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Week 7 Lecture Notes

by: Amber Hall

Week 7 Lecture Notes BIO 111-03

Amber Hall
Principles of Biology I
Joseph C. Bundy

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About this Document

Here are my notes from Tuesday and Thursday's lectures. Hope they help you!
Principles of Biology I
Joseph C. Bundy
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amber Hall on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 111-03 at University of North Carolina - Greensboro taught by Joseph C. Bundy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Principles of Biology I in Natural Sciences at University of North Carolina - Greensboro.

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Date Created: 10/01/15
92915 Lecture Notes Amber Hall Cellular Respiration A Controlled quotBurnquot of Food 0 C6H1206 602 9 6C02 6H20 ATP 0 Redox reaction figure on pg 107 o the lion says losing Ilectrons is Ixidized Iaining Ilectrons is Ieduced Figure on canvas 0 The Players in Cellular Respiration 0 NAD Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide an electron shuttle Oxidized form NAD Reduced form NADH o FAD Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide an electron shuttle Reduced form FADH2 Ugly cousin of NAD o Mitochondria Not found in bacteria cells Double membrane organelle inner and outer I Inner has folds cristae I Outer smooth Matrix similar to cytoplasm Free ribosomes in the mitochondrial matrix Phosphorylating Enzymes Overview of Energy Harvesting We drew an quotEnergy Harvesting Playbook in class 10115 Lecture Notes Amber Hall 0 Harvesting Energy the Aerobic Way 0 Stage 1 Glycolysis figure 67 Starts with glucose breaking down Energy investment of 2 ATP s Step 5 glucose split into 2 3carbon sugars There s 2 of everything now since there were 2 sugars from the glucose split in step 4 NAD picks up electrons gt becomes reduced NADH Step 7 cell made 2 ATP s but spent 2 ATP s so it broke even no gain of ATP s Step 10 cell made 2 more ATP s now we have a profit Pyruvate is made 3 What sugar did we start with 3 What 3carbon molecules do we end up with How many of each v How much oxygen is required 3 How much ATP net is generated per glucose molecule I 3 What electron shuttle molecules are formed PreStage 2 oxidation of pyruvate to acetyl coA p110 Pyruvate enters mitochondrial matrix via transport protein C02 taken off of pyruvate Electrons and hydrogens get picked up New molecule acetyl coA Take off coenzyme A before starting stage 2 Stage 2 citric acid cycle Step 1 acetyl group enters the citric acid cycle I Citrate gt hence citric acid cycle 6 carbon thing minus 1 carbon C02 production Reduction of the electron cycles step 3 4 6 8 Step 5 another ATP is made Step 8 Oxaloacetate is regenerated to continue the cycle For each glucose that s used in glycolysis the citric acid cycle has to turn TWICE to completely oxidize twice for both pyruvates 3 What s now left of that glucose we started with 3 What product of the cellular respiration reaction equation has now appeared 3 Where have the hydrogens from the glucose gone 3 Have more ATP s been made I


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