4 provide background information on each interviewee age gender race ethnicity region education employment etc 5 describe the extent to which each interviewee is involved as a fan for example length of time depth of knowledge frequency social activity clothing money spent on fandom how fandom relates to their everyday lives and so on 6 analyze the meaning of fandom for each interviewee and try to identify patterns similarities differences among the interviewees 7 include a conclusion in which you discuss what you have learned about fandom as a result of this project 8 include a blank copy of your questionnaire at the end of your paper this is NOT part ofyour page count Suggested outline not required but feel free to use I Introduction 1 paragraph II Summary of Cavicchi s argument 1 paragraph III Cavicchi s methodology 1 paragraph IV Describe object offandom 172 paragraphs V Interviewee 1 backgroundinvolvementanalysis 374 paragraphs VI Repeat V above for interviewee 2 and 3 678 paragraphs VII Summary analysis patterns similarities differences 172 paragraphs VIII Conclusion what have you learned about fandom 1 paragraph Guidelines regarding format and sgle Your paper should be doubleispaced 12inch font 17inch margins 56 pages long going over is okay Proofread carefully for standard use ofgramrnar and spelling Italicize the titles ofbooks For example 1quoter Like U5 After the first mention refer to authors by their last names only Kathy Peiss and then just Peiss Do not refer to nonfiction books as novels or stories Do not quote the dictionary Do not use etc Quoted material that takes up more than three lines should be written as a singleispaced block quote Footnotes are not necessary However you must use parenthetical citations every time you quote something Just the page number no HpH necessary For example As Peiss points out quotprivacy could only be had in publicH 72 A cover page is not necessary save the trees I On page one at the top singleispaced include your name the class 1 and your section my name and the date No works cited page is necessary for this assignment Include a title for our a First person voice quotIquot is okay if it fits your paper especially in the intro andor conclusion Please sig your name at the bottom of your last page to certify that the paper you are turning in is your own work and that you have not violated the academic integrity policy of California State University Fullerton You must also submit an electronic copy of your paper to turnitin on our class Blackboard site Survey 20 Questions 1 8 3 5 21 What is your gender a Male b Female What is your age a 110 years old b 1117 years old c 1825 years old d 25 years old What best describes you a Full Time Student b Full Time Employed c Not Employed Do you like any sports a Yes b No Do you participate in any sports a Yes b No What type of sports are you into a Basketball b Baseball c Football d Soccer e Other How much time do you spend following this sport a 1 hoursweek b 5 hoursweek c 10 hoursweek d 20hoursweek How much money on average do you spend a year on that sport a 0 b 515 100 c 51005 500 d 550051000 e 1000 Do you have friends and family into the same sport as you a Yes b No 10 Do you compete in this sport Or play for fun a Compete b Fun 11 How often do you play sports in a week a 02 Times b 34 Times c 56 Times d 6 Times 12 Do you think that playing sports would affect the time of other activities a Yes b No 13 In your opinion are sports necessary to students a Not Much b Yes c No 14 Do you collect any sports memorabilia or any collectible items related a Yes b No 15 How do you receive all your sports information needs a Television b Online c Magazines d Radio e Other 16 How long have you been a fan of this sport Since a Toddler Years b Childhood Years c Teenage Years d Adulthood Years e Senior Years 17 Do you have a favorite player of that sport a Yes b No 18 Do you wear around apparel representing your favorite sportplayer a Yes b No 19 Do you let others know that you are a fan of that sport a Yes b No 20 Do you often get into feuds about who is the better sportsteamplayer a Yes b No


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