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THEA 103 Week 4 Lecture

by: Amber Riggle

THEA 103 Week 4 Lecture THEA 103

Marketplace > Ball State University > Theatre > THEA 103 > THEA 103 Week 4 Lecture
Amber Riggle
The Aesthetics of Theatre
Dr. Smith

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About this Document

The Aesthetics of Theatre
Dr. Smith
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amber Riggle on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEA 103 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Smith in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see The Aesthetics of Theatre in Theatre at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
Class Notes 91415 1 LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS there s no Huns sorry a House of Blue Leaves b Think about the Poetics when watching the show c Plan a group meeting to write a critique assignment over house of blue leaves 2 Other important concepts a History v theatre i Life v art ii ITS NOT THE JOB OF THEATRE TO REALISTICALLY REPRESENT REAL LIFE iii THEY RE NOT THE SAME THING b Pathos i Destructive or painful acts 1 Death grief injury betrayal 2 Because we re sick creatures who feast on the pain of others ii Its where the word quotpatheticquot comes from 3 Resources for research a BSU writing center b Individual tutoring session c BB external links thanks TSmith i Purdue OWL ii Diana Hacker MLA site iii ALL CITATIONS ARE IN MLA FORMAT iv ALL OF THEM v INTERNAL CITATIONS AND THE BIBLIOGRAPHY 4 Understand if you are citing things correctly a Plagiarism is bad Don t do it 5 Citations more info online a What MUST be cited i Direct quotes Who said them and where you got it from ii Anything that isn t yours 1 Ideas facts etc iii Nothing that isn t blatantly obvious 1 quotHamlet is a play quotthe sky is blue quotAdulting is hard etc 6 Internet is a good place to start if you have no idea what s going on a All sources must come either directly from the library or through the library s resources b Library CardCat i Be REALLY REALLY specific when searching CardCat c Student Research Resources d One Search i Go to Advanced search e Reference i Gale Reference ii Oxford Reference iii Biography in Context f Avoid using things before the 19305 Post WWII g Yay shelf browsing 0 Okay back to regular class discussion notes 0 Podcast 3 p1 amp 2 Recaps 0 Conflict heart of drama 0 Plot points Events Revelations 0 Choice and Arrangement in Plot 0 Climactic Plot Structure I Quest for a goal 0 Episodic Plot Structure I Journey through experiences 0 Reversal Peripety amp Recognition o Reversal of fortune or knowledge Followed by a recognition of that reversal Plot twist 9 OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED Can appear in both climactic and episodic AKA The Plot Twist I What variables are being used 0 Size impact 0 Timing 0 When does it happen 0 Fight club quot3930 min before ending 0 Sixth Sense 5 min before ending 0 Target 0 Who learns this new information o Dramatic Irony audience knows what s coming characters don t 0000 0 Story v Plot 0 quotDeus ex machina I God comes in and saves the day at the last minute inexplicably o Dramatic Irony 0 Plot points plot v story 0 List all plot points of Rising of the Moon then apply them to the climactic structure 0 Come up with three things of the story that ARENT the plot 0 Add answers to document on BB 0 Police show up to the docks o Policemen leave constable stays o Escapee shows up 0 Constable stops escapee Class Notes 91615 0 Updates 0 Liz Callaway in class so bring questions 0 Note schedule change due to her visit 0 CONCEPT PAPER NOT DUE MONDAY FOR HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES I Group critique will be over Mad World individual critique will be on Merrily o Rising of the Moon plot points applied to the Aristotelian climactic plot structure 0 A Good Plot Summary is o Plotrelated duh I Focuses on events and revelations rather than character thought or other poetic elements 0 Structured and complete I With a beginning middle and an end o Focused and clear I Make thoughtful choices about what you include in regards to plot v story minor characters minor plot points 0 Concise I Be efficient in your language I Balance between too much information and not enough 0 Grammatically correct I For God s sake I PLEASE proofread 0 Tips I Focus on the action events and revelations I What happens not what the play is about theme I Cover all parts I Phrase summary from the protagonist s POV 0 Summary of Rising of the Moon in one sentence 0 Sargent struggles to apprehend escaped prisoner due to the prisoner s manipulation of the Sargent s moral views and ultimately fails I Struggles of writing this sentence I Choosing a protagonist I Choosing plot points to include Class Notes 91815 o Greeks had advances in 0 Architecture 0 Science 0 Politics 0 And Theatre 0 The city Dionysia 0 Spring festival founded in 534 BCE I Also a contest o In honor of Dionysus o Thespis and the roots of theatre I Started acting o Conventions of Greek theatre 0 Convention the accepted and approved way that theater is traditionally written and performed in a culture 0 Male actors only I Must have made Lysistrata super awkward o Chorus 3 Actors ONLY 0 Masks I One for each character 0 Offstage Violence 0 Tragedy or Comedy I Nothing in between 0 No quotoriginalquot stories I All from mythology o Entirely outdoor theatres o Sophodes o Champ of the playwriting festival in City of Dionysia 0 MASTER OF PLOT o Motivated exits and entrances o The Greek Mindset 0 There s logic ration and order to the world 0 There s also a lack of logic ration and order in the world I Supernatural events weather etc I Blamed it on the gods 0 Cultural values represented in plays 0 In Oedipus what values were presented I You can t escape your fate I Gods v Man I State gt Individual I Incest is bad Don t do it That s gross Ew I Don t let indulgences blind you hehheh I Health of the Ruler reflects the Health of the Polis o Oedipus is sick and twisted and so is Thebes o What is Climactic about Oedipus 0 He s searching for Laois killer SUPER late point of attack Plotdriven next to no character information Takes place in one day in one location Central Conflict I Find the killertruth o Exposition I What information is communicated and how I Oedipus adventures prethebes I Through the chorus dialogue o Inciting Incident I Disrupts the normal world I Single event revelation I Kreon returns from the oracle o Rising Action I Characteristics of the RA 0 Messenger reveal critical information about Polybus death 0000 0 Crisis I Single event I Shepherd shows up telling Oedipus that he s adopted E o Climax I Single event I Realizing that he is the killer of the King R o DenoumentFallingAction I Multiple events 0 Story v Plot 0 First things we learn 0 What is learned next and when 0 Sta rt of story I Actions that happened prior o Oeddy given to shepherd by lo 0 Oeddy given to messenger by shepherd o Oed leaves Corinth in fear of his fortune 0 He kills Laios o Defeats the Sphinx o Plague descends on thebes Kreon goes to oracle 0 Beginning of play I Revelations that we learn in the plot 0 Theres a plague in thebes kreon returns from oracle o Chorus tells us oeddy defeated sphinx 0 Find out Laios was killed where 3 roads meet rings a bell to Oeddy o Oeddy remembers what oracle told him 0 Messenger reveals Polybus is dead and wasn t Oeddy s real daddy A guy gave me a baby too 0 Connects 2 and 2


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