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Notes Lecture 2

by: Keziah Notetaker

Notes Lecture 2 14407

Marketplace > Brooklyn college > Psychlogy > 14407 > Notes Lecture 2
Keziah Notetaker
Brooklyn college
GPA 3.4
Psychology 2100
Alison Barren

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About this Document

Psychology 2100
Alison Barren
Class Notes
social psychology
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keziah Notetaker on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 14407 at Brooklyn college taught by Alison Barren in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Psychology 2100 in Psychlogy at Brooklyn college.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Lecture 2 The Evolution of Social Psychology Three major influences on Social Psychology 1 Behaviorism Understanding behavior based situational factors eg rewards as reinforcement and punishment weaknesses behaviorism ignores the individual s role in behavior and people s own thoughts feelings and attitudes 2 Gestalt Psychology Focusing on people s perceptions of the objects and events in the world Kurt Lewin is the founding father of modern experimental social psychology and helped make the leap from Gestalt principles of object perception to perceiving people s motives and behaviors Modern Social Psychology Study Categories Stereotypes Evolution Cognition social cognitive neuroscience Gender Group decision making Interpersonal attraction Aggression Driving forces relevant in determining thoughts attitudes and behaviors 1 Need to feel good about ourselves selfesteem approval 2 Need to be accurate social cognition approach 3 Other motives Biological Drives Need for control Hedonism Desire for pleasure How we think about ourselves 0 Self perception how we view ourselves Often depends on our environment 0 Selfesteem approach The need to maintain a high selfesteem lnvolves justifying past behavior How we think feel and act in the social world 0 Social Perception How we form impressions of others Fundamental Attribution Error Blaming behavior on personality vs the current situation 0 Social Cognition How we interpret the social world looks at social perception on a deeper level Social InfluenceCues from our social world ie perception and cognition which impact our behaviors attitudes and thoughts How our attitudes and behaviors shape the social world 0 Selffulfilling prophecyexpectations about someone s traits influence how they act In turn these actions elicit the behavior that is expected confirming the beliefs Culture 0 Culture influences the way we think about ourselves and our environment 0 One common distinction lndividualistic Culture West Privacy Freedom lndividual goals come first Coectivist Culture East Family Honor Consider the group when making decisions Why Study Social Psychology 0 Importance of knowing things 0 CuriosityUnderstanding in an attempt to solve social problems 0 Applied social psychologists try to change behavior


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