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by: Rupert Schulist


Rupert Schulist
GPA 3.89

Kirk Jones

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About this Document

Kirk Jones
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rupert Schulist on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CIT 3853 at Arkansas State University taught by Kirk Jones in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/217720/cit-3853-arkansas-state-university in Computer Information Technology at Arkansas State University.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
9 YM inicrnaiicnai ncmaiihn hi chmhhihiinynciigm pnc ialiili Forensic Pr ooedures Forensic Examlnahon orcoiiipuhers and Digital and Electronic Media iAcis has esiahiished ihe iuiiewine as a guide iuiieiensic cumhuiei and dieiiai eyidence eyaminaiiuns AH cumhuiei and dieiiai media eyaminaiiuns aie dineieni The ExaminEY mus1 cunsideiihe iuiainy uiihe ciicumsiancesasheishe hiuceeds sci them rim aii cumhunenisheie may he needed in eyery Snua mn and eyamineis may need in adiusi in unusuai DY unexpecied cundiiiens in ihe neid cases inyeiyine cemhuieis and eihei eieciiunic deyices aie huideiiess Muiiihie iuiisdiciiens and agencies may he inyuiyed in inyesiieaiiye and a iyiicai aEWmES and each agency DY iuiisdiciiun may emhiuy shecinc hiuceduies This ducumem them is nei iniended in suheicede uicuniiiciwiihiuiisdiciiun DY aeency huiiciesuihiuceduies Raiheiiiisa inundaiiun ducumeniihai uuiiines eeneiai hiincihies Gulde for Forensic Examinations emhuiei sysiem cumpunenis and uihei eieciiunic deyices inciudine dieiiai and eieciiunic media aie iiems eieyidenceiusiiihe any eiheiiiemsuieyidence Assuch iiisincumheni uhun ihe eyaminei in ieiiuw aeency pieceduiesiui ducumeniine ihe ieceim and handing hi ihe iiems e cumhuiei Wsmm andiuiihe media shuuid he eyamined hhysicaiiy and an imeniury hi haidwaie cemhunenis neied Decumeniaiiun shuuid inciude a hhysicai desciihiiun and deiaiied nuiaiiun hi any WEEU aYmESi hecuiiaiiiiesi idEn WmE Walking and numheiines 6 yyhen examining a cumhuieiihe sysiem daie and iime shuuid he cuHectedi hieieiahiy iium e h The daie andiime shuuid he cumhaiediuaieiiahie hnuymiime SDUVEE and any dineiences nuied iiihe Bios seiuh iniuimaiiun is accessihie ihen diiye haiameieis and bum uidei shuuid he nuied Depending mi ihe Bios eihei inieimaiiun such as sysiem seiiai numbevs cumhuneni seiiai numbevs hamyyave cumhuneni hashes eic shuuid he nuied minaiiun hi media shuuid he cunducied in a iuiensicaiy shund Examinaliun eny A iuiensicaiiy shund examinaiiun enyiiunmeni is cine which is cumhieieiy undeiihe ihe eyaminei Nu aciiuns aie iaken Wiihuui ihe ExaminEY heimiiiine ihemiu happen iiunmeni cuniiui di and when the examiner permits or causes an action heshe can predict with reasonable certainty what the outcome of the action will be Examiners may choose to employ a forensically sound operating system The use of physical writeblocking devices or software writeblocking devices may be used in operating system environments that are not forensically sound Conducting an examination on the original evidence media should be avoided Rather examinations should be conducted on a forensic copy of the original evidence or via forensic evidence files Properly prepared media should be used When making forensic copies to insure no commingling of data from different cases Properly prepared media is that which has been completely overwritten with a known character Regardless of whether the examiner performs a direct device todevice copy of the media or creates forensic evidence copies for examination or restoration the copy process should be forensically sound Examination of the media should be completed logically and systematically by starting where the data of evidentiary value is most likely to be found These locations will vary depending on the nature and scope of the case Examples of items to be noted might include If the media is a hard drive the number and type of partitions should be noted If the media is an optical disc then the number of sessions should be noted File systems on the media should be noted A full directory listing should be made to include folder structure filenames datetime stamps logical file sizes etc Installed operating systems should be noted User created files should be examined using native applications file viewers or hex viewers This includes such files as text documents spreadsheets databases financial data electronic mail digital photographs sound and other multimedia files etc I Operating system files and application created files should be examined if present This would include but is not limited to Boot files registry files swap files temporary files cache files history files log files etc Installed applications should be noted File hash comparisons may be used to exclude or include files for examination I Unused and unallocated space on each volume should be examined for previously deleted data deleted folders slack space data intentionally placed data Previously deleted filenames of apparent evidentiary value should be noted Files may be automatically carved out of the unallocated portion of the unused space based upon known file headers I Keyword searches may be conducted to identify files or areas of the drive that might contain data of evidentiary value and to narrow the examination scope I The system area of the volume ie FAT MFT etc should be examined and any irregularities or peculiarities noted I Examination of areas of the media that are not normally accessible such as extra tracks or sectors on a floppy disk or a hostprotected area on a hard drive may be required To facilitate examination of data user settings device and software functionality etc the computer may be booted using either a copy of the boot drive or by using a protected device on the original device to determined functionality of the hardware andor software The forensic software used during the examination should be noted by its version and should be used in accordance with the vendors licensing agreement The software should also be properly tested and validated for its forensic use by the examiner or the examiner s agency At the conclusion of the examination process sufficient notation of any discovered material of an apparent incriminating or exculpatory evidentiary nature should be made Sufficient documentation should be made of all standard procedures and processes initiated as well as detailed notation of any variations made to the standard procedures Any output of the recovered data should be properly marked with appropriate identifiers in accordance with policies from the examiner s agency


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