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Chapter Two: Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules

by: Daniel Delatorre

Chapter Two: Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules CHEM 3331

Marketplace > University of Houston > Chemistry > CHEM 3331 > Chapter Two Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules
Daniel Delatorre
GPA 3.84
Organic Chemistry

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry
Class Notes
organic, Chemistry, daugulis, Houston, UH
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Delatorre on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 3331 at University of Houston taught by Daugulis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry in Chemistry at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
ChapPer 392 rucore and Prope ieg 0 Orgjmsc Mojecwes D Molecuiar or biCLiS 6 6mm orbx f39cUS A 0 n v g f v meracfrhm is 6 0 Des uc wer l 4 gtf fr m a bmdh m l i I I I I I I I I i s 39 mi 69 039 awkwa E Mr npl 1 nod V r 1 mm 3 1 17 F VMI E gt aqu H 1 3aat H32 mo em 22 as 395 7 u m V sf mm 5 39 P3 Or b1 39lt1i3 r39 v A a s S I 102 Vquot lt r155 W r ai t 5 yr 1 c O I i 39 En ergx g M b011d3 a H J Hx Miami10ft a 3 I h b d o Fa rsgt bo39nO Sewr id bond 1quot 15c 39 8Egt a C4 HL f M F 4 4 m long 4 V 7 39 9 3 L W K 7 M 2 9 1 Mcjvhane CHH C 23 254 23 gt 39 4 39 Z 4 4 4 mix 3X2plxzs 6h 39 5P3 4 4 4 4 bis 0 qu5 or w a Z 395 3X P hybnd shape 01C Cm 51am me 2 H93 I Mixed OYbHOL S lS lY 15 7gtOiH m S Wwe if 621066 0 Gq50 39mua r origanmLe rom L COWHOY Vo m H 9 H H H l H H c H 39 31W C C 2239 9C quot C quot C H gt1 l H H H H H H Propane 39 H H C H c H x C H E H I H H H1 H H EHMCHCJ 6P2 HG iS j 6P a 39 m Hx 39zW HCEC H CZC Mu WWquot H H jFL 4 Dccwnmivg quotH16 hybridiza rion O Forbi bJS 61rd 4hr bowel9 63 015 040175 in Organic macawes Same I 65 S gm bondm ClCC Lm S and 010ch P4175 CCU 0660 hybrid orbi ds The number 0F hybrid orb cds on an mum is domed by Ack nj 7976 I7me quot 07C 6691100 toms and H26 numbermc lone paws owfelec ons on H76 aiom VINCE Z USE 4m hybridiz ion and mar 71 me he tomes f 13053516 swam of 4 calcuwcd number bonds and oncvpmrs 8036 3 IF wo or P fc d V116 ofelce ms 1Com 0L muHiple bond b we n 7Lwo abmsj 440a 10 er hood is agi m bond vrmad 197a maid orbml he second m is 0L7 bond Conafrhnj 015 ha lobes abow 1rd below h Sigma band formed bynlwo orbialng c th tad O39FCL MPIE bond 13 War pa wrdj Unmbn dizcd yeryenchcuiar 0 446 98 15 bard 60nd 6mm h ond Molecule Leaf 371mg C H CH L A 100 K 4133 Li 88 0 Ce CS H6CCH3 15 62 C3192 C671 HQC JCH 133A 73900 06 Cs HCECH 39 1 23 Id Wbridizaion 4 4 ip5 01w 4 4 4 2 25 armature NMH 51 1420 4 4 4 7 39 gt 4 25 4 447 4 6 4 2176 4 4 1 5P1 23 meme 4 2y 5mc wre R F x 13 B quot F i 39 l D E fmmw F If 075 0amp0be bonded 0 44 0 Ion pays 9 H H I f C W0 3153 43F 1 9ng 36 2 7 H H 25 I r E l O S uc h PICK hybn39diza U A 5131 reeomncc ZZZSP3 w PTOPOf 1071 O F P Wo mho abox bonds isomers H H ER HH N0 rohd on s around mvHipia bord b 39I omCrs da erenJr CompoundsJ same mol cu Ubsd39 01C Isomers same Con cd39ivi b Sircmokomcrs 5 H R C C 4 H H Comcormers ComCor 7 l H H H Wquot Gauges geomem c isomera H H c V3 C H 39V swacmsomevS 39 Conforma ms Cmgwc 30 3792 law fomuioy A A 517 g D S Huc39 f Pacer roocl39ion3 Odom mah39on of same molecule belch 39cu omS d di F i r on y 139n9i6 bonds 1399ch OctomS oricned m A 6 Can have EHCICOISOMEKS 3W6 S39H UCh 4 Q O S M zonCd isomers isom fs ha di c f m bordirgsequeme 1 CH3 3 l at 39 5 CH3 CH2 LH2 CHZ quotCH3 CH3 CH39quotC 2 quotCH3 L39Hz CH3 2 1 me 130 Mm n VaniaV 1 LH3 I neopenmm vgt DIOCdipol K 39 CLHrad i V6 in rmi cujar 1rces 63va r0m 75 Ma fj m Of 7976 7057717146 710 7 27 847 V6 awargem n S f g 39 H 6 61 39 H H Lomlon Dispersion Force quot One of H16 ch dew wands FOVCES London Fame arises 15mm Cmpomry dipole momcnfs H706 are in oher 16wa Molecuiea awed in a moedUc b Hydrogen bondm o m a we bond bu r amp 5mg dipoiC dipol amcwn m Consider NH and y Hiwdm ens 0 be Wad Wed Polan39 Md Solubtl y L1 Ke Mitt dissolves l 39 39nonpolar solvenf polar 801m DMD hexane Nam i POW SethM momon 5011M DND i I Fvnc oml Groups I Hydrocarbons 61H 60 HEWIth omy ssangie bearde CHH rueMane penmc CH3 CH3 chcme M Mme Propane bu mc QdoaMmcs 5P6C ill Cues ofajkkmes m H76 37m 0ch ring 0 Cyclohcmne b A Kcncs doubi bonds CHZZCHZ cwch 39 0 loalkcnes are Mao common C lenes r1ple bonds 6 Arom c hydrocarbons orepresen red by UL ixvm mbcred n09 wn h hrcc double I benzene V 2 Organic Compounds 1 1160 MB 0H mammal group b CHWCVS 2 H C groups bonded 0 0 C Kein n S chats uo 1le grows bowed 0 Cquot 0 d Aldehydes f D A has one hydrogan Hem and 0116mm group bonded 1L0 Hue Carbom group 6 Cmboxyhc acids Dnnun Hat Cuboxy39 grovp COOH 393 Organic Compound con ning Ni ogen 0L amines alkylafcd deriva rWC S 016 ammonia A Bv RHfer 2 94mg quot0H l MW b omnideS acid denvvaiwcs th rcsu From 1 Com binwhon 010010 and erh i rigor CA n nles Compound Con umng ic cyano group a EN


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