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This week Notes, Ch.8

by: Jamesia Arnold

This week Notes, Ch.8 hist 2010-004

Marketplace > U of M > History > hist 2010-004 > This week Notes Ch 8
Jamesia Arnold
U of M
GPA 3.066

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About this Document

Review notes will guide for the upcoming exam
Us to 1877
Dr. Jim Johnson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jamesia Arnold on Friday March 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to hist 2010-004 at U of M taught by Dr. Jim Johnson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Us to 1877 in History at U of M.


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Date Created: 03/18/16
Ch. 8 SECURING THE REPUBLIC I. Politics during Washington presidency Washington administration  Symbol of national unity  Key figure The Hamiltonians  Vision for republic Economic development Close ties to Europe (commercially) Military power Strong national government  Program Assumption of national & state debts Creation of national debt Bank of U.S. Whiskey tax Industrial manufacture being promoted -Tarrifs -Subsidies  Bases of support The Jeffersonians  Vision Westward expansion Independent farmer Free trade  Critique of Hamilton program Threat to liberty Speculators Favor over small farmers  Base of support II. Adam’s Years  Election of 1796 Washington’s retirement Adam victorious over Jefferson Sectional division of vote  Adam’s presidency British-Irish conflict - Seizure of American ships - XYZ affair - Quasi-war - Negotiated peace of 1800 Crackdown on political dissent -background -Provisions of Alien & Sedition Acts - Arrest of Republican opponents - Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions - Themes of protest i. Free expression essential to liberty ii. Limits of federal power over the states Election of 1800  Republican  Federalist Constitutional crisis over election  Jefferson over Adams  Burr th  12 amendment Peaceful transfer of power III. Slavery question  Debate in 1 Congress  Passage of fugitive law  Impact of Saint-Domingue slave revolt Inspired slaves Alarmed whites  Gabriel’s Rebellion Features of conspiracy - Artisanal makeup - Richmond’s black community Discovery & defeat Aftereffects - Slaves’ desire for freedom - Increased control IV. Jefferson years Goals of administration  Conciliatory towards opponents  Reduction in expense, size, & power  Unrestricted trade  Freedom of press & religion  Avoid entangling alliance Establishment of judicial review of federal & state law  Chief Justice  Marbury V. Madison  Fletcher V. Peck Louisiana Purchase  Napolean’s motivation for selling  Jefferson’s motivations for bullying - Access to New Orleans - Aid to American agriculture - Benefits of purchase & principle Lewis & Clark Expedition  Objects - Scientific exploration - Trade relations w/ Indians - Route to Asia  Outcome - Info on new territory - Achievement of Overland travel to Pacific  Incorporation of Louisiana to U.S. V. Foreign entanglements  Barbary coast conflict  Renewed British-French conflict - Impact of war between Britain and France on America i. Blockade on America shipping ii. Impressment of Americans Renewed embroilment in British-French conflict Jefferson’s embargo on exports  Terms  Purpose  Results i. Memories of Intolerable Acts ii. Minimal impact on British & French iii. Devastation of American port economies  Scaling back of embargo i. Non-Intercourse Acts ii. Macon’s Bill #2 VI. Recent Trends in US – Indian Relations US policies towards Indians  Removal  Assimilation Response by Indians  Endorsement of assimilation  Call for preservation of authority - Non- confrontational - Militant Battle of Tippecanoe VII. War of 1812 Prelude  British attack on American vessel  Reinstatement of embargo  War Hawks - Leading figure: Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, & Calhoun - Theme i. National honor ii. Unimpeded for foreign trade


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