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by: Mrs. Ada Pouros


Mrs. Ada Pouros
GPA 3.59

D. McDaniel

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About this Document

D. McDaniel
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Ada Pouros on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CD 3003 at Arkansas State University taught by D. McDaniel in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/217730/cd-3003-arkansas-state-university in Communication Disorders & Sciences at Arkansas State University.

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Date Created: 10/02/15
I III Revised Jan 2005 College of Nursing and Health Professions Department of Health Professions Program in Communication Disorders Course CD 3003 Speech and Hearing Science Instructor D Mike McDaniel PhD Office CNHP 412 Phone 9723106 H 9355163 prior to 10 PM please Email dmcdan astate edu Office Hrs Monday Wednesday 8301130 TuesdayThursday 1000 1 l 30 Tuesday and Thursday 100200 Others by appointment Primary Text Ferrand CT 2001 Speech Science An integpated approach to theog and clinical practice Allyn and Bacon Boston Purpose of the Course The purpose of this course is to provide prospective speechlanguage pathologist with essential background scienti c knowledge pertaining to the production signals transmission reception and perception of speech and nonspeech Student Outcomes For successful completion of this course all students will be able to perform the following task pW QMrbE Nf 0 Draw and label a waveform for a simple waveform Draw and label a compleX waveform Draw and label a simple line spectrum Draw and label a continuous spectrum Draw and label a spectrograph Compute sound pressures into decibels Compute intensity levels into decibels Calculate the resonant frequencies of a tube Obtain auditory thresholds with 3 classic psychophysical techniques Explain the nature of sound generation and transmission IV Course Outline A The physics of sound ie acoustics 1 Simple harmonic motion a Frequency b Intensity c Propagation 2 Complex sounds a Phase b Free and forced Vibration c Resonance d Spectrum e Decibel Review of the anatomy of the speech and hearing mechanisms 1 Anatomy of the speech producing mechanism a Neuroatomy b Head and neck anatomy c Respiratory anatomy 2 Anatomy of the hearing mechanism a Neuroanatomy b Anatomy of the peripheral auditory system c Anatomy of the central auditory system Hearing 1 Acuity a Threshold b Auditory area 2 Psychoacoustics a Intensity and loudness Frequency and pitch c Differential thresholds d Masking e Binaural effects Models of communication 1 The concept of models and how they are used to understand the communications process 2 Theories and models of human communication VI E Physical science topics related to communication 1 Elementary speech signal acoustic concepts and their psychological correlates a Properties 1 Frequency 2 Intensity 3 Duration 4 Phase b Production c Transmission d Reception l Psychoacoustics 2 Theories of hearing 2 Basic electronics as it pertains to instrumentation used in speech and hearing science F Perception of speech 1 Auditory perception a Acoustic theory of perception b Motor theory of perception 2 Visual perception Course Requirements and Evaluation Procedures A C Formative Assessment Four 4 examinations will be administered throughout the term with each examination having a lOOpoint total These examinations will be either objective or written or some combination of both Students will be assigned eight laboratory exercises over the material listed in Student Outcomes and those assignments will serve as evidence and documentation of formative assessment Each of these assignments will have a 125point total value Class participation in discussions will be monitored and rewarded Skills and knowledge gained and demonstrated in this class can and should be used to satisfy Standard IIIA IIIB and Standard IIID of the Council on Academic Accreditation s Standards for the Certi cate of Clinical Competency in SpeechLanguage Pathology Formative assessment quizzes and assignments will be administered to check student competencies after each unit of course information is completed VI VII Students scoring below 70 accuracy on these quizzes and assignments will be required to complete remedial activities to demonstrate competency on each learning outcome Formative assessment activities may also include practical application of course outcomes in the clinical setting It is the responsibility of the student to maintain evidence of the skills and competencies in their respective Certi cation Portfolios Grading Scale Students will be assigned a grade according to their total point accumulation using the following scale 460 points or higher A 425459 B 385424 C 350384 D SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONFEATURES OF COURSE A Policy for Students With Disabilities Should a disability prevent a student from completing the course requirements as outlined by the instructor on the first day of class the student should meet with the instructor in private to determine an alternative procedure or accommodation B Flexibility Clause Policy Modi cations requirements assignments and tentative course outline will be made as needed Students39 experiences and needs will be considered in modifying course syllabus C Cheating and Plagiarism Policy Written assignments should not be copied from papers of other students from the models used by the instructor or from published material According to the Student Handbook 199091 cheating and plagiarism may result in a student being asked to leave the academic community D Make Up Examination Policy VIII Students missing a scheduled examination for any reason will have the opportunity to make up the examination on the scheduled date of the nal examination There will be no exceptions to this policy Late Submission Policy Any assignment submitted late will be penalized by 20 of the original value for each day that it is late including weekends E mail Policy Class notes and when possible assignments will be handled via email or will be available via the Internet It will be in the students best interest to have a current email address These are available at no charge to the student through computer services Attendance Policy Attendance and participation in class are expected Bibliography Borden GJ and Harris KS Speech science primer Baltimore MD Williams and Wilkins 1984 Denes PB amp Pinson EN The speech chain The physics and biology of spoken language New York NY WH Freeman and Co 1993 Durrant JD and Lovrinic JH Bases ofhearing science 2nd ed Baltimore MD Williams and Wilkins 1984 Fucci D and Lass NJ Fundamentals of speech science Boston MA Allyn and Bacon 1999 Gerber SE Introductog hearing science Physical and psychological concepts Philadelphia PA WB Saunders 1974 Kent RD and Read C Acoustic analysis of speech 2 Ed Singular San Diego Kuehn DP Margaret LL and Baumgartner JM EdsNeural bases of speech hearing and language Boston MA CollegeHill Press 1989 Speaks CE 39 J quot to sound Acoustics for the hearing and speech sciences 3rd ed Singular San Diego YostWA F J 39 ofhearingAn39 J quot 3rded San Diego CA Academic Press 1995 Zemlin W R Speech and Hearing Science AnatomV and Physiology 4Lh edition Boston MA Allyn and Bacon 1998


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