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Weekly notes

by: kelli16rheault

Weekly notes MUSI 132L - 01

GPA 3.7
History of Rock and Roll
Jeffrey Brandt

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About this Document

These are the notes for Rock and Roll for the past week. Kelly
History of Rock and Roll
Jeffrey Brandt
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by kelli16rheault on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSI 132L - 01 at University of Montana taught by Jeffrey Brandt in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see History of Rock and Roll in Music at University of Montana.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
Intro to Rock and Roll Chapter 5 lecture and text notes September 29th October 1St Heddie Leadbetter Called Lead Belly 18881949 One of the first in uential folk singers who brought traditional folk music to a mainstream audience Later imprisoned three times pardoned twice lomaxes responsible for his discovery brought folk music to white audience and composed numerous folk classics WHAT IS FOLK MUSIC 0 Lead Belly performs at MLA conference in 1934 0 Folk music inspires leftist politics in the 1940 s Neil Young Godfather of grunge Bob Dylan Wrote first important song for Woodie Guthrie His first album was inspiration to both traditional folkies and future folk rockers such as The Animals Called the Folk king Recorded debut album with Columbia Joan Baez introduces the King to the world plugs in at the Newport Music Festival in 1965 Phil Ochs Given little credit for his significant contribution to folk Pete Seeger Blacklisted and convicted for contempt of congress Woodie Guthrie Penned over 1000 songs in lifetime many about plights of commonors Favored socialism known for his singingtalking style popularized the protest song in 1940 and he wrote the famous folk anthem This land is your land Pete Seeger Wise Elder of the movement Folkies looked to him for direction and movement Wrote famous song that became the anthem for all who joined the movement We shall overcome He was a member of Almanac singers the weavers had communist ties to the blacklisting in 1955 Pivotal Figure in Civil rights era Helped found Newport Festival in 1959 The Kingston Trio Completely unpolitical band with the smash hit Tom Dooley in 1958 HOW DID THE SPIRIT OF THE 1960 s CHANGE FOLK MUSIC The Folk Revival of 1960 s 0 Phil Ochs Hard core political folk music stillover shadowed by Bob Dylan who became King of Folk Joan Baez Linked to Dylan as the Queen of Folk but was known for her leadership and unique music and was the paramount to the folk movement before Dylan was an important player in the industry She was angelic yet aggressive Promoted the college and coffee house listeners She lit up the Newport Music Festival and was known for her simple style but striking looks She promoted Bob Dylan dubs him the king and there were rumors of them being together She was political committed and socially involved Peter Paul and Mary Active politically wrote puff the magic dragon associated with Marijuana use of the time Surf Rock Facts 0 Hollywood features California Beach Craze however surfing was mostly a reference in movies 0 Jan and Dean share local succes and the Pendletones later the Beach boys paramount their sound 0 The Beach Boys release surfin safari O The British invasion kills surf rock craze O The Pendletones became Beach Boys HOW DID FOLK MUSIC INFLUENCE EMERGING ROCK AND ROLL O The Animals recorded what has been considered the first Folk Rock tune when the covered Dylan s version of House of the Rising Sun 0 The Beatles in uence Bob Dylan s sounds O Dylans lyrics in uence Beatles 0 Rock lyrics become progressive O Dylan Records with electric guitar SINGER SONG WRITER Godfather of Grunge Neil Young 0 Neil Young joins then quits Buffalo Springfield CSNY and was key in beginning of singer song writer movement in 1990 due to affinity for guitar feedback helped with grunge movement 0 Laurel Canyon Lady Joni Mitchell s famous for personal poetic piano backed songs 0 Before the invasion of British Bands in 1964 US had diverse scene in Rock related styles While some of these artists were an in uence on the fab 4 others were soon echoes of a past era SUMMER OF LOVE AND PSYCHEDELIC ROCK Janis Joplin Embodied the excess fame and untimely deaths of stars who ruled in the late 1960 s 0 Counterculture develops on west coast Hippies light up peacefully demonstrate and eschew status quo O Haightashbury bands Psychedelic success began Signed and successful Jefferson Airplane spreads the sounds 0 Human bein clears path for rock festivals and the Monterey Pop Festival becomes blueprint for future gatherings 0 Studio Technology gives way to art rock 0 Sgt Peppers change the future of recording Equal Terms Acid Rock Era Counterlecture Free Love Era Peace and love Era Hippie Era Psychedelic Era Woodstock Generation THE BIG 3 The Beatles Rolling Stones The Animals


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