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THEA 103 Week 5 Lecture

by: Amber Riggle

THEA 103 Week 5 Lecture THEA 103

Marketplace > Ball State University > Theatre > THEA 103 > THEA 103 Week 5 Lecture
Amber Riggle
The Aesthetics of Theatre
Dr. Smith

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About this Document

The Aesthetics of Theatre
Dr. Smith
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amber Riggle on Thursday October 1, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEA 103 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Smith in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see The Aesthetics of Theatre in Theatre at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/15
Class Notes 92315 0 House of Blue Leaves 0 Acting challenges Don t judge the character or his pursuits everyone wants something 0 Not very spectacle heavy o Realistic set design made it more personal 0 How to Put On a Play 0 STEP ONE I Read the script and analyze the hell out of it 0 STEP TWO I Based on analysis make production choices 0 REVERSE ENGINEER this process 0 Critique Paper 0 NOT newspaper style critique 0 Find out how analysis impacts production choices 0 Describe and characterize the plot structure of Blue Leaves I Climatic goal Ardie wants to make it big in music 0 Short quick timing over the course of twodays max 0 Mostly realtime action 0 Complex plot Reversals and Peripety o Strangles his wife Fianc e runs off Gets the blue spot light Son goes AWOL Son blew up Corinna 0000 I Episodic 0 Multiple characters with different goals 0 Bananas wants normalcy before pillpopping o Ardie wants a music career 0 Bunny wanted to married rich and in California cooking for her hubby o Nuns want to die and see Jesus I How did these impact the production choices 0 Scrambled o Impacted the set design Slightly disorganized Personal and out of control eventually Closed off and intimate Keep the pacing moving 0000 0 Have intro paragraph I Overviews opinions on connection between text and production 0 1 paragraph define terms and 0 Several paragraphs citing different production choices and how it relates to an analysis 0 Close with summary paragraph this is an argument not a report I Mad World group critique paper I Merrily Individual critique paper I More details on BB 0 Podcast recap 0 Shakespeare is mostly episodic o Climatic in that multiple characters pursue goals I Separate out the plot lines I Work backtofront I Consider climatic traits and episodic traits Elizabethan England 0 O O 0 15581642 Liz takes the throne Charles is beheaded Key context EUROPEAN context I ART I SCIENCE I ARCHITECTURE QE 1 I Protestant and liberal good for theatre Contexts of Elizabethan Drama 0 O 0 Religion and Humanism a difficult balance I Humanism it s all about YOU YOU MATTER There are more important things than religion I Contradictory to religion An era of language literature and education I Renaissance expressed visually outside of England mostly Theatre is Commercial I WillyShakes FTW 0 Wanted to make SS 0 Pandered to his audiences Conventions of Elizabethan Ddrama O Blankverse in ambic Pentameter I quotblankquot doesn t rhyme I ambic pentameter 10 syllables per line emphasis on every 2ncl syllable 2 4 6 8 and 10th 0 Trochaic pentameter same with emphasis on the other syllables 1 3 5 7 and 9 Mostly tragedy or Comedy WillShakes begs to differ again I Sometimes historical but VERY uncommon Still no women on stage I Historically homophobic society Plots taken from existing stories I Originality wasn t much of a thing WillyShakes begs to differ of course Direct Audience address I Soliloquies and Asides I No such thing as a fourth wall Spectacle HIGHLY MINIMALISTIC I Mostly mentioned in the speech with next to no set or props I They came to HEAR the play not SEE the play 0 Unless theres blood and guts Outdoor Venues 0 O 0 Public and commercial Different classes separated by seating I Poor stood I Middle class sat I Upper class sat with cushions Seated up to 3000 people 0 The Globe and Rose theatre Class Notes 92515 0 WillyShakes 0 15641616 52 yrs 0 Actor manager theatre owner poet and playwright 0 Don t know much else about his life 0 Wrote 38 plays and 154 Sonnets I Comedy I Tragedy I History he s the first to do this one I Tragicomedy or problem 0 Why s he so bangin awesome I Genre mastery and diversity 0 He even made his own genres history I Character complexity interiority o Able to put their thoughts into words at the moment that they re conceived I Themeargument Depth and Universality 0 They are timeless they STILL matter today I Language unparalleled poetry and prose 0 Completely on point 0 Iambic pentameter I Spectacle action and adventure 0 Exciting big ideas and places I Plot complex episodic and climactic I AND balances the elements incredibly well 0 Did all of this at a time when theatre was exploding 0 Not only was he good but he was better than others in his day and age 0 Midsummer 0 Why would this play have made money I Characters from different social classes relatable I Magical elements create another world I Empowered people to have control of their fate 0 Five adjectives that describe the style of the plot 0 Scattered and meandering around convoluted and intertwined until the end mystical and ethereal like Rapunzel39s glowing hair in Tangled ironic predictably unpredictable because you know it39ll end happily but you don39t know how steadilypaced Imaginative like a dream when you sleep sometime in the middle of summer at night 0000


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