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MOUL Beginning Algebra

by: Willis Oberbrunner

MOUL Beginning Algebra MATH 0097

Willis Oberbrunner

GPA 3.54

Geoff Clement

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About this Document

Geoff Clement
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Willis Oberbrunner on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 0097 at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College taught by Geoff Clement in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 105 views. For similar materials see /class/217645/math-0097-abraham-baldwin-agricultural-college in Mathematics (M) at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
TI 83 Statistics amp Regression These are recent golf scores for Andy Taylor and Barney Fife 83 81 84 80 92 74 100 78 To input statistical lists To perform onevariable statistical Hit the key then select Edit under EDIT and ENTE 39 If there are already numbers in any list arrow up to L1 L2 etc then hit CLEA 39 and to clear an entire column of numbers Another option is to use the ClrList command in the STAT EDIT menu followed by the name of the list Enter elements in each list by typing the number and then ENTE 39 or use the a1row down key When you ve entered one list arrow right gt to start the next list Note For regression analysis the list of ordered pairs must have the same size if they re not the same size the calculator gives a dimension error For Andy s and Bamey s golf scores the input might look like this L1 L2 L3 3 FE HE Illllll E3 52 Hi PH EH 100 E E L3I1ZI 1 Hit the key then arrow once to the right gt to CALC then hit lVar Stats and Type the appropriate list name L1 L2 etc then hit ENTE 39 and the calculator will perform several calculations nearly instantaneously The calculator nds the mean sum of the data values 2x sum of the squares of the data values 2x2 I sample standard deviation sx population standard deviation 0X sample size n minimum value minX rst quartile Q1 median Med third quartile Q3 and maximum value maXX in this order Note The calculator can also handle 2variable statistics but this is primarily used for regression situations TH mum39s ampmgmsinn FaxAndys galfscaxes m stunsocsvm d 1mm um lUar Stats lUar Stats 2 812 Tn S EX 86 78 Tamakzaslmsncal n ax H Um m galfdmn slaw alreadyslmed m 1155 L1 and L2 m mxt sup ls a 1m a Em mm 5m norm Hn gm mm mu Mam m 52mg yawn mm mg m m mm m mth apnnns m a scatter pm 5 mm 1m graph a mum a mnd 39xed m pm and a cumuhnve bmkzn hm graph A m mm Ismg mm 51 th an appmprme WW w wmdd than 1m GRAPH m 522 m m m fax And fs galfscaxe wan pmceed m 5 lehr fashmn wnh Eamyand shnwbmh graphs mgethzx We have Ll assacmzd wnh mama L2 assacmzd wnh amy m mummmmmwmnmmm Nlakzsxmdaxchnwes n m mdemznhz Wm ymlsee mm clunbelaw aawmmmmamam am semmmmwmppmmm a3mmdymh u 4 mumemxymgmmmmymm u D 03wmmnmmmyas mammmhamysmcmbem mu ms cumming Because af s Impumnce m algebra we39 aJsa anus an m sum m and xegxessmn 2 TI 83 Statistics amp Regression To make a statistical graph scatter plot These are possible prices of chicken nuggets at a local restaurant of pieces Price 6 099 9 159 20 299 Once the lists are entered into L1 of pieces and L2 price hit to enter the STAT PLOT menu then hit ENTE 39 As before turn the Plot On select the statistical graph the scatter plot is the first option next to Type and check to see if your lists are matching up correctly with Xlist and Ylist In this scenario price clearly depends on the number of pieces in the box so the Xlist used for the independent variable is L1 and the Ylist typically used for the dependent variable is L2 When plot characteristics are set you may enter El the statistical zoom to View a scatter plot The calculator automatically sets the window for you You may also enter WINDOW to change the window settings Xmin Xmax Xscl Ymin Ymax Yscl if you wish For this particular example we suggest 0 25 l 0 5 1 Then hit For the chicken pieces pricing structure the scatter plot request and graph should look like these Note In a similar way you can use the calculator to make a broken line graph suitable for the chicken pieces and the Andy Barney golf situations and a histogram suitable for both data sets To perform 39 analysis and graph a linear 39 function Regression is a 5step process 1 Data entry using EDIT as described earlier 2 Selecting and finetuning the scatter plot using the E STAT PLOT menu 3 Making appropriate WINDOW settings perhaps using El 3 TH mum39s amp maxim w assume dqmng rm steps are sampletzdwmh Images shnwmg m pmcessm pxmmls 52cm af us appndm Th2 fannh sup 5 m m m 4 a than amw right 39 m cAw m mg mem 5m m damsan mm Wang In mm m pm m has 2 man m V nmmmm 1m than amw right rmYVVARsmn anananthznh asamanYl mus m reg mum quotssmmmmm n calcula Wm fax slap aflmzandhymmcep1fanhz 1m afbest m ya u my m Mm mmm If u 55 1 mmmmmam a u 1115a ssmsnbam murkymmhscmw M umummmmwsmemmmm mm mm mm mummmo quot mm mm w m m mm M ae 39mzn x r axbmhwhlzs ma 5 xiass msn 7x 29u7975 s 5 Th mxtmasl mumps mm mam ASK ma ndzmwnahlz Ammanquot D Emma m 5 mm m predmedpnces fax Isnnmbexs afmlggets m shnwnbelaw m wnhthz dzclsmn m 1mm ngns an equtmn suggests 79 fax 4 pm u an fax 12 pieces mm 57 DNA places Inmhcm m quotmm wmll pmbahlycharg prices Ins m 5 Wm Nam 1mm predmmns fax 5 9 and 2m places are very alas m m annual datnwl calculamxcan aJsa m apnnbalam m scamx n QudRzg mm mm Th2 cum mm funcnaMQunRzg anexw mm mm rmnamaxpm a Ingamhmc rm LnRzg a ng funconnLagxsoc andapuwex nnPerzg andthzse m accamphshzd m a vexysxm ar manna m pm xegxessmn equnan farms are gm m smqu 5 1 TH Stzvjslis amp maxim m amt In each case is m ngns an W fallnwedbythz xm mm and m Numb 1mm ps39z yumeqummn Fax exam z m sup 4 cammnds maybe Law L1 L2 v2 ax Eprzg L1 L2 v3 ax Ann th 5min cammnd m R 1 xmwamwga perm q mw m quadlanc mun sm 2 gves h in awmg mama pnces Agam h campany am my much m h mighhaxhnad at Wm may wmlld charge in


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