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by: Angelo Crist


Angelo Crist
GPA 3.72

Pamela Ashley

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About this Document

Pamela Ashley
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angelo Crist on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 3000 at Appalachian State University taught by Pamela Ashley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/217693/psy-3000-appalachian-state-university in Psychlogy at Appalachian State University.




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Date Created: 10/02/15
King I n But I Kort Chgche Aleatha Martin 39 693T mms mime EATING DISORDERS I Mostly girls and women between the ages of 18 and 30 suffer from the eating disorders of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa Many more between the ages of 18 and 30 sufferfrom binge eating disorder I An estimated 85 of eating disorders start during adolescence In grades 5 through 12 about half of girls and up to a third of boys report having dieted to lose weight Why do so many people in our society suffer from eating disorders ll Eating Disorders in Athletes I Athletes and dancers are at special risk for eating disorders Risk factors a Young age a Pressure to excel at a chosen sport a Focus on achieving or maintaining an ideal body weight n Participation in sports or competitions that emphasize a lean appearance althy unsu pge rvise39d we igh t loss dieting atan The Fannie Athlete Triad eetrietive Dieting edequate energy and nutrient intake Dverenereieing WT 391ghf lees Laek ntheel fat Leee efealeiunl from benee Din1iniehec1 he nenes Eating Disorders in Athletes continued The prevalence ofamenorrhea among premenopausal women in the US is about 2 to 5 overall but it may be as high as 66 among female athletes Male Athletes and Eating Disorders On average male teenagers carry about 15 of body weight as fat but some high school wrestlers gymnasts and figure skaters strive ml Eating Disorders in Athletes continued I Muscle Dysmorphia male athletes may also suffer weightgain problems in which young men with wellmuscled bodies falsely see themselves as underweight and weak W Anorexia Nervosa Most anorexia nervosa victims come from middle or upperclass families Men account for only 1 or 2 in 20 cases in the general population Women with anorexia nervosa se themselves as fat even when they are dangerously underweight I Malnutrition is known to affect brain functioning lg l Anorexia Nenvosa continued Physical Perils a Internal organs suffer as nutrient status declines U Heart pumps inefficiently and irregularly U Heart muscle becomes weak and thin U Heart chambers diminish in size a Blood pressure falls a As iron diminishes anemia ensues U Heart struggles to pump oxygen to the tissues 3 u Electrolytes that help to regulate the heartbeat go out of balance a Many deaths in people with anorexia nervosa are due to f l l Anorexia Nervosa continued Physical Perils continued 0 Starvation also brings neurological and digestive consequences The brain loses significant amounts oftissue 39 Nerves function abnormally Electrical activity ofthe brain becomes abnormal Insomnia is common 1 Digestive functioning becomes sluggish Stomach empties slowly Lining of the digestive tract shrinks 39J 1 CW 21 6 l Anorexia Nervosa continued Physical Perils continued 0 In addition to anemia blood changes include impaired immune response altered blood lipids high concentrations ofvitamin A and vitamin E and low blood proteins 0 Dryskin B Low bodytemperature i D Development of fine body hair body s attempt to keep warm a Lose sex drive W Anorexia Nervosa continued Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa 0 Cognitive therapy 0 Behavior modification D Nutrition guidance U Stopping weight loss is a first goal establishing regular eating patterns is next U Even after recovery however energy intakes and eating behaviors may not fully return to normal u I 19010 men ire of anorexia nervosa each W Bulimia Nervosa I Characteristics of Bulimia Nervosa U Bulimia nervosa is distinct from anorexia nervosa and is such more prevalent D People with bulimia nervosa often suffer in secret U More men sufferfrom bulimia nervosa than from anorexia nervosa but bulimia nervosa is still most E1 common in women D Those with bulimia nervosa respond to crisis by binge eating perhaps as an emotional escape or The Cycle of Bingeinglr Purging and Negative SelfPerception ll Bulimia Nervosa continued I Binge Eating and Purging 0 Typical binge foods are easytoeat lowfiberl smooth textured highfat and highcarbohydrate foodsl such as cookies cakes and ice cream a The binge is a compulsion and usually occurs in several stages Anticipating and planning Anxiety Urgencyto begin Rapid and uncontrollable consumption of food Relief and relaxation quot lT fll ll Bulimia Nervosa continued Binge Eating and Purging continued D To purge food those with bulimia nervosa may use a cathartic a strong laxative that can injure the lower intestinal tract or they may induce vomiting sometimes with an emetic a drug intended as first aid for poisoning g D After the binge they have swollen neck glands and reddened eyes from straining to vomit and the loating fatigue headache nausea and pain that ll Bulimia Nervosa continued Physical and Psychological Perils U Those with Bulimia Nervosa may die from heart failure U Urinary tract infections can lead to kidney failure D Vomiting causes irritation and infection ofthe pharynx esophagus and salivary glands g D Erosion ofthe teeth D Dentalcariers u Esophagus orstomach may rupture or tear ll Bulimia Nervosa continued Physical and Psychological Perils continued 0 Purging behaviors are often followed by feelings of shame or guilt n Avicious cycle ensues negative selfperceptions trigger restrictive dieting dieting leads to bingeing a binge is followed by purging to compensate which leads to further selfdeprecation n Unlike those with anorexia nervosa those with bulimia nervosa are aware that their behavior is abnormal and they are deeplyashiamecl ofit Treatment for Bulimia Nenvosa I To gain control overfood and establish regular eating patterns requires adherence to a structured eating and exercise plan A steady maintenance of weight and prevention of cyclic gains and losses are the goals Ways to correct Bulimia Nervosa Plan meals and snacks record plans in a food diary prior to eating Plan meals and snacks that require eating at the table and using utensils Refrain from eating finger foods Refrain from dieting or skipping meals W Correction Continued I Eat a wellbalanced diet and regularly timed meals consisting of a variety of foods I Include raw vegetables salad or raw fruit at meals to prolong eating times Choose whole grain high fiber breads pasta rice and cereals to increase bulk Consume adequate fluid particularly water


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