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Week 1 Notes

by: Robert Davydov

Week 1 Notes Music History 8

Robert Davydov
History of Electronic Dance Music
Fink, R.W.

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About this Document

Music History 8: Electronic Dance Music Professor: Robert Fink Week 1 Notes
History of Electronic Dance Music
Fink, R.W.
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Robert Davydov on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Music History 8 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Fink, R.W. in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 127 views. For similar materials see History of Electronic Dance Music in Music at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
Dance music is a problem Outbreaks of moral panics Rhythmic music gathering of large group of people and sex Western industrialized capitalist society Steve Albini asked Oscar Powell to use a lyrical sample in his edm track Insomniac o Raspy sound 0 Hardcore Albini hates dance music and club culture Chuck D of Public Enemy on house music circa 1987 0 It s sophisticated antiblack antifeel the most artificial shit I ever heard It represents the gat scene it s separating black from their past and their culture it s upwardly mobile 0 Track has use of whistle some kind of bell birds chirping drum Denial that it has artistic value 0 From the movie Human Traffic 1998 I Time of the British rave explosion I Characters of the film are working class people from Wales Behind all of the panic of dance music pleasure and feeling good of the music and taking drugs is why people do it Study in British medical journal The Lancet 2007 o Heroin cocaine alcohol among most harmful 0 Tobacco and cannabis among medium level harmful o Ecstasy among least harmful 0 Dance music is connected to a strong need for pleasure Connected to the weekend De nition of a moral panic Thompson 1998 0 Something or someone is defined as a threat to values or interests 0 This threat is depicted in an easily recognizable form by the media 0 There is a rapid buildup of public concern 0 There is a response from authorities or opinionmakers o The panic recedes or results in social changes Wilhelm Gause Court Ball in Vienna 1900 o The Waltz o The invention of a new style of dancing in the first half of the 19th century German dance invades AngloS axon culture Dance with partners in patterns change partners New physical intimacy introduced into dancing Learning books were written about the danger of the waltz Wilkinson on the Waltz 1884 I Health threat I Sex 0000 I Drugs I People will drop their boundaries because of music motion and intoxication o The Volstead Act 1919 Prohibition 0 Banned alcohol after the end of World War 1 made it illegal 0 Jazz and Swing Dancing 19201940 0 The Charleston 0 The Ladies Home Journal December 1921 I Unspeakable Jazz Must Go 0 Dancehall owner J Louis Guyon in Ladies Home Journal 1921 I Sensual stimulation of the abominable jazz orchestra with its voodoo bom minors I Abolish jazz music 0 LHJ reports on dance censorship in Cleveland I Everybody is required to dance the same thing here at one time and to dance it the same way Right now it is a waltz You must waltz and do it like the others or leave the place I Police the dance oor 0 Massive outdoor dance party in Philadelphia 1921 I 20000 people in an outdoor dance party 0 Marguerite Waltz of the dance police in LHJ I Censorship 0 Dance teacher Fenton T Bott in LHJ I More agrant dancing since prohibition than before I This may be partly because people substitute one form of sense excitation for another a dance spree instead of a bout with liquor 0 Rocking and Rolling circa 1955 o Rock n roll in Time magazine June 18 1956 I Evokes a physical response from even its most reluctant listeners for that giant pulse matches the rhythmic organization of the human body I Dances are far from intimate the wiggling 12 and 13 year olds and up barely touch hands I Little Richard compared to Hitler 0 Ralph Gleason in Rolling Stone 1967 o The swing era s parents had danced the waltz The foxtrot was a ritual with only a little more room for selfexpression o Exploitation lm Riot on Sunset Strip 1967 o LSD freak out 0 Acid house rave 0 1980s MDMA invented by Germans 0 1990s British use MDMA 0 Leah Betts 1995 0 Took a bad ecstasy tablet and was dead within hours 18 years old Brain damage Moral Panics Rise of drug abuse caused moral panic in 1971 The general cycle is that something is found to be a threat and a big deal is made about it and then the media and people calm down and accept the change Police and moral establishment tried to condemn and control these latterday folk devils 50 New moral panic broke out in 1995 with the death of Leah Betts The symptoms experienced by Ecstasy casualties are similar to those of heat stroke the high temperatures and vigorous dancing of Raves may interact with MDMA the basic ingredient of Ecstasy to produce physical experiences quantitatively or even qualitatively different to when taking the drug in a relaxed state Why Do We Dance By rhythm we understand a periodicity of movement noticeable to our senses as recurrence of visible events or patterns or as repetition of audible or sensible accents and beats Such beats are also called quotpulsesquot The concentration of group effort can be achieved only by sounds which succeed each other at regular intervals and emphasize a rhythm which is felt individually by each worker and is responded to simultaneously by all of them That rhythm should exercise this regulating power over the movements of the human body lies primarily in the fact that the rhythmic sense is innate in man and that any appeal to this sense is not only general but contagious Herewith we turn from the physiological to the psychological properties of rhythm Primarily these dance motions are as I have said merely emphasized gestures And as such they are nothing but the bodily re ex of heightened emotions or affects As our emotions are directly in uencing our heartaction by quickening or accentuating our pulse so do they react upon the quickened or accentuated movements of the body classification of dancing into its three great groups namely 0 1 religious dancesto worship or placate a deity or to incite an ecstasy of spirit in the dancers o 2 war dancesto intimidate an enemy or to incite a heightened aggressiveness in the dancers o 3 profane dancesto further the relations between the sexes or to incite a greater passion in the dancers Almost every race indulged in solsticedances at the time when the rhythm of the Universe seems to change as ux and re ux alternate when a certain mysterious agitation is animating Nature and the Seasons make another step in their eternal round Mezeray in his contemporary quotHistoire de la Francequot relates that in the reign of Charles V on St John39s day quotpeople divested themselves of all their garments placed owerwreaths on their heads and holding each other by the hand they danced in long processions through the streets and churches sang and whirled around until they dropped out of breat quot The Dance of Modern Society 0 These dances occur very late at night 0 If the dance then is consistent with pure morality it is also consistent with true religion If it is proper amusement for the world it is equally a proper amusement for the church 54 o I should have no objection in the world to a dance in which the only participants were children too young to be conscious of sex and necessarily incapable of any pleasure in it except that of associated and rhythmical motion 58 o If mutual consciousness of sex is the circumstance which makes it immoral for men and women to dance with each other then how is it not also immoral for them ever to talk with each other 63 Unspeakable Jazz Must Go 0 Jazz is worse than the saloon Comparing jazz to prohibition o Fenton T Bott lived in Dayton Ohio 0 Director of dance reform in the American National Associations Masters of Dancing 0 10 of the entire population or more than 10 million people have become dancers 0 quotDon t permit vulgar jazz music don t let young men hold their partners tightly no touching of cheeks which is public love making no neck holds no shimmy or toddle no steps very long or very short no dancing from the waist up but rather from the waist down suggestive movements barred 0 Supervise public dancing 0 20000 people at weekly Parkway dance 0 San Francisco credited with originating the shimmy and toddle YehHehHehHes BabV 0 Lots of fights smashed windows throwing of fists and beer bottles 0 Rock n roll is based on Negro blues Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Nigm 0 Vincent was the best dancer in Bay Ridge 0 Danced with a girl named Petulia who he kisses 0 Girl refers to him as Al Pacino Odyssey name of club Holds his breath for 100 seconds Calls his friends Faces Women are mentioned as props to look nice Only important woman to Vincent is his mom Father in jail for theft One brother died in Vietnam One brother lives in Manhattan in the Village One brother in the hospital because of accident Double J got beat up It died down in popularity in like 6 weeks Gus sister was molested and debauched as she crossed a children s playground in the park Stayin Alive Bee Gees o Disco Song 0 Bee Gees are actually a Pop Rock band Saturday Night Fever 0 Tony I Italian American I Flashy I Working Class paintshop Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night 0 Vincent I Working class I Creates dance routines I Dances to become empowered Dance is a way to reclaim your body I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor 0 Powerful song 0 Very moving 0 Uplifting 0 Happy


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