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Week 6 - Psych 364 Notes

by: Allie S

Week 6 - Psych 364 Notes Psyc 3640

Marketplace > Clemson University > Psychlogy > Psyc 3640 > Week 6 Psych 364 Notes
Allie S
GPA 3.46
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben

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About this Document

Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben
Class Notes
industrial psychology, Psychology, Clemson, psych 364, Psych 3640, Organizational psych
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 3640 at Clemson University taught by Eric McKibben in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Industrial Psychology 3640 in Psychlogy at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
10215 314 PM Review Assessing individual differences 0 Need to first classify Then can compare 0 Then choose for jobs 2 things for assessing 1 Process way 2 Content what 0 Personality abilities general and specific testing measures 0 Problems is cost 0 Need to find a balance between timecostseffort Individual assessment 0 Only one candidate or few is assessed on many different attributes o Likely to include ability amp personality tests personal history statement amp interviews 0 May include simulation exercises Criticisms of individual assessment 0 Issues of validity reliability amp ethics Interviews 0 Specific content you are looking for need to capture this data to make meaningful holistic constructs of people 1 Structured interview Specific questions same questions asked between all candidates gives better comparison 0 More valid structure for interviews scoring candidates fairly PBI a Past Behavior best performance indicator I Tell me about a time when Situational interview a Given a situation how would you act a Given these resources barriers constraints 0 Scoring sheet take data from current employees each telling you how they d act match them to the interview candidate 2 Unstructured interview Go with the flow just trying to gain insight o More of a smaller business technique not fair technically Create a bias bad for interviewee validity coefficient to interview there is NO correlation Tend to coverjob knowledge abilities skills personality amp person org fit 0 Procedural knowledge These questions were used to interview applicants for emergency telephone operator positions INTERVIEW QUEST0N CRITICAL INCDENT 1 Imagine that you tried to help a stranger for example 1 Telephone operator tries to verify address information with traffic directions or to get up after a fall and that for an ambulance call The caller yells at them for being person blamed you for their misfortune or yelled at you stupid and slow The operator quietly assures the caller How would you respond an ambulance is on the way and that she is merely reaffirming the address 2 Suppose a friend calls you and is extremely upset 2 A caller is hysterical because her infant is dead She Apparently her child has been injured She begins to yells incoherently about the incident The operator talks tell you in a hysterical manner all about her difficulty in a clear calm voice and manages to secure the in getting babysitters what the child is wearing what woman s address dispatches the call and then tries to words the child can speak and so on What would you do secure more information about the child39s status 3 How would you react if you were a salesclerk waitress 3 A clearly angry caller calls for the third time in an or gas station attendant and one of your customers talked hour complaining about the 911 service because no one back to you indicated you should have known something has arrived to investigate a busted water pipe The you did not or told you that you were not waiting on operator tells the caller to go to and hangs up them fast enough SOURCE Schneider 8 amp Schmitt N li986i Staf ng organizations l2nd ed Glenview IL Scott Foresman Original copyright T986 1976 by Scott Foresman and Company Copyright 1991 by Benjamin Schneider and Neal Schmilt Reprinted by permission of the authors Assessment Centers 0 Collection of procedures used for evaluation often for possible promotion 0 Usually offsiteoutside group Meant for higher up interviews or promotions Typical characteristics Assessment done in groups 0 Group of candidates trying to solve some type of issue Assessment done by groups ie assessors Multiple methods of assessment employed Assessment centers have feel of relevance Work Sample Test 0 Measure job skills by taking samples of behavior under realistic job like conditions 0 Mock job trialshift Examples Rudder control test for pilots Speech interview for foreign student Situational Judgment Tests 0 Present candidate with written scenario then ask candidate to choose best response from series of alternatives 0 Important characteristics Jobrelated Wellaccepted by test takers Reduced adverse impact compared to other devices Incremental Validity 0 Value in terms of increased validity of adding a particular predictor to an existing selection system 0 Value after adding additional methodpredictor Getting the secondarynew angle to see the validity Biographical Data Biodata 0 Includes type of information collected on an application blank eg previous jobs education amp special training The basics from resume take data and make correlations as a predictor Ecology model 0 Events constituting person s history represent choices made by individual to interact with hisher environment Grades May be able to predict job OFFERS but not Job Success 0 Need to turn grades into money higher education has turned money into grades but not necessarily back into money just job Offers Little serious research on validity and fairness of these devices Grades measure motivation not success CONTROVERSIAL Assessment Practices e Graphelegy 39I I I I I F I I I F I I I o Polygraph Machine that measures person s physiological reactions amp signals deception not QUITE a lie detector just physiological arousal and stress a Mainly only used in high level jobs a Heart rate sweat breathing not always accurate 0 Drug amp alcohol testing Issues with acceptance by employees amp prospective employees LegalIssues a Drug Free Workplace Act 0 Integrity testing Overt integrity test Personality based integrity test CH 4 0 Basic Model of performance and behaviors Basic definitions 0 Performance Actions or behaviors 0 Effectiveness Evaluation of results of performance How effective was this action How was I rewardedpunished 0 Productivity Ratio of effectiveness output to cost of achieving that level of effectiveness input Was this WORTH the effort put in n Outputinput Campbell s Model of Job Performance 0 3 direct determinants ofjob performance overall Declarative knowledge DK WHAT you know Procedural knowledge amp skill PKS HOW skilspractice Motivation M WHY effort sunk into a behavior Declarative Knowledge DK Procedural Knowledge and Knowledge about facts and Skills PKS Knowing how to w things an understanding of a do things 39 mi given task39s requirements Cognitive skill X c oicextb pe Facts Psychomotor skill 39 quot Principles Physical skill Goals Selfmanagement skill Selfknowledge Interpersonal skill Ability Personality Interests Education Training Experience Motivational Elements from Theory 8 basic performance components 0 3 are essential for every job your performance comes from these 0 Core task proficiency 0 Demonstrated effort 0 Maintenance of personal discipline Maximal vs Typical Performance 0 Performance varies greatly sometimes we operate at average levels other times at maximum 0 Maximum performance When being OBSERVED But managers cannot monitor everyone at all times a Strategists would assume expectant performances and thus hold each accountable but these are MAX Goalorientation invest more to achieve goals Con dent Complex tasks broken into smaller units Criterion Deficiency amp Contamination In order for us to do well we need to perform certain behaviors ideally when assessing success all of said behaviors are included errors are unwanted 0 Want 100 effectiveness at all times so no errors in memory retrievals Ultimate theoretical criterion 0 Ideal measure of all relevant aspects ofjob performance Actual criterion 0 Actual measure ofjob performance obtained Differences between ultimate criterion amp actual criterion represent imperfections in measurement deficiency amp contamination Criterion relevance Observed criterion Theoretical criterion Criterion deficiency Criterion contamination


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