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Week One - Indian Civilization

by: Victoria Beplay

Week One - Indian Civilization HIST 120

Marketplace > Colorado State University > History > HIST 120 > Week One Indian Civilization
Victoria Beplay
Metro State
GPA 2.75
Asian Civilizations I (GT-HI1)
Eli N Alberts

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About this Document

With the start of the semester, the first set of weekly notes includes day one's introduction and the covering of the syllabus and the first lecture on what 'civilization' is and introducing India.
Asian Civilizations I (GT-HI1)
Eli N Alberts
Class Notes
csu asian civilizations history india asia
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria Beplay on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 120 at Colorado State University taught by Eli N Alberts in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Asian Civilizations I (GT-HI1) in History at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
ne a e e k Q Aug 25 ntroduction This is the start of the notes for Colorado State University s Fall 2015 Asian Civilizations HIST120 course Professor Eli Alberts Tuesday x Thursday Aug 27 ndia ndians and ndian Civilization Readng Trdutmdn Ch 2 Recommended Helpful Thngsl Rethinking Civilization Crash Course World History 201 What 5 Cvlzation 0 Two different meanings o QUALITY an admirable quality that someone can have more or less of 0 WAY OF LIFE a particular complex society 0 Where did it arise o Mesopotamia and Egypt 4000 BCE 0 India 3000 BCE 0 China 2000 BCE Built upon the inventions of agriculture and animal domestication Common culture throughout a society A quotlargequot geographical area Surplus of food Writing system metalworking cities quotCivilizedquot vs quotBarbaricquot OOOOOO Indian Nation States 0 The Republic of India 1947 Pakistan 1947 000000 India 000000 Languages 0 Dravidian prominent in Southern India I quot twenty languages Bangladesh 1971 Sri Lanka Ceylon 1948 Nepal republic in 2008 Bhutan election in 2007 Maldives 1965 quotIndiaquot from Sanskrit word for river quotsindhuquot Indian NOT a race Indian civilization vs Republic of India Homeland of Buddhism and Hinduism Deeply effected by Islam and Christian Europe both through trade and conquest HIST1202 What is Asia 0 Ancient Greeks made division of Europe and Asia 0 Late 1700 s 80 of global production and 23 ofthe global population 0 Vast and diverse quotwhat is Asian food 0 East Asia 0 South Asia 0 Southeast Asia 0 Central Asia I Established through India before arrival of Sanskrit o Munda prominent in tribal people of central and east central India I Established through India before arrival of Sanskrit o Indo AryanSanskrit from Arya Hindu texts I Hindi descended from Brahmi I Urdu contains Persian Arabic loan words HHST1203 0 Language differences in ideas of kinshipmarriage 0 Landscape o Peninsula Deccan o Himalayan quotabode ofsnow Mountains D Mt Everest o ndoGangetic Plain D indbs River basin D anges River basin D Brabnnabntra River basin 0 Climate Monsoon 0 Rainy season D Wet iands vs Arid iands D Wet iands banne tribai beabies D Tine wet iands were a biaee far exiied beabiey bernnits and nnagie 0 Cold season 0 Hot season 0 Provides for diverse flora and fauna D Eiebbants o Chronology o Beginnings of Indian civilization from 2500 BCE Vedic Age from 1400 BCE New religions and empires from 500 BCE Classical Age from 320 CE Turks and Mughals from 1200 CE British Rule from 1760 CE Nationstates from 1947 CE OOOOOO


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