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by: Ms. Georgette Conroy


Ms. Georgette Conroy
GPA 3.91

Barbara Wike

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About this Document

Barbara Wike
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Georgette Conroy on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NRS 2262 at Arkansas State University taught by Barbara Wike in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/217709/nrs-2262-arkansas-state-university in Nursing and Health Sciences at Arkansas State University.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Teaching Plan and Evaluation for Poster Day 4th Semester My topic was selected from topics offered I chose Pain for my poster teaching session I feel this topic is very relevant to nurses JACHO requires that all patients have pain assessed Registered Nurse s scope of practice is assessment so it is relevant that nurses understand how and why we assess pain I chose not to cover in depth the different types of pain In the limited time available I devoted most of my focus to assessment of pain in general My teaching plan I developed consisted of How do we measure our patient s pain Who ultimately decides the level of pain being experienced Why should we as nurses care about our patients level of pain How do diverse cultures and ethnicities express pain in a different ways What is JACHO and what do they say about pain Different scales exist to measure pain in aphasic children or other speech impaired individuals oxuuuwme Learning activities included 1 Basket of nursing tools to show that we do not have a tool that we can purchase to measure our patients pain 2 Five page handout to describe evaluating pain lists of description words to describe pain frequency and location and a few various pain scales available and a page with just a few of JACHO s mandates as relate to pain A poster board which presented pain and asked How do we measure pain Question and answer sessions to keep students interactive 0 Evaluation form includes 4 questions relevant to the teaching sessions Evaluation form also includes 2 questions relevant to the presenter and what might be done to improve the teaching session Creativity Used the stethoscope thermometer penlight re ex hammer blood pressure cuff and tuning fork in a basket I asked students to each choose one and then asked them who had the right instrument to measure pain This was to encourage them to realize that there was NOT an instrument to measure Pain SelfEvaluation of Poster Session held on 9162009 I presented a poster teaching session on the subject of pain I taught small groups of 56 students in a 20 minute session I really liked teaching this small group style because it allows for more one on one I learn best thru interactive teaching so that is how I chose to teach I asked questions to help them learn by being active in the conversation Not all answers were correct but on the final evaluation sheet most answers were correct there I liked reading the evaluation sheets because it confirmed that I actually did teach I was impressed by some of the answers for the question Did you learn something that you did not already know Some answers where just a simple yes so I wish in retrospect I had rephrased the question Next time I would ask Tell me one thing you learned that you did not know before I also did not get the feedback I would have liked to the question If you were presenting what would you do differently That question needed rephrasing Maybe had I asked Name one thing you would do differently to improve this teaching session might have brought a more specific response I was a bundle of nerves but it got easier each time I presented I did find that I was repeating or omitting things in the last two sessions I do not know if it was because I was tired or because the students were antsy to be done with their day I think attention spans were waning on both sides All in all it was a good experience I still have much to learn about teaching but I feel I improved over the tire plug teaching session where I was barely audible and my ears were ringing fiercely


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