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Thursday Sept. 24 & Thursday Oct. 1

by: Sarah Davis

Thursday Sept. 24 & Thursday Oct. 1 PSYC 366

Marketplace > Truman State University > Psychlogy > PSYC 366 > Thursday Sept 24 Thursday Oct 1
Sarah Davis
Truman State
GPA 2.8
Psych of Abnormal Behavior
Salvatore C. Costa

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About this Document

Here's all the material hes covered so far after the first note- test.
Psych of Abnormal Behavior
Salvatore C. Costa
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Davis on Friday October 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 366 at Truman State University taught by Salvatore C. Costa in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Psych of Abnormal Behavior in Psychlogy at Truman State University.


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Date Created: 10/02/15
After test notes Paraphilias deviancies old term sexual behaviors related to objects andor abnormal things Some people it39s due to mental illness some are sexual psychopaths primarily serial killers Tend to be hostile and aggressive Incest is abnormal and illegal nowadays 0 Amish tend to move around a lot to get out of the close bloodlines 0 cultural conditioning makes incest weird Most likely to see these paraphilias in a clinical setting Types 1 Exhibitionism relieve self by showing your body to people 0 some pick a place and time of day 0 most are married shy men 0 some psychologists think an event from childhood could lead to it it39s a paraphilia when it39s done for sexual satisfaction Indirect phone call to satisfy needs Socially acceptable beaches modeling exotic dancers etc Tend to be ambitious people who just aren39t satisfied 2 Voyeurism when a person becomes sexually aroused by looking at something forbidden 0 No social class is particularly related to it 0 Voyeurs put themselves into what they39re watching they39re the ones doing it 0 socially acceptable porn exotic dancers modeling adult material 0 responsible for a variety of behaviors 0 pathological cases man encouraged daughter to bring home men because it would be safer there than elsewhere Had 2way mirror installed in her room so he could watch her have sex with them He was having mental incestual intercourse with her 0 Other names scopophilia scotophilia 0 Voyeurs see nothing wrong with themselves 0 They identify with what they39re watching 3 fetishism 0 fetish objects directly related to olfactory attractions smell 0 The object of the fetish acts as a body substitute 0 voodoo is closely related in the idea that if I possess this object I possess this person 0 Fetishism seen in media art etc 0 Some think it might be a conditioned response from childhood 0 Some think the fetish object may be related to sex due to a sexual experience whether on purpose or on accident 0 Some people with these fetishes will be violent toward a shoe or doll even if they would never hurt the person A FETISH IS NOT ALWAYS A PARAPHILIA only if it39s related to sexual pleasure anything a person collects or really likes can be a fetish books movies clothing perfume etc Sadism masochism parts of the same instinctual drive some forms thought to be relatively harmless some can be cruel and in extreme cases end in death 1 Sadist Gives punishment for them this is sex 0 O O 0 all serial killers are sadists or they have a mental illness only a sadist if the punishment is given for sexual gratification word sadism comes from a French nobleman Marquis De Sade attitude general expression of destructive or sadistic behavior towards society punishing society I they have an intense attitude toward sex some people think it might come from an earlier childhood experience whether on accident or on purpose growing out of castration anxiety theory They may be trying to boodt their sexual ego many sadists are undersexed timid and like the screaming struggle sounds but it might piss some off so be careful cuz you might get killed if you39re too loud As a larger picture of psychopathology sadism might be prompted be mental state 2 Masochist receives punishment pleasure from having pain in ictedfor them this is sex they39re submissive to receive punishment from someone else or even to themselves word masochism comes from Austrian novelist Leopold Von Sacher Masoch It sexually satis es and gratif1es them can be pain from anything barbed wire chains whips razors nails biting etc mostly female masochists Sexual impulses with masochistic satisf1ers Attitude they tend to be generally submissive down about life kind of people 39life is full of suffering39 type people 1 it39s atonement for what they39ve done 2 earlier experience on accident or on purpose may have led to masochistic behavior 3 Increases pleasure As a form of reaction formation denying what you feel internally because you feel guilty about it again SUBMISSIVE BEHAVIOR IS SEXUALLY GRATIFYING TO BE CONSIDERED A PARAPHILIA 5 pedophilia a sexual attraction to perpubescent children Some offenders39 attraction is directed at infants and children while some target young adolescents More cases of women girls molested by them than men boys Revitch amp Weiss 836 pedophiles in New Jersey found that the older offenders would target younger children and younger offenders tended to target adolescents Average age pedophile is 40 A lot were molested themselves young offenders tend to be inferior and fearful of humiliation older offenders tend to be grandpalike and have less chance of being turned down RevitchWeissGleuckPacht different study a lot of younger offenders had inadequate personalities schizoid personalities or schizophrenia Older offenders were more diversified not readily categorized Pedophilia exhibitionism combination is typically found in senile people or those with hardening arteries


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