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CDO 335 Week Five Notes

by: Rachel Roede

CDO 335 Week Five Notes CDO 335

Rachel Roede
Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing
Lori Bissell

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About this Document

This is the notes for week five
Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing
Lori Bissell
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Roede on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CDO 335 at Central Michigan University taught by Lori Bissell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing in Communication Disorders & Sciences at Central Michigan University.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
CDO 335 Week Five Notes The Skull Overview of the Skull 0 22 irregular shaped bones Are also sutures where 2 bones meet 0 Sagittal o Coronal Cranial and Facial Skeletons Orbits NasalCav y Zygomatic Arch Bones of the Cranial Skeleton Frontal 1 Parietal 2 Temporal 2 Occipital 1 Sphenoid 1 batshaped Ethmoid 1 Frontal Bone Forms forehead and anterior part of the top of cranium o Landmarks o Supraorbital Portion Superior above surface of eye socket o Zygomatic Process Point of articulation attachment with zygomatic bones a bony prominence Attaches to cheek bones o Coronal Suture Unites the frontal bones with the paired parietal bones posteriorly o Articulates with o Maxilla bones upperjaw Nasal bones top of nose Lacrimal bones where tear ducts are located Zygomatic bones cheek bones Ethmoid bones Parietal bones Sphenoid bone OOOOOO Parietal Bones Paired topside of cranium Landmarks are sutures that de ne its margins o Sagittal Suture Joins two parietal bones to one another 0 Coronal Suture Unites to frontal bone 0 Squamous Suture Squamosal Joins to temporal bones on each side 0 Lambdoidal Sutures Joins to occipital bone 0 Wormian Bones Bifurcation of lambdoidal suture ONLY for parietal bone Not always present 0 Articulates with o Opposite parietal bone Occipital bone Temporal bone on each side Frontal bone Sphenoid bone 0000 Temporal Bones 0 Lower side of cranium and part of the oor 0 Landmarks o Squamous Portion Fan shaped and thin portion Lower portion includes roof of the external auditory meatus o Zygomatic Process Projection that articulates with zygomatic bones o Styloid Process Sharp bone extending down and forward Neck muscles and ligaments attach here 0 Petrous Portion medial Forms center section of cranial oor Very hard process which houses middle and inner ear structures 0 Mastoid Process Protuberance behind ear 0 Articulates with o Occipital bone through lambdoidal suture o Parietal bone on each side 0 Sphenoid bone o Zygomatic bones on each side 0 Mandible o DOES NOT A39ITACH TO FRONTAL BONE Occipital Bone Posterior braincase o Landmarks o Foramen Magnum Hole through which spinal cordbrainstem enters cranial cavity 0 Condyles Process on either side of foramen magnum inferior surface Articulates with rst cervical vertebra AKA Atlas 0 Basilar Portion Articulates with sphenoid bone 0 Articulates with o Parietal bones 0 Temporal bones o Sphenoid bone 0 Atlas rst cervical vertebra Sphenoid Bone o In center of the skull Keystone of cranial oor Bat wing shaped o Landmarks 0 Greater Wings Lateral projections from body Form outer wall Articulates with frontal and temporal bones o Lesser Wings Thin projections Forms posterior part 0 Pterygoid ProcessesPlate ter agoid Downward projections of greater wings and body Medial Processes 2 Lateral Processes 2 Form part of nasal wall 0 Sella Turcica Saddleshaped depression Contains pituitary gland o Hamulus Processes O O Projection off of medial pterygoid plateprocess Optic Foramen Transmits optic nerve II on superior surface Superior Orbital Fissure Slitlike opening Transmits cranial nerves III IV and parts of V and VI Oculomation Trochlear Trigeminal Abducens Foramen Rotundum Maxillary branch of cranial nerve V trigeminal nerve Foramen Ovale Mandibular branch of cranial nerve V trigeminal nerve Foramen Spinosum Middle meningeal artery 0 Articulates with 0 000000 0 Frontal bone Temporal bones Parietal bones Occipital bone Ethmoid bone Palatine bones hard palate Zygomatic bones Vomer bone nasal cavity Ethmoid Bone Forms anterior cranial base Lies anterior to sphenoid bone and posterior to nasal bones o Landmarks O O O O Crista Galli Protrudes into cranial space upwards Meninges attach here Perpendicular Plate Projection downward right in the middle Makes up superior nasal septum NasalConchae Superior on side Middle Forms lateral walls of nose Air lled cavities Cribriform Plate Olfactory nerves pass through numerous holes in this plate Superior portion of bone behind Crista Galli Separates nasal and cranial cavities o Articulates with OOOOOOOO Frontal bone Vomer bone Sphenoid bone Nasalbones Maxilla bones Lacrimal bones Palatine bones Inferior conchae bones Bones of Facial Skeleton Mandible Bone O O 0 Forms bottom jaw Landmarks Body Main part of bone Forms chin Mental Symphysis Where the two halves fuse together quotdimple in chinquot Mental Protuberance Formed at midline quotcurves of chinquot On either side of Mental Symphysis Mental Spines On inner surface Point of attachment for muscles holes Mylohyoid Line On inner surface Muscle attaches here Ramus Posterior projection upward Angle of the Mandible Where posterior and inferior margins of ramus meet Coronoid Process Projection from anterior part of ramus closer to face Temporal muscle inserts here Condylar Process Articulates with skull allowing rotation of mandible Thicker than coronoid process Mandibular Notch Separates coronoid and condylar processes Articulates with Articulates with 0 Temporal bones Only moving joint of the skull Maxilla Bones Anterior roof of the mouth hard palate Anterior oor of the nose Forms upperjaw Landmarks o Zygomatic Process Articulates with zygomatic bone 0 Frontal Process Superior most point of bone Attaches to frontal bone Alveolar Process Arch containing the teeth Palatine Process Horizontal projections Roof of mouth Forms anterior and large part of hard palate Anterior Nasal Spine Midline of 2 maxilla bones lncisive Foramen At anterior aspect of hard palate Nasopalatine nerve runs through here Premaxilla Anterior most portion of hard palate Clefts of the lip will occur here typically


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