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Journalism Writing

by: Nikki Chan

Journalism Writing 107J

Nikki Chan
Journalism Writing
No professor available

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About this Document

Typed and colorful notes for Journalism Writing taught by Professor Crissy Ross
Journalism Writing
No professor available
One Day of Notes
journalism, Journalism Writing, writing, Writ 107J, 107J, writing 107J, Ross
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This 7 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Nikki Chan on Wednesday October 15, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 107J at University of California Santa Barbara taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 106 views. For similar materials see Journalism Writing in Writing at University of California Santa Barbara.


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Date Created: 10/15/14
Computer wasnt working in class so teacher will post ppt online Crosswritingucsbedu no textbooks Gauchospace and class website journalismwritingweeblycoml gauchospace has a link to the course website hw and reading assignments are on website Gauchospace file assignments you will do better in the class if have Hw one paragraph pro le about colleagues post by Tuesday at midnight email to person before posting textbook reading email picture of yourself for blog intro letter digital subscription to the NY Times for 10 weeks profile who what when where whg major interests short informational kinda fun Characteristic for picture somewhat realistic can be fun Goals for the Class write about something that is meaningful to gou be a more exible writer learn how to a high level research notjust Google argument craft a thesis and point of view of ajournalism article verg broad spectrum straight news stories to elaborate stories transfer skills from this class to other writing tasks journalism writing used to speak to mang people not using academic discourse more common language not dumbing down but able to explain a complex idea in order for many ppl to get the idea Be knowledgable about the topic about the day Major Assignments l Speech ted talk 2 article for translating an academic study into a rediable piece ofjournalism lO 3 attention you give to blog post lO 4 Participation and hw 20 5 Final Feature 40 Ta Rai traiumailucsbedu Psych and Comm double major 3rd Bay Area San Ramon Hobbies write creatively pop culture centric reading book poetry movies tv shows interesting fact wrote a 200 pg novel in hs got the opportunity to publish it but didnt go thru with it cud have made it better personal project maybe one day publish it still writes for fun but hard time finishing the story or figuring out a story for a character London is fav place move there one day been to a lot of countries asia and south america 3 south asian languages grew up with one of them from gparents watching bali movies one is similar to hindi lbaisc vocabl not written sounds close interviewed by Annie Newspaper online vs on a paper online many distractions ex addg gtorieg oongtantlg change online can click other links that relate to that gtorg First assignment TED talks tind out more info about the lady talking dont have to include all the into short and straightforward Op Ed opposite the editorial page ppl invited to write in paper do not work for paper Editorial ppl who work for paper Go on Class website for example head ne byline for feature artwork photo by cap on Leads lead should be onlg l2 senence and no more han 25 words long ge 0 he W39s high up in he s0rg lpig he reader it sag ha she is alking for ed alks explain wha ed alks is do n0 use mr or mrs direc quoe wihin he rs 5 paragraphs pr0 will rg 0 respond 0 leads Speech Article assignment Descripi0n pu before aricle d0n wrie for an academicjournal d0n do releci0n on dra idenig Janine as a reporter and in charge of he rep0ring for he middle eas quotspoke wed in ngquot Homework for Monday print 3 drafts of speech article with checklist attached to each check out the upshot in N Y Times Colors Magazine student article good lead Turn in Portfolio in on Wed make sure to say what good about colleagues article take suggestions how you want staple checklist on top of drafts on class website under homework update Study Article pick your own article on Wed prof will show us how to find one using the database Draft due next Wedll for feature needs to have study articles interview 3 ppl Post Speech Article on Gauchospace returned lastest next wednesday Study Article Assignment Due date peer review will be Nov 3 Final copy due Nov 5 abstract and bib with at least 5 references Extra Creditwrite a 3 paragraph summary Gorilla Girls lecture about how women are underrepresented in the art world Nov 6 5pm Embarcadero Hall Nicholas Kristoff Nov I3 8pm Campbell hall lO Find intriguing Research readers are smart but busy people need to explain it to them concentrate on main finding not as much methodology usually in abstract what do you think is relevant to you Most important element decide what is relevant to you from an academicjournal article Feature ideas from past student blogs on class website Homework read assignment finish study article exercise page posted on website so you can type in answers lost on Gaushogpace professional study look at abstract do short analysis of the prof or study article answer questions on website long titles for study articles acknowledge names in a shorter way Speech Article Assignment iF want a better grade go see prof and she will go over things with you 012 if get a better grade on study article she will count it twice revise before posting on blog POST BY MONDAY EARLlE9Tl Feedback majority of papers were successful more than a summary use descriptive vivid details to make up for no opinions Attribution quotshe saidquot goes in the middle if long quote or at the end ok to say quotalthough she described the horror of war di Giovanni also remembered Dont add dribble drab after a strong quote get to the main point orjust the quote Avoid Absolutes use semicolons and colons sparingly Commas are not pixie dust Know how numbers are handled on a style sheet N o brackets for changing words use parenthesis Better to use partial quotes instead of parenthesis Use Says not believes or feels do not use quotuniquequot Study Exercises do not use quantitative or qualitative in article Name Publication do not put in italics Homework Draft lead for study article by midnight Tuesday will review leads on Wed Draft due Tuesday for Study article


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