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by: Miss Al Kerluke


Marketplace > Arkansas State University > Political Science > POSC 3203 > INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE POLITICS
Miss Al Kerluke
GPA 3.84

Rollin Tusalem

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About this Document

Rollin Tusalem
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Al Kerluke on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 3203 at Arkansas State University taught by Rollin Tusalem in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/217718/posc-3203-arkansas-state-university in Political Science at Arkansas State University.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
Study Guide ExamI will feature questions based on multiple choice items true or false and short essays Concepts Theories Names that you should study include Comparative Politics International Relations Yakunovich Yuschenko Orange Revolution Lycian League Globalization Benjamin Barber Democratization Samuel Huntington Michael McFaul Three waves The fourth wave NGOs Scienti c Basis of Comparative Politics Democratic Peace Kathryn Sikkink and Margaret Keck Bruce Russett Dyadic Peace Monadic Peace De ning Politics Social Actors Social Movements Nonstate groups Collective goals Sources of political con ict Robert Dahl Polyarchy Minimalist de nition of democracy Maximalist de nition of democracy Freedom house Economist Intelligence Unit Authoritarianism Types of Authoritarian Regimes Mixed regime Illiberal Democracies Delegative Democracies Guillermo O Donnell Crosscutting cleavages Polarizing cleavages De nitions of Power Primary Elites Secondary Elites Dimensions and sources of Power C Wright Mills Power elite theory Max Weber Magna Carta Types of authority structure by Weber James Scott Niccolo Machiavelli James Madison Democratic elitism Social Contract theorists Hobbes Locke Rousseau Iran s theocratic state read section on Iran Sovereignty its provisions and its attributes Failed State Executive Head of State Head of Government Legislative Bodies Unicameral vs Bicameral legislatures The judiciary judicial review The bureaucracy Political vs career merit based appointments The military Coup d etat Praetorian states Role of military in Turkey and Pakistan Unitary State Federalism symmetric vs asymmetric Confederation Divided governments Cohabitation Uni ed government The role of the state Unitary Actor Model State VS nation National Identity Primordial Social Constructivism Sources of national identity Karl Deutsch Benedict Anderson February 22 2011 Laitin and Hardin Fearon and Laitin nationalism Goals of action of nations Institutions that can solve ethnic problems due to nationalisms Lijphart s consociationalism The world on re Amy Chua Supranationalism EU article Exam II study guide Know all these terms names concepts and theories for the exam Democratic Values Democratic bases and pillars Types of popular sovereignty Representative Democracy Direct Democracy Plebiscitary Democracy Techno Democracy Types of representationInstructed delegate model trustee model Equity of opportunity model Equality of opportunity model Equity of condition model Dilemmas for democracy President Arroyo under the Philippines Fareed Zakaria Larry Diamond Samuel HuntingtonClash of Civilizations Pacted VS Unpacted Transitions First wave of democratization Second wave of democratization Third wave of democratization The 10 prerequisites for democratization Linz and Stepan Seymour Martin Lipset Adam Przeworski Amy Chua Ethnic Dominant Minorities Bumiputra Laws Robert Putnam Civic associationalism Social capital Democratic political culture Structural adjustment policies Colonialism s effect on democracy Geographic dif lsion theory Afghanistan s prospects for democracy Afghanistan s major ethnic groups Rentier states Pippa Norris Why voter turnout rates and levels of participation are low in the industrialized world Logic of Collective Action Rational choice theory Median Voter Theorem Major goals and objectives of political parties Ruling party Predominant party systems Particularistic Parties Catch all Parties Confessional parties Responsible Party System Mexico s political parties UK s political parties Liberal Democratic Party Labour Party Conservative Party PRD Institutional Revolutionary party Economic Nationalism ISI Vicente Fox


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