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Introduction to Computing

by: Dion Ledner

Introduction to Computing CIS 101

Dion Ledner

GPA 3.93

Christelle Scharff

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About this Document

Christelle Scharff
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dion Ledner on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 101 at Pace University - New York taught by Christelle Scharff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/217091/cis-101-pace-university-new-york in Computer Information Systems at Pace University - New York.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
WELCOME TO THE E PORTFOLIO PROJECT Dr Brown and Dr Scharff sincerely hope that you will nd creating your eportfolios a rewarding experience We are looking forward to assisting you in showcasing and publishing your accomplishments while in the Thinking through Computing learning community WHAT IS AN E PORTFOLIO An E ponfolio resembles the original concept of a portfolio except that your work will be submitted electronically ie the results of your efforts will be an online collection of your work The Eportfolio will allow you to showcase the work you ve accomplished in the Thinking through Computing learning community by including various class assignments and projects and re ective logs highlighting your educational activities Your Eportfolio will be an opportunity to capture the distinctive characteristics of your work Further once you begin adding files to your portfolio you will be able to share your accomplishments with others your peers professors and potential employers Additionally your Eportfolio will be a workinprogress as you will be able to add to extend it to other courses throughout your career WHAT ARE THE COMPONENTS OF YOUR E PORTFOLIO The first page a web page will be a presentation page and will serve as a table of contents and guide the reader to additional information It must contain at least Your name Your email and address A list of courses you are taking you need to provide the course number course title CRN credit hour and a link to the course web page if it has one A description of the Thinking through Computing learning community A link to the Pace University web page The logo of Pace University A link to Blackboard A link to WeBWorK and Organized links to the other pages of your Eportfolio The other pages of your Eportfolio will present A description of the application software you developed in Visual Basic for the Learn to do Truth Tables project and a link to the user manual of the software you wrote A re ective log where you will describe your learning community experience and elaborate on the links between C18 101 and PHI 153 maximum 2 Word pages A review1 of the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley where you will share your thoughts about the movie maximum 2 Word pages OR a review of the Broadway show Proof where you will share your thoughts and elaborate on the title of the show maximum 2 Word pages For extracredit you can do both 1 Two examples of movie review are provided A link to your essay on the Social and Ethical Consequences of Technological Innovations You can use electronic documents of the class available in the BlackBoard If you want to add other documents to your Eportfolio feel free to do it LINKS For useful information on Eportfolio projects at Pace University look at httpwwwpaceeduciteportfolioindeXhtm EXAMPLES OF E PORTFOLIOS For an example of Eportfolio look at httpwww have In it w I39 u 1mm DUE DATE December 3rd 2002 You will have an opportunity to present your Eportfolio to the class the last week of class GRADING RUBRICS You will have two grades for this project a grade for your Eportfolio and a grade concerning your review and your re ective log E portfolio grade Overall aesthetic quality Readability Simplicity Example The use of animation must not distract from information Consistency Use a pattern of consistency within a page and across pages in terms of such things as such as type face background and colors Personalization originality and creativity Use of the technology Effective use of HTML no errors in the code Use of different tags of the HTML languages Each web page must have a head and a title Links Every link needs to work It is useful to have a link on every page to come back to the Eportfolio main page Requirements All the above rubrics must appear in your Eportfolio No mistakes or misspelling Your review and your re ective 10g This part will be graded separately It will be graded as an essay so it should have an introduction with a onesentence thesis statement and a conclusion The body of your review should have approximately 3 paragraphs each of them should refer to an incident or character in the movie or play that supports your claim


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