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One Thousand and One Nights Part 2 and Guest Lecture

by: juan gomez

One Thousand and One Nights Part 2 and Guest Lecture Middle East Humanities MENA 160A2

Marketplace > University of Arizona > Language > Middle East Humanities MENA 160A2 > One Thousand and One Nights Part 2 and Guest Lecture
juan gomez
GPA 4.0
Middle Eastern Humanities
Yaseen Noorani

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About this Document

In this packet are the notes for: One Thousand and One Nights Part 2 September 28th Guest Lecture September 30th
Middle Eastern Humanities
Yaseen Noorani
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by juan gomez on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Middle East Humanities MENA 160A2 at University of Arizona taught by Yaseen Noorani in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 94 views. For similar materials see Middle Eastern Humanities in Language at University of Arizona.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Thousand and One Nights 0 Frame Story Mirror for Princes 0 0000000 The mirror for princess advice for kings genre Reason and passions Justice rule of reason Wazir minister vizier King immature passions Story as lesson Use of this genre for narratives Shahrazad wazir o What is the difference between high and low style 0 O The high style is for stories of virtue and heroism and the low style is for humor and satire The low style also includes obscenities o Shahrazad O quotThe older daughter Shahrazad had read the books of literature philosophy and medicine She knew poetry by heart had studied historical reports and was acquainted with the sayings of men and the maxims of sages and kings She was intelligent knowledgeable wise and re nedquot 0 European Translations O O O O 0 French Antoine Galland 1704 Added other oral narratives like Sindbad Ali Baba English 1706 rst translation called Arabian Nights Entertainments Edward Lane 1840 scholarly English version but expurgated John Payne 1884 translation suitable for children a new idea Sir Richard Burton 1888 extremely racy version more so than original 39 Perverted 0 European stereotypes O Mixture of styles pre18th century I More explicit 0 19th century Victorian period 0 Children s literature 0 Pornographic literatures 0 Europe exotic O The harem I Fantasy I One guy many naked women around him I Having more than one wife 0 Shahrazad 0 Children s Literature 0 quotChildhood a modern concept 0 Separate books 0 Literacy of girls 0 No sexuality 0 Imagination fantastic magical elements 0 Readaptation O Adaptation of folk and pop stories 0 Genres in the Nights 0 Mirror for princes stories 0 Stories in a realistic setting many of these from Iraq Eg stories that involve Caliph Harun alRashid O Romances often have magical elements I Trying to achieve something goes through adventures ends up in marriage 0 Adventure time Usually heroic in nature Coming of age stories 0 Humorous stories realistic urban setting Often contain sexual humor 0 Love stories tragic tales of love that end in death Usually more realistic no magical elements 0 Coming of Age Story 0 Hero and Heroine begin in childish state 0 Passivity 0 Loss of identity liminality 0 Falling in love rst step 0 Adventures suffering 0 Marriage signi es maturity 0 Adoption of true identity 0 Story of two viziers 0 Romance involves a hero and his quest 0 High status characters 0 Adventure time 0 Extreme coincidences O Journeys and danger 0 Travel literature 0 Magical supernatural elements Ojinn and lfrit Books and Book Making 0 Practice and technology 0 Writing and painting Used papyrus Create scrolls Papyrus is brittle breaks and has rough surface Take pages put them together Sew them along the spine Continued tradition of using animal skin Reed pens Minerals were used for ink Paper brought to Middle East by some Chinese papermakers Explosion on the production of books with the newfound paper 0 Libraries With the growing production of books libraries started to appear Libraries started popping up Developed a system from conveying the text 0 Regional traditions Arab and Persian 0 Contexts and usage 0 Illustration examples favorite stories and poems o Kalila wa Dimna Syria C 1325 O O O 0000 0 Tales of Bidpai Arabic Syria 1354 14 12 x 8 34 in 8th c Indian tales Panchatantra translated into Ar By a Persian lbn Muqaffa Names of 2 Jackals Translated into Hebrew amp Castilian in Spain Spread throughout Panther is caught cheating Brought upon the court of the jackals 0 Poem Seven Thrones by Jami quotYusuf and Zulaikaquot 1488 painter Behzad Tabriz lran Shahnama Book of Kings of Sha Tahmasp Tabriz Iran c 152030 Met Museum Mantiq AI Tayr Language of the Birds quot The Bird Parliamentquot by Farid AI Din Attar painted by Habiballah of Sava c 1600 Isfahan Iran


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