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by: Sylvia Cummerata


Sylvia Cummerata
GPA 3.65

Mitzi Cook

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About this Document

Mitzi Cook
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sylvia Cummerata on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FCS 2002 at Appalachian State University taught by Mitzi Cook in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/217678/fcs-2002-appalachian-state-university in Family and Consumer Sciences at Appalachian State University.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Course Schedule FCS 2002 101 Drawing for Apparel Thursdays 400pm 550 pm Fall 2013 COOK NOTE This schedule and syllabus are subject to change throughout the semester at the discretion of the 0 IC In Class Activity 0 CC Out of Class Assignment Homework 0 For OC assignments the number in parenthesis of drawings to complete for the assignment 0 Out of Class Assignments 0C are due at the beginning of class on the due date instructor as needed Changes will be announced in class or on the As U Learn site for this course Readings should be completed BEFORE attending the class date where listed Additional resources are posted on As U Learn and will be announced in class Drawing Boards angled position should be used for all IC and OC assignments bring them to class Bring all supplies to each class Topics Text Reading amp ExercisesAssignments Text DVD Thurs 0 Intro to Course 0 IC Reference Sketch 822 0 Syllabus amp Schedule 0 Determine Final Exam TimeDate 0 OC Create two 10head line guide htt wwwre istrara stateedu cal sheets DUE 829 endarfall2012examhtm 0 OC Begin swipes collection of Figure Drawings vs Fashion Drawings vs poses DUE 912 Fashion Illustrations 0 OC Create original portfolio case 10 head figure line guide sheet With midterm Porthllo work inside DUE 1010 DesIgn Journalsdesign morgues oc Begin design journaldesign morgue continue throughout OrIgInal Portfolio Cases Assignment semester DIscussIon Thurs 0 Human Anatomy and Fashion Figures Chapter 1 0 IC GeoCroquisamp 10 head fashion 829 croquis Chapter 5 figure sketching 0 Developing 10head fashion figures 00 lo39head crqulS SketCheS croquis with quotGeoCroquisquot female adUlt female 5 39 DUE 905 Thurs o ASU Convocation at Holmes Ctr Chapter 5 0 IC 10 head figure sketching 905 ASU classes 8am 1230pm cancelled Human Anatomy and 10head fashion figures croquis male OC 10head croquis sketches adult male 5 DUE 912 Course Schedule FCS 2002 101 Drawing for Apparel Thursdays 400pm 550 pm Fall 2013 COOK Thurs 912 Developing Fashion Poses with Swipes Chapter 6 IC Analyzing Poses from Magazine Swipes Balance lines Skeletal Angles Body blocks C ampOC Mark Poses on Swipes with Balance and Angle lines and with llBlocked inquot Body Shapes 5 varied poses choice of male or female DUE 919 OC 3 Sketches of10 head Fashion Croquiswith muscle and skeletal shapes included developed from 3 or more different poses from swipes choice of male or female DUE 919 Thurs 919 Fashion Heads Finding Your Own Style Chapter 4 DVD 1 scene 1 IC Fashion Heads OC Fashion Heads 0 Head only one male amp one female and 0 Heads on Full 10 head Croquis 3 mix of male and female DUE 926 OC Find 2 fabric prints containing 3 or more colors for use in class 926 Bring to class on Thurs 926 Rendering Fabrics amp Color Fabric Drape Chapter 17 Reference also images and info from chapters 616 DVD 1 scenes 345 and DVD 2 IC Fabrics and Color work Bring colored pencils or markers to class Bring 2 color print fabrics to class OC Fabric samples rendered with colored pencils markers or other media 2size approx 6quot x 6quot or larger DUE 1003 Course Schedule FCS 2002 101 Drawing for Apparel Thursdays 400pm 550 pm Fall 2013 COOK Thurs 1003 Fabric Drape cont d Skirts and Dresses Chapter 10 DVD 1 scene 11 amp DVD 2 Midterm portfolio DUE 1010 at 4pm beginning of class IC Skirts and Dresses OC Skirt or Dress flared 1 pencil 1 pleated or gathered or trumpet 1 and Dress special seams 1 Princess seam 1 DUE 1010 Thurs 1010 Perspective Scale Proportion Shadows amp Highlights Midterm portfolio DUE 1010 at 4pm beginning of class IC Adding shadows amp Highlights to illustrations examining perspective scale proportion OC review midterm portfolio work and previous IC and OC work develop plan for final portfolio Thurs 1017 Fall Break No Class Practice Sketching ANYTHINGEVERYTHING Thurs 1024 Shirts Blouses and Tops Chapter 9 DVD 2 IC Shirts Blouses amp Tops OC Tops on Full Croquis Tee shirt 1 Button front shirt1 shirt with sleeve detailsgathering 1 Shirt with stitching detail 1 Shirt with pocket detail 1 DUE 1031 Thurs 1031 Trousers amp Jeans Chapter 8 DVD 1 scenes 789 IC Trousers amp Jeans OC 10head Croquis dressed with Trousers 2 amp Jeans 3 male andor female do not include tops covering waist of pants DUE 1107


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