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Advanced Topics in Financial Management

by: Mrs. Yoshiko Bode

Advanced Topics in Financial Management FIN 647

Marketplace > Pace University - New York > Finance > FIN 647 > Advanced Topics in Financial Management
Mrs. Yoshiko Bode

GPA 3.88

Plachikkat Viswanath

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About this Document

Plachikkat Viswanath
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Yoshiko Bode on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FIN 647 at Pace University - New York taught by Plachikkat Viswanath in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/217088/fin-647-pace-university-new-york in Finance at Pace University - New York.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
FIN 647 Advanced Topics in Financial Management Assignment Corporate Governance Corporate Governance on Bloomberg 1 Load an equity eg IBM gt F8 key EQUITY gt ltGOgt Enter 2 For general Corporate Info DES ltGOgt 3 For Management MGMT ltGOgt To view speci cs about the key managers click on their names 4 For Insider Holdings PHDC ltGOgt gt Click on the White 3 This will list from highest to lowest the insider holdings 5 For Corporate Governance Ratings CGOVltGOgt This lists a bunch of ratings For an explanation of the ratings hit the GREEN Help button ONCE The fty pages of explanations come with very good and well thought out reasoning and rationale for their ratings Assignment Reworking Financial Statements Financial Statements on Bloomberg 1 Load an equity eg IBM gt F8 key EQUITY gt ltGOgt 2 For Statements Going back for many years select the 4 Option Fundamentals amp Estimates 3 Select which ones that you wish to see 57 Statements are un exportable to excel gt Mergent is better for this application see below Financial Statements on Mergent 1 Go to Pace s Library website 2 Under Find Resources gt Databases Link 3 Select Mergent Online 4 Select Connect to Database 5 Select Enter Mergent Online 6 Go to box 1 and enter name ticker or CUSIP 7 Select proper company 8 Select Company Financials tab 9 Fill out requested information and then you can DOWNLOAD the data to Excel remember to save as an Excel le not CSVdefault Assignment Estimating Betas Betas 0n Bloomberg 1 Load an equity eg IBM gt F8 key EQUITY gt ltGOgt 2 For BETA BETA ltGOgt Gives you the screen depicted on page 13 of Professor Damodaran s paper on betas This will be helpful in comparing your results to the Bloomberg results for the company that you selected AND for industry comparisons 3 For Historic Prices HP ltGOgt 4 The prices are not labeled well year is not with monthday and are unexportable to excel gt Yahoo Finance is better for this application Enter ticker and go to historical prices Assignment Capital Structure WACC 0n Bloomberg 1 Load an equity eg IBM gt F8 key EQUITY gt ltGOgt 2 For WACC WACC ltGOgt This will be helpful in comparing your results to the Bloomberg results for the company that you selected AND for industry comparisons 3 For LT and ST Borrowing ARD ltGOgt a ST Line 61 b LT Line 68 4 For tax bracket information WACC ltGOgt then click on 2 debt The effective tax rate is the third rate from the top first orange colored cell 5 The market cap indexed in the WACC ltGOgt calculations are indexed to the Quarter s ending gures so take this into consideration when you use this for comparisons To access this historical market cap data FA ltGOgt then go to 1 overview and look at line 14 for the figure that they use Current market cap data is more accurate and you should adjust any industry comps that you look up in Bloomberg for current market cap figures to have an apples to apples comparison NOTE At any time you may hit the GREEN Help key twice to Instant Message live help desk consultants at Bloomberg for assistance There are over 20000 commands and many ways to access the information that you seek They are very knowledgeable and very helpful


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