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Software Engineering Seminar II

by: Kylee VonRueden

Software Engineering Seminar II CS 616

Marketplace > Pace University - New York > ComputerScienence > CS 616 > Software Engineering Seminar II
Kylee VonRueden

GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylee VonRueden on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 616 at Pace University - New York taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/217109/cs-616-pace-university-new-york in ComputerScienence at Pace University - New York.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
DPS External Website Review Elizabeth Corless C8616 rt mm mm This site illustrates many design aws and is highly instructive of things to avoid Brochure Origins At first glance it is obviously that this site is a printed brochure converted into a web site Printed material is an entirely different medium than the web and does not convert well to the web Brochures have the luxury of paragraphs The reader takes time to wade through the prose passages This is not the case with the web But since this web site looks like its content came straight from a brochure or similar customerprovided document a brief description of brochure types is helpful A brochure can be either a specification type or an overview type Either approach can work and the reader immediately recognizes what kind of brochure heshe has when viewing the front cover A soft artistic cover image with muted tones tinged with pastels alerts the reader that this is an overview document A specification type would have a hard science image motors chips robots with very serious looking people attending them rendered in sharp focus with harsh primary color highlights The reader knows that detail information 7 hard data facts and figures 7 will be the content of a specification type brochure and that softinformation 7 qualitative and broad stroked general information will be the content of an overview brochure The home page of httpsupportcsispaceedudpspublicwelcomeindexcfm tells the reader that this is an overview document with the muted ivory tones tinged with yellow for warmth and the artistic images An overview is entirely appropriate however no where in this site is there any reference or link to hard science information Some reference to research areas current thesis topics or facility and student published papers needs to be included in the site to lend credibility to the program After all this is an educational curriculum for attaining the highest educational level in computer science Design The design chosen for the site is sheer folly Upon first glance and quick scans are the usual behavior for users browsing web sites the main graphic at the bottom of the page appears to be a time line I assume that this image was chosen to impart a feeling of artistry economy boldness and air which translates into sophistication and confidence This is enforced by the handwritten script used for the topics This script has the purpose of emphasizing creativity originality and individuality Thus the design says that these attributes are encouraged fostered and developed by this program Nice concept Upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that severe execution aws marred this good design concept The time line has uneven gradations and the visitor wonders if the artist had made a mistake Now the visitor has some doubts which is never good The visitor will inspect the site with a critical eye which is not the desirable mind set for a prospective student The visitor looks further The topics on the time line are not arranged in time consecutive order For instance embark what happens after the program is complete is the second item to the last on the right side followed by apply before starting the program So the time line is not a time line at all This is a serious error in choice of themes Considering that the visitors will be prospective students and have already considerable education and experience in a mathematicsrich subject such as computer science this is a terrible distortion of symbols Visitors of this site will see this image and assume it is a mathematical symbol 7 either an xaxis a directed line a fanciful vector or a time line 7 and logically expect that the symbols the topics hanging off of it are organized in some kind of sequential order probably a passage of time This is not the case and further reduces the visitor s confidence in the site These faults alone are sufficient to redesign the site However there are further mistakes in layout programming and content use Some of most glaring errors are given below Mouseovers On the Homepage Illustration on nextpage As the visitor mouses over the time line topics three events trigger l a short description of the topic appears near the middle of the screen 2 a popup menu with choices appear with a harsh olive green that is outside of the site s color palette and 3 a tip text box with the same short description ickers V It is as if the programmer knew three tricks and wanted to do them all This is overkill and further weakens the experience Event 3 adds no additional information over event 1 and can be eliminated A major design aw becomes apparent in the middle of the time line the popup menu covers part of the short description in the middle of the screen Now the user is unsure whether the popup menu applies to Information Sessions which is highlighted because of the mouse position or the topic that the user just moused over Since the user is moving quickly odds are heshe does not remember what the topic name was and so the reinforcement and association is lost The user has to move the mouse and reread the topic name which is awkward The user may be shaking hisher head at this point This also explains why event 3 exists Event 3 supposedly fixes the concealed short description in the middle of the page In fact it makes it worse The page is busy cluttered and confusing Instead of patching a bad design and making it worse it is better to start over Mouseovers On the Homepage Here is an i mmmmn mm go praruunnen fanned megA The text in ux app ears here 15100 77 time line sarne short description the text box xes the concealed description in green is outside ofthe site s color palette and appears garish Several more examples of design aws are discussed in the following pages Avoid Those Stealth PopUp Windows An annoying popup Window appears When the user navigates from a detail page to the home page This artifice is reminescent of stealth solication and inappropriate This is a visitor turn offquot sud Afzw jot hn mu chant To learn more about the DPS Progam and appueauon Y proeess you are tnvtted to attend the next DPS Informauon Sesstons Wetnestzy my 9th 2 mun PM Mnndzy sz 1m 2 mun PM Pan Unitem39 Pan Univnsity Westenester Graduate Center The rrenen Building Rnum m Midmwn Center IMznitz Avenue 551 ram Avenudhh nur White Plains m New York Mr Reeeshments willbe served Please RSVP by calling 91474224283 or ermalling gradvvpF39ace Edu The FAQs Section The FAQs section yielded some real gems 0 n a 4 L L Within a long text page Internal page links are also ahallmark of good old plain vanilla HTML Which is not consistent with the content emphasis ofemerging technologies What this site needs is some ash The layout is far too wordy for aweb site In this illustration bullets are used but the text that follows are quite lengthy sentences 0 Use bullet format on aweb site to form quick snippets of information that the user can assimilate Convert any sentence in my brochure to bullet format by starting off with an action verb and using indentation and astandout bullet shape 0 But that does not mean I am Writing bullets The theme oru n or e 39 which is distracting It is as ifthe user is not supposedto read the material too carefully or the content is not that important since it is being obscured by an eyecatching graphic This ifthe h ve it eads to the question content is not important then Why a The last offense note the inconsistent use offont faces E 1 its get yew Fame Innis new l gt E1 AeneasatnMannmuseearemtenementseamutate v m Forward Slap Rehesh ass JLmks EHtkes a ustamtzebnks greenanst gwtnam aWelcamelaMSNcam l Computing lmanmPntatmn tntemet Wne Wlll be able te advance tne staterutrthe praettee Back to Top is a p e bas r Tu cunceptuahze and ennanee tne student s expenenee Vestlge Of 01d Tu Exten and snarpen tne student s skills tech HTML prumute creatth programming readth across applied computer science information systems software engneenng t wwum n n phe esearch and development tens e 48mredit postrmaster s degree progam that ean be ompleted througq parts mmai disruption ofwork me ding the completion of sertatzon Lt Evolve moves as p lntemet 39 4 th 3 new 2 s s a Menswear Ian tram Farquot the page injerks and inwftsmem starts It also obscures 0015 the content smu Solutions Find a new theme Not possible Ok keep the line but make it a timeline Put the timeline at the top of the screen and change to pull down menus They appear more structured and ordered and are not so sensitive to mouse movements Change the color of the popdown menus to a color consistent with the used palette Show the topics on the timeline in the order in which they occur This emphasizes the short completion time for the doctorate degree Three years instead of 56 years Professors that are dedicated to help students nish in that time These are things to highlight Remove the Back to Top and slice the long text document into one page screens accessible by a hyperlink Clean up obvious errors like the inconsistent fonts Remove the search Who knows what key words it contains I had no success with this feature and it frustrated me Include links to technical papers Include research topics or links to information on them Discard the oating Watermarks They are not required if the long text document is sliced into 800x600 screens You always know where you are if you design to one page N E 9399 9 89 Summary This is not intended to be a scathing criticism With some adjustments this could be a good site and heck it is much better to go to the web and get the information than to call the admissions office for a brochure by snail mail


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