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Mathematical Modeling

by: Willis Oberbrunner

Mathematical Modeling MATH 1101

Willis Oberbrunner

GPA 3.54

Geoff Clement

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About this Document

Geoff Clement
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Willis Oberbrunner on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1101 at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College taught by Geoff Clement in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/217643/math-1101-abraham-baldwin-agricultural-college in Mathematics (M) at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
TI 83 Statistics amp Regression These are recent golf scores for Andy Taylor and Barney Fife Adl78838184l80 Barney I 82 I 92 I 74 I 100 I 78 1 To input statistical lists Hit the STAT key then select Edit under EDIT and ENTER Ifthere are already numbers in any list arrow up to L1 L2 etc then hit CLEAR and ENTER to clear an entire column of numbers Another option is to use the ClrList command in the STAT EDIT menu followed by the name of the list Enter elements in each list by typing the number and then ENTER or use the arrow down key When you ve entered one list arrow right gt to start the next list Note For regression analysis the list of ordered pairs must have the same size ifthey re not the same size the calculator gives a dimension error For Andy s and Barney s golf scores the input might look like this L1 L2 L3 3 F HE m E3 52 Hi 39quotI EH 1IIII EIII F E L3I1ZI To perform onevariable statistical Hit the STAT key then arrow once to the right gt to CALC then hit lVar Stats and ENTER Type the appropriate list name L1 L2 etc then hit ENTER and the calculator will perform several calculations nearly instantaneously The calculator finds the mean 2 sum of the data values 2x sum of the squares of the data values 2x2 sample standard deviation sx population standard deviation 0x sample size n minimum value minX first quartile Q1 median Med third quartile Q3 and maximum value maXX in this order Note The calculator can also handle Zvariable statistics but this is primarily used for regression situations TH mum39s dizwgssinn FurAndy s gewmee xhesvausucswuu d mk hke ms lUar Stats lUar Stats 2 812 Tn S EX 86 78 To makeaslansuca graEh mam um me geueee em e eeeyeeee m hss u and L2 me nemep me he Emenemesmmorvmem Hquot NTEngumm memenemme sews yawn see m We megeeme gm hem Themherup uns are ascaner pm a brakequot hue we a ms ugram a m m hex pm and a cumu anve brakequot hue graph AHarecreabd usmgsxm arsleps Wuh an appmpnalewmdw we wem men m GRAPH tasseth hex p m VurAndy s gDWsmre weu pmea m a sxm ar7 mun wuh Barneyand Shaw mm graphs mgexher We have u sumabd wuh Andyand L2 sumabd wuh Barney Tore esxaselmndmxp m armmwmlandhu NTER Mekemuerenemesnen woo m andemerxheva ues yuuseemxhechan he uw am p m are am We hux p mu enseeseeeee me wmdw sappmprmehrme daa andmweare readytnhu u 4 yawnWmee ymmememyem u D mervamwewgeeemseeney we memequot e memequot game meme beer ween we on gum wee e be Becaused us mpunanue m exgenre we H a su39mus on me scatter pm and regressan 2 TI 83 Statistics amp Regression To make a statistical qraph scatter plot These are possible prices of chicken nuggets at a local restaurant of pieces Price 6 099 9 159 20 299 Once the lists are entered into L1 of pieces and L2 price hit to enter the STAT PLOT menu then hit ENT R As before turn the Plot On select the statistical graph the scatter plot is the first option next to Type and check to see if your lists are matching up correctly with Xlist and Ylist In this scenario price clearly depends on the number of pieces in the box so the Xlist used for the independent variable is L1 and the Ylist typically used for the dependent variable is L2 When plot characteristics are set you may enter El the statistical zoom to View a scatter plot The calculator automatically sets the window for you You may also enter WINDOW to change the window settings Xmin Xmax Xscl Ymin Ymax Yscl if you wish For this particular example we suggest 0 25 1 0 5 1 Then hit GRAPH For the chicken pieces pricing structure the scatter plot request and graph should look like these Note In a similar way you can use the calculator to make a broken line graph suitable for the chicken pieces and the AndyBarney golf situations and a histogram suitable for both data sets To perform aression analysis and graph a linear a 39 function Regression is a 5step process 1 Data entry using EDIT as described earlier 2 Selecting and finetuning the scatter plot using the STAT PLOT menu 3 Making appropriate settings perhaps using El 3 TH sunsuns aziugmsinn We assumemauhese hrs 3 steps are mde m wages shwmg me prmess m prevmusseumnsthxsappendxx Theiuunhstepxsxhehxguw a H xhenanuw ngm gttnCALCJhense euEl LmRe axoh SmuexhedavaxsmUandLZ emer anon mm w amumaucaH u xhen arm on Fun1an men m ENTER agam on w Amy quotmg regressmnca cu almns Them cu amrwm gwexheva ues Vurxsupeu meandhyrmtemeplVurxhehnedhs u w u may seexheregressmnequalmnwedm WP mMstpr sGRAP vases mm hnemhsxhxandxhescanerp m Nme unrca cu aurduesn xshwme e mm mm ATALOandme dawn tummy quotDxagnusucOnquot Then xhem cu a rwm ma xhemnsvan We regressan equalmn a ung wuh Khecune auun cm xmem r xquot or mm we dependmg on m quotswam mmquot 5 mm ved m urderm waneth ha nghl mvrvmzs m ENTE axzassuusvo xo29u7975os s m m m WmmP 5 Nam News ugmme eme quotASKquot We aenwaname and quotALITOquot Dependemvanah e uplmns When W gumkmml mmauhbxsh ank you mpmanyxrvamg Wham Wm mpmeme Mammy v va ue my me mm The mm was numbers m mm a mm mm a ung w mamaquot mm or The hnear quotswam equalmn sugges m or 6 wanes reslauramwuu pmbah ycharge Nmmexhauhe predumuns39ur 6 9 c use m we anua m va ues NOTE The ca cu aturcan my a param amxhescalter p m ampeg acuhm39unnmn oumcpeg aquamc innmun Quanpeg an expunerma mm Exppeg a Dgamhmm39unnmn LnReg a ugxsuciuncuun Loam and a Wer39uncnun vmeg and xheseare m m a verysvm ar manner The pamcu ar regressan equdnun arms are gwen m immp 1s Seaman 5 TH Stzvjslis ampmgmsinn The mm m each case 5 me quotswam lypeVDHwed byxhe xm vm and me Vrvanah e umquot m we yuur equalmn FDrexamp e xhestep Ocumrmnds may he Lugm m LZ v2 or EXpReg m LZ v3 Dranmher sw arcummand mum R2 1 xmwamwga perm q mw m quadlanc mun sm 2 gves h in awmg mama pnces Agam h campany am my much m h mighhaxhnad at Wm may wmlld charge in


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