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by: Angelo Crist


Angelo Crist
GPA 3.72

Richard Wilson

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About this Document

Richard Wilson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angelo Crist on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 2401 at Appalachian State University taught by Richard Wilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/217691/psy-2401-appalachian-state-university in Psychlogy at Appalachian State University.




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Date Created: 10/02/15
Abnormal Psychology Review Assessment 3 Assumptions to remember 1 There are accessible unconscious traits in each of us 2 People are not good at identifying and describing to others 3 These factors can correlate with totally unrelated things Forced choice questions Must be 1 Reliable they do the same thing time after time of you are testing the same person 2 Validity measures what it claims to E Results must be generalized must be able to trust score means one thing for one person after the same for another Neurological test CAT scan polygraph MRIs Psychological projective and personality interventions All starts with vulnerability don t know when stuff is about to hit the fan have inability to see things Assessment not something you do just b c they have problems Purpose of assessment 1 Ass another dimension of knowledge free of bias a Possible for people to be honest about selfbut never going to be 100 honest b Everybody has something they don t want anyone else to know something done or something thought 2 Suggest a direction basically plugging person into computer analyzer so you can decide what path to take next 3 Unify the process of diagnosis you should get the same results as someone else when working with the same person a Standardization IQ 9set of instructions to follow Trying to identify Pathology deviance from the norm cultural norm As long as behavior doesn t hurt self or someone else Talking about what does cause trouble behavior and thinking deviance Assessing thought feeling and behaviors actions what can be observed Goal is to make a healthy respectful person who can function productively in society Disorders 1 Disorder starts with psychological dysfunction a Genetic psychological and biological b Develop when individual has found temporary way to deal with tension i Successful reduction intension that comes with own problems ii Example razor blade cutter drinking to numb feelings avoidant behavior and run away when things happen or avoid the person so they don t have to deal with the issue 2 Distress and impairment don t have close relationships 3 Feedback cycle makes everything worse feedback nds self unhappy Legal Issues Criminal law and commitment Insanity is a legal term not in the DSM l A person has to be competent to stand trial and must understand what is going on and wh 2 They have to be able to act on self Has to be answered 1 Was the person just crazy at the time of crime 2 Did the person lack control to be responsible for behavior Misconceptions A person judged by being insane is not released typically spend 8 times longer locked up nonviolent crimes spend time in prison before being proven competent 2 Highly ineffective used in less than 1 of cases McNaughton rule established not guilty by rule of insanity Crime committed due to being crazy 4 or 5 rules have replaced this changes who has to prove what and what has to be proven chronically insane Britain has an insane rule but guilty ALI American Law Institute 1 Unable to control behavior at time 2 Excludes people who s behavior is criminal Separates the crazy people from the criminals Commitment Condition danger to self or others mental illness requires treatment or unable to care for self Works you will be there for 3 days behavior appears to be episode than you can walk away if hospital feels you should stay there will be a trial set for 6 months hospital and lawyer present Schizophrenia and Psychosis Affects men and women differently Men fare better as a rule statistically up until age 45 and then becomes equal or a little worse for women Women tend to retain better verbal and social skills There is no explanations but women typically have better verbal skills to start with The ventricles in the brain of women tend to not be enlarged Something that just occurs at some time Ventricles are uid lled ducts Large ventricles are a sign of schizophrenia Women typically don t have an early onset as men do That makes a big difference Neurotransmitter that is involved is dopamine Actively increased at the synaptic site The earlier the onset the more grim the prognosis Can cause severe impairment and hospitalization Not all psychosis is schizophrenia Brief reactive psychosis psychotic equivalent of PTSD Sudden onset can be an hour or less quick recovery 2 or 3 days and rare occurrence doesn t show up again Causes expressed emotionality has to do with families that the patient comes from high emotional family contributes to schizophrenia they are four times more likely to have relapse Families over involved highly critical intrusive hostile and judgmental Low expressed supportive let schizophrenic know when they need something opposite ofhigh expressed Schozophrenigenic causes schizophrenia over involved has a seductive mother sexually seduction rejection father is uninvolved Focus on mother use to be predominate feature mother is into seduction rejection asking for a hug and then tell them to get away from her Mother is thought of as the guilty one Father doesn t establish a relationship with the child Genetics if a parent is schizophrenic 17 of children will be schizophrenic Increased risk of developing if you have a family member with it 2 chance if your aunt or uncle have Blood relative but that doesn t mean that you will develop it the majority doesn t If you have a twin with it then you have a huge increased chance of developing but it still doesn t mean that you will Types Re ect a level of physical activity that winds up to be a predisposition Cyanotic just standing in one place for a period of time All cause Hallucinations seeing feeling hearing or tasting something that is not there delusions belief system that is based on psychological problems and disorganized thoughts Negative symptoms the absence of something that was there before Positive symptoms the presence of something that wasn t there before All involve emotional disturbance depression and anxiety If psychosis involved depression than it s not schizophrenia Schizophrenia Disorganized thoughts not split personality Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders Hypochondriasis disorder severe anxiety being focused on the possibility of having an illness The Invisibly Ill Psychogenic illness can kill people if you let it go on Hypochondriasis people will never contract the disease They are the invisibly ill and it s the way that they see themselves Will go from physician to physician for reassurance They are really just doctor shoppers Even if the result from medical test they will not believe them and will take medical records and move onto the next doctor Peaks at 40s and 50s Illness that are psychogenic in nature Suffer from blindness hearing loss and the ability to speak All somatoforms have a Freud tendency without adequate coping Common bases inability to cope or deal with stressor Represent Freudian neurotic inerpsychic con ict due to the lack of ability to cope expressed in physical form Any psychological disorder will be dealt with physically if coping skills are not in place depression anger and anxiety A chain is only as strong as the weakest link Anxiety or fear exasperates makes worse things that are true medical problems asthma cancer and heart disease Very common issue Unresolved issues are going to affect problems you already have Don t let things go too long before you address them Depression has been going on for years do something about it bc it will start breaking down the immune system The better coping skills you have the more likely you have to survive a serious illness Dissociative Closer to the psychotic disorders but affect memory 1 Dissociative identity disorder multiple personality 2 Dissociative Fugue Disorder leave a lifestyle and wind up in another part of the world start a new life and have no memory about other family only forget the things they don t want to remember Easy to fake and highly controversial Con icts unresolved in the person Profound inability to solve con ict 3 Organic memory problems trauma have pervasive affect on memory Difference between organic and dissociative disorder dissociative doesn t affects everything Organic affects holding things in learning new things Memory is essential for learning Diagnostic and Treatment 1 To identify individual symptoms that are individual 2 To recognize patterns of those symptoms 3 To better understand the interaction of those symptoms 4 Leads to appropriate treatment method Theory diagnosis and treatment understanding the relationship between the 3 Diagnosis has to be built on 1 Previous and existing theory Nervous System It works it 2 ways 1 Chemical 2 Electrical Myelin Sheaths 7 Fatty substances that cover neuron which allows it to run faster Neurotransmitters Acetylcholine Esterase Serotonin Dopamine GABA 7 A lot to with emotional state Brain Billions of Neurons 2 pieces connected by corpus colosum Left and Right Dominance is not the case Thalamus Hippocampus Amygdala Endocrine System Thyroid Pancreas Adrenal Glands Ovaries Testes Genetics have a more subtle effect on a person but does not come to fruition as immediately Always the question Nature Vs Nurture when dealing with genetics Stress Diathesis Model Says if we have a predisposition we are born to have a higher chance of developing it because stressors are around but if you don t hit these stressors you won t develop the problem Best Approach of who are and why we are healthy or unhealthy it is a reciprocal model You and there is a reaction which changes your reaction


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