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PSY 272: I/O Psych Week 6 Notes

by: Derek Notetaker

PSY 272: I/O Psych Week 6 Notes PSY 272

Marketplace > Purdue University > Psychlogy > PSY 272 > PSY 272 I O Psych Week 6 Notes
Derek Notetaker
GPA 3.91
Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Caitlin M Porter

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About this Document

Comprehensive notes on week 6 of notes for PSY 272, along with outside materials to look at.
Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Caitlin M Porter
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Derek Notetaker on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 272 at Purdue University taught by Caitlin M Porter in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology in Psychlogy at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
PSY 272 Intro to IO Week 6 Notes Ch 4 Job Analysis Part 2 Modern Realistic Job Preview Example 0 America s Army httpwwwamericasarmycom Sources of Data for Job Analyses SME s subject matter experts 0 job incumbents supervisors 0 job analysts Types of Job Analysis 0 Taskoriented describes tasks that are performed topical analysis 0 objective 0 Workeroriented focuses on what is required to perform the job personalitycharacteristics cognitive processes involved 0 subjective 0 Why might workeroriented JA be better 0 It is more versatile with better generalizability Consider that tasks change drastically from job to job however workeroriented JAs look at mental processes that are used in many different jobs and contexts Functional Job Analysis 0 Used by US employment service 0 Aspects of the job are examined and are scored in terms of how connected they are to the concepts of data people and things Position Analysis Questionnaire Developed by Ernest J McCormick from Purdue University 0 httpwebaebscohostcomezproxylibpurdueeduehostpdfviewerpdfviewer sidl7l7720dcl3340b3 b6ee879ac3 l46c7640sessionm r4003ampvidlamphid4209 0 The PAQ is one of the most famous of job analysis surveys perhaps the most famous It uses the workeroriented approach to assess all jobs on a common set of behaviors by judging the relevance of those behaviors 0 Criteria the PAQ analyzes 0 Information input 0 mental processes 0 work output 0 relationships with others 0 job context 0 other job characteristics Methods for Conducting Job Analyses 0 Observation 0 What if workers change their behaviors based upon your observing them 0 Interviews 0 What happens if you re interviewing the wrong SMEs Critical IncidentsWork Diaries 0 Critical Incidents 0 SMEs are asked about the critical aspects of the job by being asked to recall particularly greatterrible job incidents 0 Work Diaries 0 SMEs write down what they are doing at speci c times throughout their days 0 What if they forget Advances in JA 0 Electronic Performance Monitoring 0 Individuals can be monitored on the job now without the physical presence of anyone 0 Cognitive Task Analysis 0 Examines the mental processes that are used inj ob de nitely workeroriented approach 0 T kinkaloud protocol where individuals describe the mental processes they use to complete a task 0 This method can be eXpensive and dif cult Competency Modeling 0 Competencies another term for KSAOs knowledge skills abilities and other characteristics 0 Competency modeling looks at the KSAOs that are most important for success in a speci c organization 0 How does this differ from JA 0 JAs are more speci c They are more closely linked to the KSAOs tasks and faculties needed to perform a job 0 Competency models are less speci c They more closely linked to the KSAOs that de ne an organization s overall goals and strategy 0 Since both job analyses and competency models are used how are they most often used effectively 0 CMs matching people with the goals and strategy of the organization 0 JAsStaf ng and planning Compensation Hiring ring Dictionary of Occupational Titles DOT 0 Used in the 1930s to match people with jobs 0 httpwww oali do govlibdot him 0 it is precisely what it sounds like and was last updated in the 1990s ONET 0 It is a bunch of databases that have been compiled together in an effort to better facilitate job matches for people searching ONET can be updated instantaneously much unlike DOT 0 Why was ONET adopted over DOT 0 DOT was expensive and took a lot of man power to update periodically Also it was largely taskbased which made job comparison difficult The SIX Dimensions of ONET Worker Characteristics Worker Requirements Experience Requirements Occupational Requirements Occupation Specific Requirements Occupation Characteristics QMrkPONN Types of Fit at work 0 PersonVocation 0 PersonJob PersonOrganization 0 PersonGroup PersonSupervisor Conceptualizations of how fit works 0 Complementary a person provides the KSAOs needed 0 Supplementary people are similar and therefore fit PersonJ ob Fit 0 Does your personality match your job


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