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Week 4 Classical Mythology Notes

by: Alex Noark

Week 4 Classical Mythology Notes 1060

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Columbia > Classical Studies > 1060 > Week 4 Classical Mythology Notes
Alex Noark
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd

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About this Document

Here are the goods. Week 5 notes coming soon
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Noark on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1060 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Joseph Kidd in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
Greek Mythology Week 4 Notes Ch 9 Aphrodite amp Eros Aphrodite Roman Venus 39 Born from the sea where Cronus was castrated Aphros is Greek for sea foam 39 Goddess of sex love beauty fertility 39 Symbols Dove myrtle tree red roses aphrodesicasher magical girdle of dome Husband Hephaestus Born from the sea attended by m 4 seasons Important cultural sites Epithets Pandemos quotfor allquot Ournia quotheavenlyquot Cypris quotof Cyrpusquot 39 She looks like a Barbie doll The only goddess that is shown nude 39 Venus de Milo Statue 0 Located in Milo 0 Her missing arms were holding Ares shield another statue Lovers Ares Daughter Harmonia gtlltgtlltgtllt Aphrodite s first mortal lover Everyone except for the virgin goddess are subject Cowboy Anchises is suspicious of Aphrodite He plows 39 They have a son named was raised by Ares 0 Aeneas fights in the Trojan war Her mother s name is Myra She has an interest for her father 39 Aphrodite disguises herself so she can get jiggy They give birth to a boy that is very handsome 39 Adonis is killed by the Bores why Aphrodite transforms Adonis with an 0 Metaphor for the fragility of life Institutionalized Sex Who were the Hetairai 39 Disgusted by all of the thots on 39 Constructs his own substitute builds a statue of the finest broad 39 Prays to Aphrodite that his statue will come to life Aphrodite responds Greek Love Poetry Female Wrote love poetry in 9 books From Lesbos A lot of her poetry was directed at women 39 The male fertility god Not having children was taboo in Greek culture You could be cursed by Priapus 0 Written on poetry usually sexuallybiologically oriented Cupid 39 Love god Associated with same sex desire Symbol Bow Alternately explained as one of the original gods from chaos or as Aphrodites son 39 He shrinks 0 His importance decreases greatly 0 He actually shrinks down to a baby Greek Symposium 39 These symposiums were academic gatherings A lot of booze was involved They were for men Prostitutes came through and serviced the squad They were held in Andron room of the men Plato s Symposium The Opposing Nature of Love Physical and Spiritual They were discussing the quotbest playwritequot The discussion of love came up Aristophanes If you are cut from the Androgyue you are heterosexual If it is a double man you are homosexual If it is a double women you are a lesbian Socrates 39 Preached about loving the whole not the one Talked about looking for a beautiful soul not a beautiful body The Story of Eros and Psyche 39 Psyche was a beautiful princess Her 3 sisters are jealous of her beauty Aphrodite believed that mortals shouldn t look that good so she cursed her and dudes no longer wanted to get the business Eros swoops in to check out the situations and falls in love Psyche s father decides to sacrifice her takes her to a mountain to be killed and again Eros swoops in and he saves the day They got back to his palace and get jiggy Psyche has 3 evil sisters that set out to find her and tell her that Eros is probably a dragon or evil lizard or some shit Psyche is allowed to stay with Eros as long as she doesn t look at him Of course she breaks this rule and then Eros curves her Aphrodite finds out they were getting it on and then abuses her 0 Must do a series of tasks but other gods help her Must sort out individual grains 39 Zeus sends ants to help Is told to retrieve golden wool from dangerous sheep Collect water from a dangerous mountain Journey to the underworld 39 Psyche opens a box that puts her into eternal sleep Eros swoops in AGAIN and revives her with a kiss Zeus allows them to marry Psyche becomes a mortal everyone lives happily ever after


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