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Woody Ornamental Plant Identif

by: Murray Robel

Woody Ornamental Plant Identif HORT 2270

Murray Robel

GPA 3.59

Lorie Felton

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About this Document

Lorie Felton
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Murray Robel on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HORT 2270 at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College taught by Lorie Felton in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see /class/217640/hort-2270-abraham-baldwin-agricultural-college in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Founda ons Landscape Plant Usage HORT 2270 Foundation Overdone Foundation Planting Any plant or plants used on against or near the foundation of a home or structure Helps to tie the structure to the rest of the yard Eliminate the abrupt angle in which the foundation joins the ground Blocks the ugly open foundation Plants are often evergreen Provides an insulation in harsh winters Corner Planting Most important Soften the corners I Serves as starting point for foundation planting 4 mm Select plants that achieve approx 23 my the height from 39 7 ground to eave E Funnelization of Foundation Plantings Accent Plants Plants used with other plants Used as focal point due to some unique characteristic I Shape I FloweringFruiting Temporary effect Screen Use to block I Unsightly views I Noise I Wind Sometimes used as a hedge to provide privacy or block view Select plants for desired height Specimen Tree or shrub with outstanding characteristic I Shape I Floweringfruiting habit Planted alone in the landscape Border Plants planted along boundaries or property lines Creates the wall of thelandscape Has depth Many different plants used Hedge Single planting is a straight line Used to screen out views noise or wind 2 types I Formal or clipped I Informal or natural Plant massing j 5 Groundcover Plants grouped closely quot7 Lowgrowing plants together to appear as Vines one mass g Shrubs Spacing should allow 39 f w Substitute for lawn plants to touch but g g grasses not overcrowded 7 l 7 j39 y I Most do not tolerate traf c Plants stagger give a 39 a 39 V a Spa1319 3 pleasing appearance 39 39 39 39 0 l Full sun needs closer Uses less plants Spacing Plant trained to a wall I W Stylized t ee or shrub or trellis 39 39 quot trained to grow in High maintenance I f I various shape usually Most any plant geometrical shapes species can be used 39 39 39 Used as specimens or l V quot 39 accents Fits into the native g 39 39 3 Plants planted in font surroundings 39 1 quot aw of other shrubs Follow the natural l g Mostly used in terrain r gt 39g foundations or border Usually use native is I 7 a 3 39 Plantings plants a 39 l 39 a Can be evergreen or I More insect and P quot for f y deciduous disease resistance Low maintenance Plants Require little care to quot39 5llll39llr maintain shape less 39 quot 39 39 pruning Require minimal amount of fertilizer pesticides or supplemental moisture Street Trees Line the street to provide shade Gives neighborhood or community character Minimum branch height Walks 7 ft I Road 15 ft Trees for Background


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