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MTED 5318 - Meeting 5 (September 23)

by: Mitzelle Escobar

MTED 5318 - Meeting 5 (September 23) MTED 5318, Teaching and Learning with Techonology in the Mathematics Classroom

Mitzelle Escobar
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

This week we covered Dilation while looking at similarity, ratio, and proportion. Enjoy!
Teaching and Learning with Techonologh
Dr. David Carrejo
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mitzelle Escobar on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTED 5318, Teaching and Learning with Techonology in the Mathematics Classroom at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Dr. David Carrejo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Teaching and Learning with Techonologh in Education and Teacher Studies at University of Texas at El Paso.

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Date Created: 10/01/15
MTED 5318 September 23, 2015 Week 5 Homework 1 Due Today ­ Questions seem trivial, but will help you to communicate and create proofs ­ “It is always the simple things that catch our breath” Technology ­ Rethinking the content ­ Be constructive base when attempting to use technology as a teaching tool ­ Like the homework: need to stop and look at how to solve a problem to the point to  where you can communicate your ideas to others. o Put yourself in the shoes of your students PowerPoint Sept. 23 Similarity, Ratio, & Proportion Overview ­ The bridge to Algebra from Geometry  o Similar triangles (historically, this is all they relied on) o Trigonometry and engineering are the fields that will need to use this information  for their everyday working environment.  Agenda ­ Dilations o Symmetry and visualizations (review from last week)  Children cannot understand area formulas (more conceptual subjects are  presented through formulas)  Have to connect the formula back to geometry eventually leads back to  finding or what a proof looks like Area ­ (website we looked at to cover Area) ­ Deals with space and measurement (need to keep in mind the units being used to  measure) ­ The students will learn about space by the number of units inside a figure, such as a  rectangle that is 4 mm by 6 mm o Eventually the students will get tired of counting and will want to find an easier or faster way of working on this problem  bring light onto the formula of Area=  Length * Width ­ Next, students will have harder shapes that are not simply triangles or squares, which will introduce the conservation of area  o There are many different shapes provided on the website we were looking at and  get more complexed the further into it you get. There are visuals provided Activity – Dilation ­ Not allowed to use the ruler, just use the straight edge of the ruler (not for measurement) ­ There are stencils provided by the teacher, use a shape of the stencil and draw it on your  paper  ­ Make the object/shape you traced, 3 or 4 times larger o There are three different points/representations on Geogebra:  1. Dilate the shape using a point inside the figure as the center point of the  dilation (point of dilation is in the center)  2. Trace the shape again on a different sheet of paper. Dilate the shape  using an outside point as the center of the dilation (point of dilation is on  the paper, but not on the original shape)  3. Trace the shape again on a different sheet of paper. Dilate the shape  using a vertex of the figure as the center of the dilation. (point of dilation  is on the corner of the object) Dilations ­ Preview of something that sparked up various ideas and views of how dilation takes place with different items ­ Some websites you can view for similarity ratio/proportion ­ Helps as we start using technology and algebra Take Home Idea/Message ­ Euclidean construction of a square root ­ How is this happening? And what would be your proof? o The joy is in the inquiry, concept is all geometrical Homework ­ Looking for: are you really answering the questions st ­ Already have 1  post graded o Look at the notes if you didn’t get a perfect score Next week ­ Crossing bridge into algebra. 


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