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Creating an Outline & Informative Speech Notes

by: Shelby Bussard

Creating an Outline & Informative Speech Notes COM1010

Marketplace > Communication > COM1010 > Creating an Outline Informative Speech Notes
Shelby Bussard
GPA 2.7
Essentials of Public Address
Gita Balakrishnan

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About this Document

Another fabulous week and here are your notes to get you prepared for the informative speech coming up in a week!
Essentials of Public Address
Gita Balakrishnan
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shelby Bussard on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM1010 at a university taught by Gita Balakrishnan in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 100 views.

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Date Created: 10/01/15
Topic Purpose Thesis Introduction should gain the attention of audience reveal topic and establish credibilitypreview body of the speech I II 111 Body 1 Point a Subpoint 11 Point a Subpoint 111 Point a Subpoint transition What that will sound like 0 Will be anywhere from 2 to 6 pages long 0 Very thorough and detailed with sources bolded Conclusion Summarize or explain the purpose of your speech Com 1010 WSU B alakrishnan September 30 2015 Surveys Monday October 5 2015 gt Speech practice day Wednesday October 7 2015 gt Speech delivery Friday October 9 2015 Introduction should have three main points 0 Move to the body start of outline 0 Main point should be a single complete sentence With subpoints Delivering speech effectively 0 Does not call attention to itself I Being unprepared is obvious When delivering a speech mannerisms I Delivery should be natural 0 Audience should not see that you are TRYING 0 Speech should be a combination of appropriate formality With a casual ease With your audience I Don t make your audience feel stupid I Don t be too causal I You could be slightly more demanding because you are teaching be convincing not degrading 0 Speech delivery is not a set equation each speech and audience is different Methods of delivery 0 Reading verbatim I Reading word for word I You cannot have eye contact I You cannot connect With your audience I Way too formal 0 Reciting a memorized speech I It Will sound recited I Could forget What you could say I When you memorize words you memorize symbols and they lose meaning of What it is you are trying to deliver I The sentence no longer has meaning it is about perfection 0 Speaking impromptu I No preparation I On the spot I Happens When you don t expect to say anything 0 Speaking extemporaneously I Planned speech I Effort made I Research done Extemporaneous speech delivery 0 O O This is not the same as impromptu These speeches are carefully prepared and practiced many times beforehand Only brief notes or outlines are used but the exact wording is created as you deliver the speech I Know the direction you want to go Practicing these speeches will show you that your words will change slightly each time I It doesn t matter if you say each point verbatim as long as the importance of it is expressed I Feels more sincere shows the audience that you put in the effort to speak to them I You re looking and engaging with the audience Advantages of extemporaneous speeches O O O O Gives more precise control over thought and language Offers great spontaneity and directness Easily adaptable Offers the conversational overtone to the speech I Will sound conversational but also convincing clearly comfortable with topic Voice control 0 0 00000 Pitchhighness or lowness of voice I This is what we hear Articulation and dialect correct pronunciation and adherence to regional ethnic speech patterns I Saying words wrong I Could of instead of could have I Use correct grammar and sentence structure Volume Pronunciation make sure you know how the words actually is pronounced Rate the speed at which you talk Pauses extremely crucial for dramatic effect Vocal variety changing voice pitch Vegetarianism outline Shelby Bussard September 21 2015 What is vegetarianism 0 Definition 0 Description of diet 0 Types of vegetarians Health benefits 0 Cancer preventing O Bonescalcium 0 Kidneys 0 Long life span Pro s 0 Saving animals 0 Less risk of diabetes 0 Health weight Con s 0 Meat production convenient protein source 0 Harder to gain healthy fats o Are not always best for the environment


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