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Med Admin pt 2

by: Alissa Notetaker

Med Admin pt 2 NUR 307

Alissa Notetaker
La Salle
Foundations of Practice

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About this Document

Foundations of Practice
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alissa Notetaker on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NUR 307 at La Salle University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Practice in Nursing and Health Sciences at La Salle University.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Med Admin 09242015 Multidose bottle most common is insulin Inject air rst before you draw up Always make sure you date the bottle when you open it Don t use expired medication Don t over inject air could cause the cap to pop off If you under inject air you could get air bubbles Shoot in 1 ml of air Some meds must be refridgerated 1mL syringe with an attached needle for insulin Give insulin subQ Short needle for subQ Recap the needle before administering medication Markings on it in units Different insulins Rapid acting and long acting insulin Can be mixed When giving insulin to a patient make sure that their meal is near by If breakfast is at 9 you don t want to give your patient insulin at 7 am Especially if its rapid acting Always give in the proper site Like a dart get the needle in real quick SUBQ Injections Not a lot of blood supply takes a bit longer for medication to be absorbed but is quicker than swallowing a pill Usually very short Higher Gauge smaller the needle 262725 gauge needle length is important not being absorbed as quick as im or iv also important Where to give them Insulin can be given in the abdomen Back of the arm Love handles Comparison of Angles of Insertion fo r I n is ctio n 5 llntradermal yml 111 5 cale ghEEE r Skin bEUtEIHEDLlE HSEUE ltlllu EEIE Eapgrlgtrl am by Why an imp ni m Elsaln iar il tr give all injections at 90 unless it s a little old lady with no fat or anything then give at 45 Intramuscular are usually about 1 inch SubQ 58 of an inch or 12 an inch lM faster because there is a rich blood supply in the muscle If you pull back on the synringe and you get blood than restart Shot of morphine pull back and check for vaccine wouldn t typically pull back and check IM preferred sites Ventral glutealby the butt Vastus Lateralis thigh Deltoid not for large volumes of medication nothing more than 2mLs of uid Z trackpulling skin tight then letting go around needle hasn t seen since before we were born Blunt tip needles Flat less of a risk of sticking yourself SafteyPreventing Needle Stick Don t recap needles with the exception of insulin If the sharps is a 3rel of the way full empty and get a new one When youre throwing away a narcotic you have to have a witness Injections in the sink pills ushed down the toilet Must be witnessed by 2 people Parts of the Order Right Patient Expiration Date Dose Medication How it s being administered First thing you do Walk in patients room ID Patient Name and DOB Tell them what medications are If they refuse to take one notify the physician Document 2 Patients in a room together Give patient their pills and you question whether or not you gave it to the right patient What do you do Assess the patient to see what is going on If a patient questions you double check ALWAYS


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