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by: Willis Oberbrunner
Willis Oberbrunner

GPA 3.54


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Willis Oberbrunner on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1113 at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/217648/math-1113-abraham-baldwin-agricultural-college in Mathematics (M) at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
n as Graphmg Funcuons amp Re ztmns Graphmg Funcuons To graph 2 functmn 1 The equzuon must be WHHEVV unmonz quotManon m quoty Emma squot form v sthe dependent vmme and x sfree to vary W enenter erwghmzndsmeofme equztmn f m 02 mmmNghugmmyomywzmomwupm m m m m then WW down m mam m M OmenInst you Wm hke ysee the scatter pm mg W W graph 2 Hum x v a 3 m W vzmesthztyour mm mm My a m mm W2 mmw Wm mm m m am My GeneraHy W m m mo 0quot a an automzmc 2mg DfX m w M 4 Tu W W m severa mm mm m WW max mm mm m m you my cm W W2 200M 9pm quuzre gm 2 WWW Wow mm 25mg mm mm WM WW anymgmgmm 1 m zndVvamesrangmgfrDmJOUHO E Zstzndzrd gm 2 standard Wow W x vzmes mm from no 010 and Wm mm from 4 o 010 gm mm m WW Mum m an appropm WW 1 y epg 2 y2 3 y erzxw A y x3 5 y i 6 y H 3 Tieaz Graphing Functlons amp Relations Graphing Functions soiutions m1 not not This is how the function dispiay 2 4x5 shouid appear for the 6 functions 393E i2X3 The graphs of the functions given in MEN 3 176 above shouid ook something We 551 X these in each casei we r g the Eabs X3j ZSquzre Window from the ZOOM menu 7 1 y w 5 2 y 2 3 y x ezmz A y x3 i ans39 is in the MATH 5 y 7 6 y X 3 when key Wei NUM L T783 Graphing Functions Ea Relations Graphing Circles To grapn a Circie 1 A A circie can be grapned by specirying its center n k and radius r Circie Tnen enter tne coordinates or tne center and tne radiusi separated by commas witn a ciosing parentnesis Depending on your Window settings tne grapn rnay no iook iike a circie To make tne grapn iook iike a Circiei cnoose tne option berore asking ror tne circe El Tne grapn or tne reiation given by Xe at ya 16 is accompiisned Circie3i72i4 rnrnand and snouid iook sornetning iike tnis 2 J To evaiuate a function for a given Xvaiue ist can aiso be evaiuated from tne Any function stored in tne e piei iiv1 2x7 iiyou can evaiuate tne cornputation screen For function at x 75 wniie in tne cornputation screeni ni tnen arrow rignt to v v RS ENTER on Function tnen on V1 tnen type n n vou snouid see tne answer r i i Anotner way is to g to Seiect tne ASK and quotAUTO options wnen you go back into i tne tabie is biank vou input any eraiuei and tne caicuiator wiii cornpute tne corresponding v7 vaiue using tne formuia Pay attention to tne coiurnn neadings in your tabie T as Graphmg Funcuons amp Re ztmns nnmng Extreme and Zeros Exzmgms 7 m fgtlt73xergtlto1 fmd mm mm mm umz 5 Summons 244 DH a Va 727 75 5 m w 7 2x2 EX and awe mm c 3 uma Summons 2745 b 4 c 3 354 To mm mzxwmum and rmmmum vzmes and zeros warm 5 graphed Dptmns m the n be used to mate mzxwmum and rmmmum v2 menu under 2 A125 and zeros of he functmn Examp e v1 73x1 7 4x 1 To nd the mzxwmum Dr mam mzxwmum of he uvme have the graph m the mewmg WOW mquot m a WWW m mum asksfm 2 m mm Enter an mm m m m We WWW m mquot m m mg m max 2 mum mquot asksfm 2 gm mm my an mm mm m thhe WWW then m rnext asks for 2 guess my an mm near the m m 2 ca cmzm teammates for he approxwmzte mum and mzxwmum are gwen T783 Graphmg Functions amp Relations Finding Intersection Palms For tne gwe quadratrc funcuon tne rnaxrrnurn vzme rs 2 3333333 ml and rt occurs wnen gtlt rs 70 6666648 Here tne ca cu ztor rs off a tort tne exact answer rs or r o 6 Ila mm 1 x 66666 23333333 To nd tne rmmmum oczd rnrnrrnurny use opuon 3 m tne CALC rnenu To nd tne zeros ertercepts ora funcuon use optron 2 m tne CALC rnenu Vou rnay want to try dmg sorne of tnese features of tne grapn of y3xl x172x3 To nd a omtofwtersecuo of two ra ns Botn runctrons rnust be entered rnto pernaps v1 and v2 Wrtn tne grapns m tne wewrng wmdow nrt mtersect tne up or down arrow u m tne cursor rs on tne rst grapn Press tne up or down arrow u m tne cursor rs on tne second Move tne cursor near tne pornt of rntersectron for your Tne x7 and y coordmztes of tne pomt of rntersectron are tnen gwe Exzmges Fwd tne pomts of mtersecuo for eacn of tne gwe systems 9 ye 72x 4 y gxew y 72x1 10 y 73 4x1 was Graphmg Funcuons amp Re ztmns Summons 9 10 Intersection Intersection 575 25 xo I


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