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Business Law I

by: Priscilla Anderson

Business Law I LAW 101

Priscilla Anderson

GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Priscilla Anderson on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LAW 101 at Pace University - New York taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/217090/law-101-pace-university-new-york in Law at Pace University - New York.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Pace Center for Continuing Legal Education CLE Available on CD Rom Disks To order CDiRom disks please check the desired programs detach and return with your payment to Pace CCLE Packages require prepayment and are non refundable with the exception of defective produc s Accounting 101 for the NonAccountant r 25 Skills A Judicial Perspective on Mediation What a Good Mediator Should Know 7 25 Skills Attorney Discipline amp Professional Responsibility Update 2008 r 25 Ethics Avoiding Common Closing Mistakes r 1 Practice 1 Skill 5 Ethics Basics of Consumer Bankru tcy r 25 Practice The Americans With Disabilities Act Update 2007 r 15 Practice 5 Skills 5 Ethics Basics ofNew York Criminal PracticeI amp II 3 Practice 2 Skills Beware of Ethical Pitfalls for Attorneys as Clients 25 Ethics Carlisle Halpern Centone A CPLR Update 2009 3 Practice Caveat Venditor Should the Seller Beware r 25 Skills Changing Trends in Title Insurance What Every Practitioner Needs to Know 7 25 Practice Choosing a Presidentithe NYWay the National Process amp New York Election Lawi25 Practice Civil Motion Practice Refresher 2008 r 25 Practice Common Employee Frauds Found in Small Businesses 7 25 Practice Contingency Clauses Commitment Letters amp Various Issuers amp Types of Mortgages 71 Prac 1 Skill 5 Ethics Corporate ImmigrationiThe New Landscape for Employersil 5 Practice Counseling Your Client on Key Mortgage Clauses 715 Practice 1 Skill 5 Ethics Creditors Rights Basics to the Extraordinary and Everything InBetween r 25 Practice Cultural Competency for Lawyers 7 2 5 Practice Current Developments in Labor and Employment Law 7 25 Practice CustodyWhat is it 7 2 Practice 5 Ethics Developments in Environmental Law A New York Year in Review 7 25 Practice Divorce Law and Domestic Violence 7 25 Practice Drafting and Negotiating the Contract 7 15 Practice 1 Skill 5 Ethics EDiscovery The Current State of the Law Introduction to Proposed Rule Changes2 Prac 1 Ethics EDiscovery Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 7 2 Prac 1 Ethics Elder Law Update Medicaid Planning A er the De cit Reduction Act 7 25 Practice 3Rs of Planning for the Elderly and Disabled Residence Retirement Accounts amp Revocable amp Irrevocable Trusts 7 2 Skills 5 Practice Election Law amp Ballot Access in NY 7 25 Practice EmploymentBased Immigrant Visas An Overview 7 25 Practice End ofLife CareThe Legal Application ofDo Not Resuscitate Order 7 25 Practice Ethical Considerations in an Aggressive Litigation 2 Ethics Ethical Issues In Domestic Violence Cases 7 25 Ethics Ethics amp Professionalism in Environment Law Up in Smoke 7 2 Ethics Ethics amp Professionalism Update 20097 4 Ethics 7 PROGRAM ON DVD Ethics for Attorneys Practicing in New York 7 25 Ethics Ethics Update 7 3 Ethics Family Law Update 7 2 Practice Handling the DWI Case I amp II 7 4 Practice 1 Ethics Henry Miller on Opening and Closing Arguments 715 Skills How to Conduct Initial Interviews with Prospective Matrimonial Clientsi25 Skills How to Protect Your Clients Assets From Creditorsi25 Practice How to Read Financial Statements I amp II 7 4 Skills How to Review a Title Report amp Manage Key Contingencies r 1 Practice 1 Skill 5 Ethics Insurance Law 101 PartsI amp II 7 3 Practice Intellectual Property ExParte Seizures Temporary Restraining Orders amp Permanent Injunctions r 2 Skills 5 Ethics Legal Ethics and Risk Assessment in a Wetlands Context 2 Ethics Legal Writing Refresher 2 Skills Managing a Commercial or Construction Arbitration PartsI amp II 7 4 Skills 1 Ethics Medical Malpractice Part I The Prosecution and Defense of a Plastic Surgery Case 7 25 Skills Medical Malpractice Part II The Prosecution and Defense of a Laparoscopic Surgical Case 7 25 Skills Mortgage Tax An Overview 71 Practice 1 Skill Mortgage Closing Recording Priorities amp Foreclosure r 1 Practice 1 Skill 5 Ethics New York Election LawDo the Voters or the Judges Decide Elections 7 25 Practice OCA Approved Training Program for Article 81 Guardian Court Evaluator amp Attorney for Alleged Incapacitated Person AIP PartsI amp II 5 Prac 1 Ethics Overview of AntiMoney Laundering r 3 Practice Pace Law Alumni Present Trends in Sustainable Community Development and Real Estate 7 25 Practice Pitfalls ofPrior Written Notice Laws 7 25 Practice Practicing Commercial Real Estate 7 15 Practice Practicing Residential Real Estate 7 4 Practice Privacy Developments for Corporate Attorneys 7 3 Practice Real Estate WorkOut Series Part I Working Out the Commercial RE Loan From Borrower to DebtorThe Earliest Stages 7 2 Skills Ethics Real Estate WorkOut Series Part IIHome Mortgage Lending A er the Meltdown Best Practices for Lenders and Borrowers r 25 Ski s Recent Trends in Real Estate Lawi25 Practice Revisiting Arbitration r 25 Skills DVD Special Education Law Transition Planning and Implementation 7 25 Practice Stress Management Workshop for Attorneys 7 2 Practice Tactics in a Personal Injury Trial I amp II 7 5 Skills Tax Deferral Effective Strategies to Defer Income amp Save Taxes 7 25 Practice The Employee Free Choice ActiHow Will This Change the Law amp Impact on Our Economic RecoveryWill This Create OR Costs Jobs 7 2 Practice The Not So Simple Automobile Case 7 25 Practice Trademark Copyright Cybequuatting Privacy Policies amp User Agreements Applied to Business Conducted Over the Internet 7 25 Practice Trial Prep for a Personal Injury Case 10 Mandatory Tasks for Plaintiff and Defense Litigators r 25 Skills Trust Dra ing 7 From Soup to Nuts 7 25 Skills Understanding Title Insurance 7 15 Practice What s New in ADR for Families 7 2 Skills 5 Ethics What You Need to Know to Manage Your Practice 7 15 Practice Pace Center for Continuing Legal Education CLE programs available on CDrom disks page 2 Please complete the following information CDRom ORDERS Single Program 90 Two part program 135 9 Bar Admit Year Address CityStateZip Phone Fax Email Pace LS Grad Year AMEXIDiscoverNisaMasterCard Exp Date Cardholder s Signature Pace Law School Center for Continuing Legal Education 78 N Broadway White Plains NY 10603 Telephone 9144224062 Fax 9144224039


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