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MOUL Health & Wellness

by: Albertha Pacocha

MOUL Health & Wellness PHED 1100

Albertha Pacocha

GPA 3.78

Donna Sledge

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About this Document

Donna Sledge
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Albertha Pacocha on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHED 1100 at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College taught by Donna Sledge in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/217658/phed-1100-abraham-baldwin-agricultural-college in Physical Education at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Walking s Not So Hard to Do Donna Kay Sledge MS ATCL Instructor HPER ABAC Certified Athletic Trainer Walking s not so hard to do 0 Every Ablebodied Human Learns How to Walk and Run Without Any Particular Instruction Benefits of Walking 0 Increases aerobic fitness 0 Increase muscular strength and muscular endurance 0 Increases bone density 0 Increases energy stamina metabolism 0 Increases sound restful sleep 0 Increases Good Cholesterol 0 Increases the volume of plasma in the blood 0 Increases the prevention of risk factors for disease 0 Decreases stress Safety Considerations 0 Warm up and cool down 0 Keep a journal note date and time weather conditions surface walked on number of steps taken distance and time it takes to complete your walk any aches or pains 0 Choose proper foot gear Motion control Stability Cushioned shoes Light Weight Training Racer Racing Flat Racing Walkers Exercise smart Know your limits Use Progression Posture Stand up straight Don t arch your back Don t lean back or sit back on your hips Look ahead about 20 feet Chin up parallel to the ground Relax your jaw and neck Shrug once and let shoulders fall to your side Suck in your stomach Tuck in your behind Head should remain level during walk Hips rotate front to back side to side waist motion Walking Recommendations I Acquire a pedometer try at least 10000 steps per day use progression 3000 5000 and up I Set aside 30 min to 1 hour for walking briskly I Swing arms or bend at 90 degrees and pump from the shoulders I Use a variety of terrains I Walk up and down hills to build strength stamina and to burn more calories I Try walking backwards for a change of pace Monitoring Exercise Intensity I Resting Heart Rate I Maximum Heart Rate 220 Age I Target Heart Rate Zone MHR X 50 MHR X 85 I Distance I Time Turning Strolls into Workouts I Swing It I Interval walking I Head to the Hills I Rough It I Circuit I Enter an event I Take a tour Energy Expenditures of Walking and Running I Net Calories Burned Running 930 1 Mile Walking 1900 105 Men 52 91 Women 43 Fact I Studies have shown that obese individuals sit 2 hours 44 minutes more per day than others Resulting in excess negative energy balance and additional weight gain I 350 calories per day 33 lbs per year Energy Expenditures of Walking versus Running Conclusion Drawn Walking bums 50 of the calories that running does 3500 Calories 1 lb 100 Calories per mile 2000 steps 1 mile 10000 steps 5 miles 500 Calories 5 days walking 3A a pound Injury Prevention Warm Up to stimulate blood ow Stretch to ensure full joint range of motion Resist over striding for proper biomechanils Choose the right shoe for oomfort stability and function e where yourgoing for balance coordination and to avoid potential hazards Maintain good posture Hydrate appropriately Listen to your body Always Cool Down If injury oocurs remember RICE Assessing Your Walking Potential 0 The following exercise is dsigned to measure your aptitude before you start designing your program a smnd up 7 hrug shoulders rest arms at your side 7 Lift up your left foot and place it on the ground slightly in front a shift weight onm left le 7 Lift your right foot and place it just ahead of your left foot 7 shift weight onm right leg epeat The Art of Walking 0 Walking is a rolling motion Strike the ground with heel first 7 Roll through the smp from heel m litlie toe 7 Bring back leg forward m strike again with hee a Flexible shoes will ensure you are able to roll through the step a If feet are slapping down while rolling through your shoe is likely mo stiff At rst your shin muscles may tire and be sore until they are strengthened 7 Check your stride To walk fast concentrate on taking shorter quicker steps DEVELOPMENT OF A HABIT It takes 21 days to build a habit I Stages of change Preoontemplation No intention of changing Contemplation Intend action with in 6 mo Preparation Planning to Take Action with in one month Action Outwardly changing behavior Maintenance Sucoess for6 mon Termination Life Change Complete Conclusion YA YA s WALKING SOMETHING WE ALL CAN DO


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