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ECOL1000 NOTES: 3/15 AND 3/17

by: Savannah Peat

ECOL1000 NOTES: 3/15 AND 3/17 ECOL1000

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Business > ECOL1000 > ECOL1000 NOTES 3 15 AND 3 17
Savannah Peat
Environmental Issues
Dr. J Vaun McArthur

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About this Document

These are the final notes for our exam on Thursday
Environmental Issues
Dr. J Vaun McArthur
Class Notes
Ecology, environmental science, Science, notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Savannah Peat on Friday March 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ECOL1000 at University of Georgia taught by Dr. J Vaun McArthur in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Environmental Issues in Business at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 03/18/16
31516 TEST IS MOVED TO NEXT THURSDAY BC LECTURE IS ADDED C02 Monitoring Sites 0 Ecotime trends in c02 is steadily increasing 0 Graphs show this of Point Barrow AK which has same scale as other graphs such as South Pole Antarctica 0 Monotonic trend increase over time 0 Increase variation between and within stations Polar Perspectives O South pole has no trees 0 People think c02 increases because of volcanoes but it is actually 0 Climate forcing combined effects of climate drivers solar variations changes in c02 volcanic eruptions and aerosols 0 if you take out volcanoes it barely goes down 0 in past volcano eruptions had no effect 0 Ian Pilmer wrote Heaven and Earth and said volcanoes produce more c02 than cars and industries 0 WRONG C02 FROM CARS IS 130 times greater than volcanoes 0 Global Climate change is not the question it is happening THE QUESTION IS what are the anthr0D02enic causes Meltdown of Glaciers 0 Over time thickness decreases 0 Ex Solheim Glacier Island 0 This trend is not everywhere Biological Consequences 0 Flowering plants are blooming earlier and some not at all because too hot 0 EX avg owering date advanced by 45 days 0 Flowers 16 owered 15 days earlier 0 Video Ragweed changes 16 days longer 0 butter y diversity decreases at sea and increases in trees 0 birds are going further north 0 SRS Wood Ducks are nesting earlier in spring Quaternary co2 trends 0 C02 cyclical patterns change Do we have any way to measure daily co2 emissions 0 Lavender shows high amounts 0 Also through heat map Effects of Climate Change on GA 0 Increase rainfall and temp everywhere else except GA which has decrease in rainfall 0 By end of century GA will be hotter and dryer 0 Shown by Palmer Drought Index 0 By 2070 Ga will be 510 dryer 0 Global warming will make GA dryer we know because it happened before Drought and Ga 0 We had an instance where there was an increase in ocean temp because of increase air pressure which caused a Bermuda High 0 This prevented water to come from pacific to reach GA and CA 0 THIS CAUSED THE DUST BOWL Drought causes fires 0 C02 causes allergies from pollen Greenland Glacier is water frozen in place and is size of mexico if it melted sea level will rise 20 feet 0 Fossil fuels take carbon out of ground and puts it in air 0 Causes net increase in atmosphere and global warming Biofuels O C02 cars go to trees 0 C02 used for Biofuels come from air so it does not increase amount of co2 in air 0 Video Southern Switch Grass 31716 we watched day after tomorrow 0 disruption of Gulf Stream could cause deep freeze in Northern Latitude Logic Train cold water is denser than warm cold salty water sinks off of Greenland at Key Salinity Place is where Loop Current begins Gulf Stream Loop Current Loop Current is where warm water warms Northern Europe For water to sink it must be cold and salty warm and fresh water oats Global Warming heats seawater Global Warming melts glaciers and freshens seawater Fear is that warm and fresh water won t sink which will shut down loop current New data supports this downward ow at KSP have already been measured Northern Europe Heat Budget Extent 40 from Gulf Stream 60 from Sun warm summers and mild winters here due to Gulf Stream loss of Gulf Stream would cause cooling in Europe leading to mini ice age Time Comprehensions speed of cooling sea level rise and glacial advance of cooling Would not bring global ice age What can we learn from ice cores Past concentration of c02 Past isotopic composition of c02 where c02 came from Congressional Hearing Primer IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on climate change Kvoto Protocol treaty promoting c02 reduction C 0 Greenhouse gases 0 0 Key Salinity Point 0 Florida was battle ground for this


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