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Modeling Linear Trends and Evaluating the Linear Model

by: Edwards Notetaker

Modeling Linear Trends and Evaluating the Linear Model MATH 1150

Marketplace > Bowling Green State University > Math > MATH 1150 > Modeling Linear Trends and Evaluating the Linear Model
Edwards Notetaker
Intro to Statistics
James Grandowicz

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About this Document

Intro to Statistics
James Grandowicz
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edwards Notetaker on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1150 at Bowling Green State University taught by James Grandowicz in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Intro to Statistics in Math at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
Psychology Notes for October 5 2015 Physical Development in Early Childhood Chapter 7 393 Physical Development 0 Body Growth slows 0 Shape becomes more streamlined more organized 0 Skeletal Growth continues 0 New growth centers 0 Lose baby teeth 0 Brain Growth increases 0 Hemispheres begin to lateralize gt Left side of the brain is for logic math and language gt Right side of the brain is for facial recognition 0 Brain Development 0 Cerebellum for balance and control 0 Hippocampus for memory 0 Reticular Formation N 0 Corpus Callosum 0 Handedness O Re ects dominant hemisphere gt Dominant Left hemisphere Right Handed gt Dominant Right hemisphere Left Handed 0 Position in fetus gt If fetus is facing the left it is more likely to be more dominant with the right side Vice versa for if fetus is facing the right 0 Developmental problems for left handers gt If you have brain damage in the left side of your brain you are more likely to be left handed 0 In uences on Physical Growth and Health 0 Heredity and Hormones gt Growth Hormone Responsible for helping our body develop gt Thyroid stimulating hormone Releases Thyroxine Growth Hormone 0 Nutrition gt The body needs nutrients to develop strong bones the immune system etc gt If a child does not see you eating vegetables they will not eat vegetables 0 Infectious Disease gt Malnutrition If a child is malnourished they will be weaker gt Immunizations Vaccines 1 One of the biggest arguments are that if you do not vaccinate your child they will end up being that one person who spreads it 2 25 Million lives are saved every year by vaccines Mercury based vaccines may cause autism 4 Good They decrease disease outbreaks and they 9 work Bad Some vaccines have side effects such as fainting slurred speech etc 0 Childhood Injuries gt Male children are 1 12 times more likely to get injured than female children 0 Motor Skill Development gt Grossmotor skills Improved balance Speed and endurance Upper and lower body skills combine into refined actions by age 5 1 Coordination able to climb a tree run dance etc gt Finemotor skills Dress themselves gt Progression of Drawing Skills Scribbles Age 2 Label print out drawings Age 3 Draw people and settings Ages 3 and 4 Realistic drawings Preschool Early Printing Ages 3 to 5 able to spell their name Mom and Dad Unschooled children Ages 1015 may not be able to draw people because they could be from a community that does not emphasize how to draw the correct shapes and put them together to make an image gt Reinforcement is Key gt IndiVidual Differences in Motor Skills Genetics a child with an athletic family is more likely to become athletic than a child without an athletic family Gender Boys hear they have to play basketball and football etc Girls are told to fix a baby doll s hair and do ballet etc Caregiver Encouragement Mom andor dad telling child they can do something participating in actiVity alongside the child


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