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Civil War Notes

by: Vrena Puentes

Civil War Notes AMH2097

Vrena Puentes
GPA 4.0
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash

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About this Document

Notes I took in Mr. Soash's class on September 24th!
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Richard Soash
Class Notes
race and ethnicity, amh2097, smash, civil war
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vrena Puentes on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2097 at Florida State University taught by Richard Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
92415 The Civil War Myth 1 Slavery was for Blacks own good it wasn t THAT bad Reality slavery was hell deliberately Frederick Douglass Born in early 19th century Half white his father was a slave owner who raped his mother Mother was a slave amp was sold to a different plantation than the one he was on Raised by aunt amp grandmother Slave owners were opposed to Black literacy because it prevents the spread of knowledge in order to avoid rebellion Myth 2 All slavery took place on plantations Reality slavery existed in the cities too urban slavery Douglass worked in the ship yards of Baltimore caulking ships Otherjobs included unloading docks artisan domestics maid 1020 of all slaves worked in urban communities Myth 3 Slaves were passive victims slaves didn t ght back Reality Slaves fought back in big amp small ways They ran away Had rebellions Haitian Revolution late 18th century amp early 19th century African slaves took over the French colony French were never able to successfully take it back Nat Turners Rebellion 1831 not very successful Worked slowly on purpose Tempo of their work songs Social factors Literacy Making their own religion Douglass strived to learn no matter what He used the little resources he has to increase his knowledge Shared food with poor whites in exchange to teach him how to readwrite Myth 4 Everyone in the N wanted to get rid of slavery Reality Wide range of political opinions Eection 1860 S Democrats Breckinridge 850k N Democrats Steven Douglass 13 million Constitutional Union Party Bell 590k Compromised party their solution was to not talk about slavery Popuar in border states Repubicans Lincoln 18 million Hope it eventually dies out but don t really do anything about it No one is really trying to eradicate slavery So Republicans condemned the practice of slavery Copperheads Northerners quotsnakesquot Won a shit ton of votes Wanted peace w south Supported slavery Blamed Radical Reps for starting the Civil War Myth 5 The South ALWAYS supported state rights Reality Support for states right depended on who was in power a natl level Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 Fined Northern officials if they didn t help capture runaway slaves If you did capture runaway slave they have no right to a trial by jury OR to have anyone testify for them Persona Liberty Laws N States respond Made trial by jury mandatory Ordered state officials to quotact as counselquot for escaped slaves thru trial process Didn t allow use of state jails to hold fugitives During the War Southern governors want to keep militias in their state amp tax themselves amp raise their own army Confederate government needs move militia out of state short on man power made a nation wide draft for militia Myth 6 South seceded over state rights not slavery Reality South seceded over both Cornerstone of the Southern Confederacy Savery is normal bc there is quotobviously an inferior racequot Myth 7 Lincoln s primary goal was to free goal Reality Lincoln personally loathed slavery but his primary goal was to restore the Union Myth 8 Emancipation Proclamation freed every slave Reality Only speci es slaves in the Confederacy were to be freed Why It prevented making border states angry kept them in Union It was an essence the quot rst stepquot in getting rid of slavery n Jan 1865 Congress passes a law to eradicate slavery all together 13th amendment is then fully rati ed by all States in Dec 1865 African Americans in the Civil War Black soldiers Lincoln was opposed to it at rst but eventually allows it Blacks signed up because they thought if they fought for the country that it would increase their social standard and would hopefully eventually be granted citizenship amp because they want their race to be free ghting for their race Confederates weren t happy with blacks being soldiers They viewed black soldiers as quotrunawaysquot Union doesn t treat Black soldiers very well either they are segregated in the camp paid less than white soldiers 13 vs 10 a month amp black soldiers got the worst assignments through out war most casualties Uysses S Grant treated black soldiers the same 200k blacks served in the US armynavy 15 of the black population 10 of Union army 37k blacks died while ghting in war Thel sh As soldiers most of them were ghting for the N Why They are in the N already NY amp Boston Many of them needed money to send back to Ireland 150k lrish individuals ghting for the N They were prounion but not antislavery bc their family s survival depends on them being employed so they feared that if they freed slaves the slaves would take their jobs NYC Draft Riot July 1863 Union presented a draft citizens of age to be drafted into war BUT wealthy white men could opt out if they had enough Blacks were not citizens so they weren t drafted but Irish were so they got sucked into that rish started burning buildings attacking people on the streets rish targeted the abolitionists amp freed blacks in NYC Even burned down a black orphanage Why 1 4 Blacks didn t have social standard so cops wouldn t do anything 2 Eliminated competition forjobs 3 Irish were taking out frustration of people they thought were guilty A way of reaffirming the racial hierarchy that existed this time Reinforces the stereotype of Irish being a violent race WASPs already believed this so this just con rmed their bias The German American Soldiers in the Civil War Stats Why did they ght in the war 1 To make sure US stats uni ed amp powerful 2 1848er s ed to the US and drew parallels to what happened back in Germany 3 Antislavery Prounion amp antislavery


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