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COMM 110, Lecture 4

by: Evan Gjesvold

COMM 110, Lecture 4 COMM 110

Evan Gjesvold
GPA 3.5
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Mark Meister

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About this Document

COMM 110 by Prof. Mark Meister, 9-21-2015 Lecture Notes
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Mark Meister
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Evan Gjesvold on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 110 at North Dakota State University taught by Mark Meister in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Public Speaking in Foreign Language at North Dakota State University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
COMM 110 September 21 2015 This Week 0 Mass lecture Chapter 6 and 10 APA citations 0 Small group informative speech explanation peer review topic brainstorming assignment for following week workday APA Online Quiz May as well do this today ALSO remember to go to blackboard and print materials for week 5 Lecture 4 0 Chapter 6 o Outlining and organizing tips Compose the body rst use 2 or 3 main points with parallel construction and equal importance Order the main points by chronology spatial relations cause effect topical sequence problem solution or Monroe39s motivated sequence attention need satisfaction visualization and action Highy suggested to use one of these methods for organizing ideas Transitions statements that bridge the points internal review this reminds the audience what you just said Outlines are required in this course 0 Indication of importance main point gt sub points gt ordering 0 Division if you divide the topic do so into at least to parts Parallelism use the same grammar and syntax Preparation outline rough draft Formal sentence WILL BE HANDED IN nal outline with sentences Key word outline brief outline with cues These are your note cards 0 Elements of an introduction 15 of your time Components attention getter listener relevance speaker credibility thesis preview 0 Attention getter startling statistic question anecdote o Listener Relevance why should the audience be interested 0 Speaker credibility not just l have done research on this topicquot 0 Chapter 10 Presenting to inform EDUCATE o Create information hunger make audience want to learn Help the audience understand the information Help the audience remember the information Help them apply the information Foster audience learning by 0000 Next week 0 000 0 COMM 110 September 21 2015 Injecting humor the comical and amusing Employing wit pointing out humorous relationships and similarities that aren39t obvious Be aware of varying learning styles and compensate for them Organize using Primacy placing them main point early or Recency introduce the main point later as appropriate Reward your audience use positive reinforcement when engaging them De ning terms providing a meaning for possibly unknown terms Describing giving perceptions and senses Explaining all about the how and why Demonstrating showing how ex showing audience golf backswing Ethical considerations 1 The quality of your information 2 3 Citing your sources and quoting accurately Don39t mislead your audience 4 Choose a worthwhile topic 5 Select a topic that is helpful and bene cial APA Resources 1 You can nd more info at the Purdue owl or other language website Mass lecture chapters 4 and 5 Informative speech workday Online quiz


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