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Prelude to War

by: Emily Beasley

Prelude to War HIST 112 009

Emily Beasley
GPA 3.775

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About this Document

Prelude to War
United States History since 1865
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Beasley on Friday March 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 112 009 at University of South Carolina taught by Foxworth in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see United States History since 1865 in History at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 03/18/16
Prelude to war • US Neutrality • Hitler Violates Appeasement • Invasion of Poland, September 1939 leads to war between Germany and Britain/France • Battle of Britain • Italy enters the war June 1940 and France falls to Axis forces Neutrality Amended • Congress: 1937 Neutrality Act • Neutrality Act repealed in November 1939 to allow Cash and Carry • Lend- Lease approved 1941 • Atlantic Charter signed August 1941 between Britain and the US (Churchill and FDR) st • Selective Service Act 1940- 1 peacetime draft • Many volunteers after Pearl Harbor • Full-scale wartime mobilization brings depression to halt even though it is deficit spending Double V Campaign • Victory over our enemies at home and victory over our enemies on the battlefields abroad • A. Philip Randolph wanted integrated workforce for defence industries- threat of mass amrches in Washington resulted in Executive Order 8802 • Unequal pay for African americans Japanese American Internment • 1940 alien registration act- noncitizen adult residents must register with government • December 7, 1941- pearl harbor attack; Roosevelt issues proclamation 2525- restricts travel by alien Japanese residents and authorizes raids and arrests without charge • Fed 19 1942- executive order 9066 designates military exclusion zones and removal of dangerous persons • August 12, 1942- forced evacuation and removal of over 110,000 perople of Japanese ancestry under administration of War Relocation Authority • 10 camps across the country, forced “Loyalty Questionnaires” determined threat level • d day turn tides of war, june 6 1944 • Allies recapture Paris in july 1944 • Yalta conferenece feb 1945- Before the end of the war- between Big Three Allies: Britain, USm and Soviet Unions • FDR dies 4/12/45 • Mussolini dies 4/28/45 • Hitler dies 4/14/45 • Germany surrenders may 7 1945 Ending war with Japan • Air force colonel paul tibbets in the B29 named Enola Gay, drops atomic bomb over Hiroshima on august 6 1945 • Soviet Union decleared war on japan august 8 1945 • Second bomb detonated in magasaki august 9 1945 • Japan surrendered morning of august 10 Cold war • Postdam conference July 17- aug 2 1945 o Big three o Demilitarize Germany and divide into 4 zones of allied occuparion o Nuremberg trials • Tension reises between us and ussr • Fall of the iron curtain in eastern European under ussr control • Communists oust nationalists in china • Beginning of cold war


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